Kitchen Utilities Illusion

I apologize for lack of content recently, as I was heavily buried under some bureaucracy, and additionally had job interviews, student obligations, family duties etc. I was also searching for some guest bloggers to help me post more material on this site, but still no luck. Be sure to apply if you feel you have something to share with our audience. In the meantime, I found this interesting flick that pictures some common kitchen utilities. How many can you count? Don’t be fooled, there just might be more than you think. As you see, the outline of the black utensils looks a lot like white ones. I have over a hundred optical illusions in my draft that I’d like to share with you, but simply lack time to do so. I’d really love to give some of my most loyal readers permission to post on as guest autors. Blogging experience would help, though…

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  1. I could only find 23 items, and I work in a kitchen so I know kitchen items really well so how many are there supposed to be?

  2. I see 10 white and 12 black. But the white part above the meat grinder and to the left of the grater would make 11 white if I could figure out what it is…or maybe it’s nothing.

    Very nice.

  3. I’m sure there’s a lot more than I see, but I can’t even recognize half the things I do see.
    Goes to show why my cooking skills are nonexistent.

  4. I found a total of 21. I cannot believe someone found 66 unless they are counting nuts, bolts and rivits. ;<) This is really terrific! When I first looked at it I could not see the white objects until I saw a larger picture. You do a wonderful job and I'm a devoted fan!

  5. lol cool

    hh hh iiiiiiii !!!!!!!!
    hhhhhhh ii !!!!!!
    hhhhhhh ii !!!!
    hh hh ii !!
    hh hh iiiiiiii ..

  6. Um.. I’m not good at math, wut’s after 3 again?? Nah, just kiddin’… I can REALLY see….
    22… I guess I missed some…

  7. Hi, I Found 24, I Might Be Wrong. I Counted All the white grooves, and all the black objects x

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