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  1. Wow those are awsome it almost looks like you couild fall into the sidwalk in some of them I wish I could do that.

  2. Incredible. Sometimes you even have to look twice to notice where the picture ends and the reality begins. Saying the artist is skilled would be understated.

  3. Wow that is so awsome i mean im 12 and even i think their amazing i am so suprised some pepople can be that skilled and can draw like that i like the pic. where people are actually walking around the block that is missing out of the ground i mean who ever thought someone could be that good at drawing. WOW!!!

  4. It must take sum one of great skill, talent and patience to pull off such an incredible work of art such aqs these chalk drawings-props to the artists…

  5. wow! i tried to adjust my eyes to just see them as a drawing but they are so good that i can’t even see them as a flat drawing, my eyes only let me see them as 3-d

  6. I can’t believe that people can have a talent like that! Hope the guy gets the recognition that his work deserves. How can you make a living out of stuff like that – there must be a way!

  7. holy crap those things ROCK!! im serious i tried 2 see it in 2D but its soooo good i cant even i only see 3D. man i thought i was good at art and this makes me look baaaaad!!! i wish i could do that!!

  8. i sooooooo wish dat i could draw like dat they r soooooo talented!!!!n i fought dat i waz good at art,but it puts me to shame compared to their drawings !!!!

  9. omg!! that was so freekin cool i was amazed and i was like yeah right they did not draw that !! i though the coke one waas coolest!!

  10. And the last two sand ones are made on a different day. look at the billboard behind him. one day its white and a month later its blue and yellow

  11. ok what is a 12 year old doing here?….dont they have better things to do?..like play outside….and if it was night…..sleep….beleave me sleep is good and when you grow up…you will no longer have sleep…..i mean im 14….and im stuck at moms work where she gets nothing that is fun…oh and “u suckers”…cant you just acepet that he is that good that he dosent need to photoshoppe it…(exuse my typing)(im horible speller)…..oh and for all you people who say “i wish i could do that”…YOU CANT…you could practice though…well good luck with that..and cloebow…SLEEP!!!!!

  12. An inspiration to hide vast dull spaces, on walls, too, possible?

    Love bringing in water to these ‘concrete earth’ surfaces!

  13. OMG are you sure there not real!?!?! lol i cant belive some people could be that skilled!!! I sure wish i was skilled like that too!!

  14. No I just think the guy on 6 is trying to avoid ruining the picture.
    Loser, shut up, people can do what they want. Just because Cloebow is 12 it doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to look at this website, does it.

  15. That is Awesome! I wish I could see that in real life. And good for you, JD, I’m 12 two, and I LOVE this stuff!
    Oh, yeah, I get enough sleep.

  16. Wow! How do they do that? Some like the first 1 are soo realistic, but some are also obviosly drawings, still, i wish i can do that!

  17. really well done drawings, they must be very skilled. the picture is taken at an angle that will make the eye completely fooled by the image. Artist must have a great eye to draw see the image as a whole before he has even completed it.

    by the way, why is a 14 year old telling a 12 year old what to do? lol. your both young, and both entitled to view the site. i just glad to see young ones appreciating good art!

    great pictures once again

  18. I have seen these pics before and i guess people actually walk around some of them cause they think they are going to fall in! Also if you look at them from a different angle, They dont look 3D anymore!!

  19. I REALLY wish i could do that like every body else. I just wish i could draw. What i want to know is what is a 13 year old doing at 3 in the morrning?? GO TO SLEEP!
    i like the drawings on the buildings to. I wish my room could be painted like that!!I like ART!!!
    It is great! :)
    Gong to sleep now Unlike SOME PEOPLE!
    z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

  20. I love the sailboat one. Thats cool! The ones where the people are in the ground are cool too. That is a great talent, to bad when it is destroyed. *SIGH*

  21. Wow, this artist is gifted, he must have worked incredibley hard on those pictures, and if he didn’t, then he is WAY beyond gifted.

  22. Whoa! That is awesome! So skilled! But just one thing. Maybe its just that this guy is great at drawing, but isnt that giant coke can real??? ROFL I think that Im being tricked by it, but oh well. Amazing anyways

  23. Hey loser any one can visit this site. Cloebow doesnt have to do wat u say. U r 14 not an adult so just her alone. U shouldnt be on the internet neither. I also know the Coca-Cola one is the best out of all. I am a good artist, but they just out class me with all the time they have on their hands.
    I can only wish to draw like that. Also visit dice.selfip.com

  24. o my god. these artists are amazing! i wish that i could draw even half as good as they do. even though i know its fake, the images still look real.

  25. okay, i think we can all solve this 12, 13 14, whatever nonsense if you just stop telling ppl your age…..no one really cares how old you are, so dont say oh im 13 and these are awesome pics….that is totally unessesary…. thats like me saying i’m 17 and i love these pictures……. anyway, i agree you 12 yr olds need to go to bed, its way to early in the morning for you to be up looking @ pictures…. remember, they will always be here….they arent leaving o go to bed and stop causing contreversy…..


    anywho… i love the pictures! they are SWEEEEET!!!!! these guys have some major talent :D

  26. pics 11 and 12 from the top are the same drawing in 2 different locations, is this just a drawing on a sheet that they are laying out? If so props to the original but not so much to the copys.

  27. I like the art, but the Coco Cola is real. Oh, and I think the guy “trying to avoid the hole” is trying to avoid it, but he knows, I think the artist asked him not to step on it. But as I did for all of these so far, HOLY CRAP!

  28. #11 and #12 are not identical, so they have been done separately. Also, those of you who believe the 12/13/14 year olds with their “bed times” are pretty gullible.
    All there is to say is “WOW!”

  29. 3D sidewalk art is amazing and when i try to find a scheduled event to go see all i can find is past shows. Can someone help me find a show in California that is coming up?????

  30. What’s wrong with all these chalk artists, anyway? Why do they put so much time and effort into something that’s only going to last until the next rain? If you’re going to create something that spectacular, why not use PAINT and make it permenant? I am a professional artist, and I take pride in the fact that all the paintings I sell will be around for a long, long time. So I just don’t get it.

    1. They do it because they like to. As you and I like to paint/draw (although I’m nor professional), he’s amazing at what he does.

  31. his name is Julian Beever, he is amazing. watch how incredible his work is there are plenty videos on youtube etc… Amazing creations of art!

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