Goes Mobile!

Those of you following our Facebook and Twitter channel had a jump-start privilege in learning the big news I’m about to share – I’m very happy to announce the rollout of a mobile version of Mighty Optical Illusions! We all know how slow wireless connections can be, and how frustrating it can get to wait for a ton of extras to load while you’re staring at your phone screen (and can’t see them anyway). Over time, I’ve been polishing this site until each pixel fell in its place, yet deep inside me I knew I won’t be able to ignore the growing trend of mobile use for much longer. To that end, I’ve enabled the mobile version and each time you visit using your smart-phone the algorithm should self detect your platform, and serve appropriate (stripped down version) of this site. You should only be able to see the bare essentials, ensuring quick load times and ease of use! Now hows that for an upgrade?

It’s based on the WPtouch Pro theme by BraveNewCode. Unfortunately I had to pay for the service, but I believe it’s worth every penny. The install went pretty much straight-forward, and the level of customization it provides is amazing.

To see the new mobile version, just go to on any touch-screen mobile device. I’ll be improving on the design in the coming weeks, so be sure to report your findings and share what you think of it in the comments. Here are some screenshots taken with iPhone and Samsung. Also, I would deeply appreciate if you could send some more of off your device. I will then include them inside this gallery!

16 Replies to “ Goes Mobile!”

  1. This is going to be awesome. With my moble, I often used your webpage to give me something to do while in line or airports, etc. Now this new gaget you added will be even easier and much more fun in enjoying my favorite website. Thank you Mighty Optical! You guys rock!

  2. works great on my epic 4g! Thanks!

    here is a screenshot


  3. Now that I look at it again there are improvements. Upper left the number of comments. Upper right drop down arrow, any easy access to previous days. This is going to be great. Love it.

  4. Simply WOW! I’m a fan of your site since half a year now. It’s becoming some kind of ritual to check your site before bedtime, with my phone :) Therefore it was a surprise to see the really awesome mobile page! Fantastic work!

  5. I dont have a touch mobile, but i got a dsi, i couldn’t view the mobile version. You should add a “mobile version” option on the main page.

    Anyway, here’s the Pic.[img]file:///E:/DCIM/100KC653/100_2637.JPG[/img]

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