Kinda Busy Illusion


This beautiful and effective “animated” illusion was sent to me the other day by Mark Grenier, our loyal fan and illusion enthusiast. I love it so much when you guys become proactive and start creating your own stuff! Quality material is always welcome within our community. I hope this motivates more of you to start sending your own takes on some of the stuff we featured in the past. To see this picture in higher resolution, click and open it in new tab!

  • Person

    Cool! Lol don’t know what to say this is just my chance for a fist comment:p
    Oh and I love the concept of “movement” illusions. Yeah I’m a dork. bye!

  • Awesome!

  • Sue


  • Audrey

    Whoa-side to side motion! Very cool!

  • 1ST comment! awesome illusion! works better when your reading the text and not when your looking straight at it.

  • nelson

    This one does absolutely nothing for me ……. what’s it supposed to do, be, represent, or cause?

    • Ko

      Same here

  • General Catacus



    Enjoy your site & wish to show you one of my hidden pictures. Can you see the face of Christ, just about dead center, in the ice? After shooting many views of the frozen water, this image stood out of only one view. Hope you like it

  • Alex RazoR

    Don’t know if you know this but check mainly the second video on this guy’s website.

    Regards dude

  • :)

    The circles are moving! Very cool.

  • Shut Up!


  • Kairho

    Hmmm … nothing’s moving or dancing or anything for me. Just a nice, if busy, design.

  • annnnnnnnnnnnie

    hey my name is annnnnie im from coopa caala an this is the best illusion eva

  • annnnnnnnnnnnie


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