Lava Burst Optical Illusion

No Julian Beever this time, but what we have here is one bad-ass 3D pavement chalk drawing. Edgar Mueller is responsible for today’s illusion. I’m not sure what you think, but seems these chalk drawings surpassed Julian’s artwork by more than an inch. Our looks fall for what was once a quite normal street of a German, medium-sized town. Immediately an apocalyptic scene offers itself to the observer. The floor bursts, and lava flows into a raging sea. There is a disaster in town, where cars ran once and people followed their daily routine. Nothing is like it once was. The superior elemental force forces its way. But as it is with most stuff on this site, appearances are deceptive. Only if one looks from right point of view, Muellers three-dimensional painting becomes perfect disaster illusion. If you noticed, there is a water flowing in the center of the street, I just can’t figure what the hell it has to do with the lava theme? Check Edgar’s flooded street, when you’re finished here.

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  1. Again with the bad influence? I am pretty dissapointed… Although the illusion is cool, remember to watch out for the younger audiences! The painted body illusion had some inappropriate photos and now you are swearing… Please watch it!

  2. Could a fooled me. Looks computer generated, and then you see the before and after. It’s very explosive and i love the talent this person has. You definitely need to have an imagination to pull something like this off

  3. First impression, without reading the text is like: Mmmh… Nice photoshopping… But than… :-).
    Absolutely amazing, what a piece of art!!!

  4. omg love this one. can you do more of these? they are frekin awesome. i told my friend to put this on her gmail also! youre right to soay it kicks a$$. good job, artist!
    bonnise bruten

  5. WOW!!! even if i knew that it was chalk i still would not dare to walk in the middle off the street!!

    (P.S. theres a kid and his mom standing by a window thet kinda ruin some of the illusion.)

  6. I believe I am officially addicted to your website.

    Great drawing, this one. But yeah, I don’t think it’s lava; it’s an earthquake.

  7. It looks like a one-way street in the opposite direction from the illusion perspective. Notice the traffic signs all point away on bnoth sides of the street. Maybe from the driving perspective the illusion is not as scary.

  8. I love the sidewalk chalk drawings most of all illusions. Please tell me where I could find a book of these masterpieces, if one exists. Love It

  9. for one that would take days of planing and the days it would days of drawing so it would take a week just about to do even one of the draw more depending the size!

  10. what swearing are you people referring to? if its the “what the hell” in the paragraph, you all need to go back to the amish country if you think that’s swearing

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