Li Wei Does It Again!

Utpal Shah mailed us this photo gallery, one that features Chinese artist Li Wei in some of his astonishing art installations. As some of you may remember, we already featured Li Wei’s exhibitions on our website before. I recommend you check this link first before reading today’s post. Anyway, what Li does he creates images of himself and his friends being thrown off buildings, dangling from bridges and hanging off cars, all in the name of art. One little detail I found amazing is that Li’s photos can take up to six months to set up, and involve huge crews organizing props such as smoke, mirrors, wires and cranes. What do you think how they did it? I really like the photos, but doubt there wasn’t any photoshopping involved… Perhaps we should ask Johan Lorber on this!

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  1. WOW! Sort of takes my breath away…I read some of the previous comments on the previous site and I agree it is probably photo-shopped, but they are really great illusions (?). You know it had to be planned very carefully so I’m sure it took a lot of time too. I’m totally impressed. Very nice! Thanks Vurdlak, you’re the greatest!

  2. First off, this isn’t a real illusion, since an illusion is something that appears to be there but actually isn’t. But wait maybe there is a wire somewhere that “appears not to be there” because of my friend photoshop.
    But thats not the point with Li Wei here..
    Li Wei is a great artist, love what he can come up with, he does use wires and photoshop of coarse, and thats what is amazing about it.. combining photos with design to beat reality…to have complete freedom to achieve a great piece of art.

  3. I like them, but it’s a bit of a shame they didn’t put wires in the woman’s skirt in the first pic so that it appeared to be flowing back from the air drag.

    I think they use harsesses to make them as under some of the clothes it appears they are wearing things, also by looking at the pics you can work out where the person is anchored to the object and where the next person is connected to them for saftey.

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s at least shopped in part. I’m sure major components are staged but there would be telltale anomalies that would need to be edited out. It is a first class production rivaling if not exceeding the quality of the best commercial advertisement productions.

  5. I used to love this site, I have it as a widget on my desktop and would look at it everyday, but now it is getting to be pathetic. Sorry but I thought the site was Mighty Optical Illusions not Photoshopped pictures you found astounding, plus you should put the illusion comments before your personal ones, personally I hate browsing through your day-to-day problems just to get to the sentence about the illusion itself.

    Someone who misses the illusions

    1. this isn’t photoshopped, they’re on wires!!! didn’t he explain that clearly enough in the description?

  6. Nice post to see, the pictures that was shown in this illusion were quite great and i am quite sure that the most of the people have seen it for the first time. Thanks man…

  7. i agree with Claire … they sould of put wires in her skirt so the illusion of the picture would be better…

    and so the creeper behind her cant see her underroos…

    also i noticed her hair … its hangingdown… they should have gave her a wig to wear or at least put her hair back into a bun or some thing…..

    ****pb without the j****

  8. Am I the only one that noticed that on the fifth picture, the background setting is almost EXACTLY like Grand Theft Auto: IV? Like the area your at, (for the ones who HAVE played it before), when you do that mission for PlayBoy X, and your clearing out the mob guys from that construction sit.

  9. The girl in the ice photo looks impossible, but if you look closely, it seems like her neck is flexed and her head is under some ice shavings or snow just in front of her. The angle is such that you don’t notice the height of that mound of frost. Also, he probably carved out space in the ice for her shoulders, and used the ice that was carved out to make the shavings/frost to create the illusion.

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