Just Some Few Old Hags

Hy there, it’s your old faithful again. Remember the classic “Young Woman or an Old Hag” post we did few years ago? Apparently not, but you had the chance to see it all over the web. It can be found below the first image inside this article as well. I just re-posted it for you to refresh your memory. Anyhow, we got this new 3D version for you to enjoy. Can you force yourself to see both figures inside these paintings? An old witch, and a young beautiful woman. Both should be visible to you in each picture. Let’s socialize! I just figured that now FriendConnect by Google allows me to implement ANY OpenSocial widget I wish inside my website… If you know any that could be useful, feel free to advice me.

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  1. ok I definitely looked at it for another minute and used the logic discovered from the second pic…I can finally see both witches…

  2. ok, you sure you aren’t just imagining the first one? i mean, i see it, but it doesn’t look intentional at all….. not like the second pic, or even the old one you first posted

  3. The heart shaped choker is the lipstick on her mouth and the string of the choker the line of separation of her lips, the young woman’s neck is her chin, at least the part of it that are exposed.

  4. It took me forever to see either of these, but once I did I couldn’t stop seeing the witch – especially in the bottom one. Nice.

  5. For those of you who can’t see witch in pic 1, the ear is the eye, the necklace is the mouth, and the pretty lady’s chin is old hag’s nose. It also helps to cover the pretty face with your finger, that’s when it really popped out for me.
    I didn’t get it myself until I properly looked at the mac widget.

  6. what about the 2nd picture? I know it has something to do with the eye. beyond that I have no idea. Can anyone help me with that???

  7. 1st one is not so great. It leans way too much toward the “attractive” woman. To see the “hag”… neck/shoulder is her chin, necklace is her mouth, chin is her nose. ear is her eye. This is true for both pictures.

  8. I couldn’t see the witch in the first one for ages it doesn’t look like one and is really stupid:( the second one is much better :D
    On the whole I really don’t like these sorts of illusions

  9. The younger you are, the more likely you are to see the young lady. And conversely, the older you are, the more likely you are to see the “hag.”

  10. It’s hard to see the old ha in the first one, that ear is too realistic to mistake for an eye, but it becomes easier from like four steps back

  11. in the first one, the old lady is really hard to see, since the ear is supposed to be the mouth, I think. and so I can see it when I stare at the nose (chin), but if I look at the ear I’m lost again.

    I like the second one, since both the young and old lady are plausible, whereas in the first one it’s obviously intended for us to see the young lady first.

  12. 1st image- the jaw line of the young girl is the nose of old lady, and the ear of young girl is the eye of the old one, and the necklace of the young girl is the mouth of the old.

    2nd image-the necklace of the young girl is the mouth of the old girl.
    Young girl’s ear = old girl’s eye. young one’s hair by the neck is old girls wrinkles

  13. hello, i’m an Spanish boy and maybe my english is not totally correct, but I’ll try to explain it the better I can: The lady’s chin is the old woman’s big nose, the lady’s ear is the old woman’s right eye and the lady’s necklace is the old woman’s mouth. I hope this will be usefull to you. I also want to congratulate this web page’s creator because it’s really good and interesting. =)

  14. I just love these! In the first one the ear is the Witch’s eye, the young girls jaw is the Witch’s nose and the red part of the necklace is the Witch’s lips. If you squint you can see her good. My favorite is of a young woman looking into a mirror which turns into a skull when you squint. Thanks for such a great site!

  15. Wow. He’s taken a photograph that imitates the drawing that we have all seen before, and done a really good job of it. It’s much easier to see if you blur your vision a bit.

  16. ok you have to get REALLY far back in order to see the second one

    Young Girls Jawline is old witchs nose

    Her necklace is the witchs mouth with lipstick

    Her ear is the wictchs eye

    And the red hair acts as a hat for the old witch

  17. The new version is prettier, but IMO it’s not as good an illusion. The great thing about the original is that each one, the girl and the old woman, were equally obvious.

    On the new one, the ear doesn’t look like an eye, the necklace doesn’t look like a mouth.

    Definitely inferior to the original, IMO.

  18. You can see the old women if you see the chin as an bis nose. The ear of the beatiful women is the eye and the necklace are the mouth (the red part are the lips)I hope you can understand my terrible english^^

  19. it’s very easy to spot the 2nd witch . but I could not get the first one . i used the logic but I really did not see her eyes.

  20. For the first image the young lady’s face and body is the entire head of the old lady… The red necklace is her lips the ear is her eye and the young lady’s bosom is her chin… Sorta fade your eyes a bit and you’ll see it :)

  21. Had i not already been SUPER familiar with this illusion, I bet I wouldn’t have been able to see ’em. It’s a lot harder with that extra artistic detail thrown in for the first one! It also feels like a stretch given the extra details, but it’s still visible in there.

  22. If you can’t see this, both of the chins are noses. The ears are the eyes, and the necklaces are the mouths. This has NOTHING to do with their hair, NOTHING.

  23. The old lady in the first picture is a little harder to find.

    The chin of the young woman is the nose of the old lady.
    Also the Ear of the young woman is the eye of the old lady.

    hope this helps!

  24. THIS IS THE MOST DUMB FRIGGING ILLUSION I HAVE EVER SEEN…… There is no way to see it even with making ur eyes cross… so I give up.. sure its an old lady… To be honest I rather look at the hot one..

  25. Look at the first picture about 1 metre away from the screen. The young lady’s ear is the old lady’s eye, the cheek and jaw line is the old lady’s nose (a huge one) and the red necklace is the old lady’s lips.

  26. the hag is facing the same way as the lady – as opposed to the 2nd pic…
    the lady’s necklace makes up the hags mouth.
    the lady’s fur coat comes up right under the hags big chin.
    the lady’s feather is at the top, at the front of the hags head
    et cetera…
    hope you see it now!


  27. in the second pic i found three different faces….a young girl looking away and a young girl looking back this way to the left and the old woman too. if you look at the old woman and use her eye but use the young girls nose you will see a young girl who looks a lot like japanese cartoon looking girl face.

  28. i found the first old lady.. a bit of a stretch i think, but nevertheless, she is there. got any advice for finding old lady #2?

  29. Well I EVENTUALLY got both of them, I realsised the 2nd when my mum came in and helped me (she got it isntantly).

    I find it helps with both to cover the young ladies noses, it really helps in the 2nd one.

    In the first one, what I did was I scrolled the page, so that the page was covering her ear and above, this should help to establish the nose and the mouth, then scroll back up and try to figure the eye out (from the ear), whilst covering the young ladies nose. In the first picture, the Old lady looks rather cartoonish, as if a character from postman pat. xD

  30. In the first one, I could see where the hag’s face was supposed to be since I am familliar with this illusion, but I couldn’t pretend it was there untill I crossed my eyes and blurred the young woman’s features. Shouldn’t have to work so hard to see the illusion.

  31. the first picture was hard i couldn’t find it!(well it took me about 4 mins) the second one, the old hag was the first thing i saw! i couldn’t see the young lady!!

  32. ok… i saw the witch in the first picture by covering up the young girls eye and nose silhouette with my thumb … nd the reason nobbodies seeing it is because it looks too unrealistic.

  33. on the 1 st picture it was really hard to see but once you see it you always see it.and on the second one it took me longer than the 1st.the young womens nose is a spot on the old womens massive nose. then the neckline is the big chin of the old lady..once i saw the old lady thats all i saw unless i conentrated on looking for the younger woman.

  34. The old woman in the first picture has a very long chin. And doesn’t look as real as in the second picture, she’s more like a cartoon in the first picture. In the second one you can go back and forth between the two but in the first one you mostly only see the beautiful woman.

  35. The 1st image is totally wrong! Is the same as the old one, but while it had a comic-like drawing they changed it to be more realistic, but the only person of the two who actually bacame more realistic is the girl, while the hag with her ear-like eye and southpark’s canadian-like mouth is more hidden. This is not a picture of a girl or a hag, this is a picture of a girl that could seem like a hag if you have fantasy.

  36. When I first seen the original I didn’t like it because the beautiful woman looks incredibly realistic, whereas the hag looks like a cartoonists drawing. But still pretty cool anyways

  37. I found the 2nd picture to be so much easier to see in each of its aspects.

    The first picture dumbfounded me until I started reading all these comments about it. FINALLY, I was able to see the old hag in the first.

    I was wondering why this is, so I took a close look at the picture and discovered that if I used my fingernail to cover the small sliver of a nose of the young lady, the old hag suddenly jumped out at me. When I removed my fingernail, the young lady returned!

    If you can’t see the old hag in this pic, try the fingernail trick!

  38. i kkept looki and looking but couldnt find the old hag…

    when i read some one else answer and then found it…

    you have a lot of imagination to see that one comming…

    especially the first pic…

    which the ear does not look at all like an eye…

  39. i think the hardest part is that they are in different styles.

    the young women are somewhat realistic so once you see something that looks real you are no longer looking for cartoonish.

    the old women in both look like cartoon characters, and not very well drawn at that.

  40. i STILL cant see the hags, the only thing i can see are their noses, but if i try to branch off from there it all disappears. :((

    1. that happens to me but only in the first one because i dont even think the old lady looks natural

  41. the old lady in the first picture doesn’t even look human anymore.. more like a growing parasite or something.. the second one’s better.

  42. true…i think the one on top is too clear for the illusion…you kinda see the old lady but the part that would be the old lady’s chin is what makes it look wierd and hard to spot

  43. it helps to find the second one first.
    rotate your head to the left and it will apear
    then, rotate your head to the right for the first one

  44. OMGSH!! theres a third illusion in it.. i still can’t see the old hag, but theres a young women and it looks like an even younger women, if you squint your eyes, the ear of the young women is the eye of the girl, her hair is running down her face and the chin of the young women is the cheek of the girl… (still trying to figure out the old hag, i’ve been looking at this pic for an hour and i don’t get that part..

  45. on both pictures the old hag’s nose is the jawline of both of the beautiful females. there mouths are the necklaces. and the eyes are the ears of the beautiful woman.

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