John Colorado’s – Shadow Face Illusion


John Colorado sent me this photo he took recently. It took me few seconds before I spot the optical illusion in it, but then was really amazed by the result. Let’s give John opportunity to explain himself: “Hi, here’s my picture, taken in the New Jersey. My name is John Anderson Colorado and I live in Paris, two years ago I was in the New Jersey and took a photo, the shadow of a tree which makes a face on the roof of a rabbit house. It’s a 100% real picture! I think it will be a nice present for your page. Hope you’ll answer to me. ps: if you speak French or Spanish it could be easier for me ;)”

  • lc

    really neat! Thanks John for sharing

    • happydoodle

      yeah it’s really cool

  • Anonymous

    Humm… I’m sorry, I can’t seem to see any kind of face in that picture. Can anyone else see it? where is it?

  • Faith Lyons


  • Anonymous

    well if it’s real it definitely looks great..

  • Stine

    Nature supplied illusion! Sweet!

  • bulle48

    All I see is a bearded lady.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I took about 2 minutes to me, but that’s just amazing! I was just quitting, and I turned my eyes off, and then I got it.


  • Anonymous

    Cool :)
    Has some kind of cap on

  • Shayle

    Cool =)

  • Anonymous

    Très frais !

  • Anonymous

    1ST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont kno if people can see this but there i a shadow tht looks kind of like a lion/tiger in the top left hand corner.

  • Ellen K

    I see a girl on the right, but I also see a lion on the left near the top edge of the roof. The lion’s mouth is open.

  • waldo

    Saw it easily

  • Anonymous

    cool! looks real too.

  • I

    cool man!!

  • Anonymous

    wow, it took me a few seconds to spot it also, but that is pretty clever

  • Anonymous

    wow-it takes a real eye to notice details like that.
    first comment?

  • Anonymous

    Me encanta!!! esta ilusion esta padrisima, bueno ya que es asi totalmente natural y todo!


  • Luz

    hey, this is great… I see the lion too… its triangular nose, eyes and brows and cheeks… amazing pic!

  • bonnie

    dude i saw right as i looked @ the picture. i thing that that is awesome and should be digged!!!

  • Anonymous

    cool…the face is kinda messed up…its like a child with a beard and an eyepatch. but its cool that its not photoshopped. I cant find the lion…where is it???? p.s. to vurdlak: DO you speak french or spanish?

  • lax lover

    beautiful artwork! nice work


    beau dessin-modele! le travail gentil

  • Tysss

    She looks like a cat.. ;)
    I also see the lion and the rabbit.
    it’s on the right eye of the girl.


  • Anonymous

    Very cool, and as opposed to the lion/tiger in the top left I personally see a Panda head, along with the obvious face on the right.

  • Elaine

    Me encanta! John, hace mucho conoci a Freddy Colorado, alguna relacion?

  • Matt


  • Anonymous

    I also see the face (furthest right hand line being the outside of the face) but the figure in the top left corner is definately a caricature of Margaret Thatcher looking to the left with her mouth covered.

  • Griff

    very nice and realistic face picture… i wonder what else shadows could create. Endless possibilities!

  • ME!

    IT SUCKS! Putting things lightly :)

  • Pradeep

    I see the genius in you to identify this shadow in this form. You are great man and of course thank you for sharing this amazing picture.

    Pradeep Nair

  • Sanderson

    I see a face. This is kinda neat…but kinda not.

  • mousey

    i can see a dogs face in da left top corner and a lady in the middle

  • Anonymous

    I would have said it is a polar bear wih a fish in is mouth, in addition to the face.

  • Monxy

    If you can’t see it, just move your head back, if you can’t see it either, just walk back watching it (sorry for bad english)

  • anoying

    i see a crab

  • Me

    wow i can really see the face.. its beautiful.. love it

  • John Anderson Colorado

    Thank you guys! yeah that picture is really amazing i’m very proud of this one! :)

  • Rhiannon

    ugly person

  • marcus

    thas kool!!

  • Kimi

    Also, the angle looks like the branch you see above (with leaves on it) is bare in its shadow.

  • where’s the illusion above

It is main inner container footer text