3D Figures Fictives


Today’s illusion is an interesting composition along an old favorite theme. The fact that it takes things into three dimensions, and produces the ghostly cube effect using only shading changes which do do not disrupt the underlying structure of the blocks in the composition, are what I believe gives it the edge. This work was done by an artist, his website is figuresfictives.free.fr. Full set of images can be found inside this article. There are many ghostly figures, I just can’t make it which one I find the best. Which one’s your favorite? If you like this kind of art, be sure to check Surreal World by Paul Parkus, and David Dory’s Creations.

  • napoleon

    so creepy it cool

  • napoleon

    totally rad!

  • Pandas

    haha. the fourth one looks like an elephant!

  • Miss B

    i agree with napoleon…
    ‘creepy’ indeed.
    Left me with a really bizarre feeling…

    Not a fan, but good job Michel

  • clooby


  • Anonymous

    omg this is SO cool! it is really confusing!! lol i LOVE IT! Merry Christmas/holidays to everyone!!!!!

  • baverstock girl

    the cloud one was so unusal!

  • Anonymous

    i luv the 2nd to last one, it looks so cool!

  • maximiwax

    sry…but i don’t get it -.-
    the first one is clear…but the rest…??…weird..
    i don’t see anything special

  • jean-pierre le douche

    lame. that “artist” obviously hasn’t seen this website

  • Kevin

    I really dont get it… What am i looking at? Or how do i look at it?

  • quack yup quack

    instctions stare wait scroll and watch in awe

  • moronsuare

    this is so not interesting it isnt cool or creepy at all its lame.. yeah big thing there is a white boks in the middle in the black ones. yeah really amazing… wuuhuu…

  • I

    tthas qitue isetniereg. If you raed tihs, good job.

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