Jesus Optical Illusion no.2

In addition to original “Jesus Illusion”, here’s another heavenly one. See these stripes? They aren’t as usual as you first presumed. Try walking away from your screen or just narrowing your eyes… Incredible and divine picture will appear. Still not trembeling?

Or if you still aren’t amazed, the following picture will hit you – in a way…

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

76 Replies to “Jesus Optical Illusion no.2”

  1. Un believable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Dave, I saw it right away… it’s the lady from that very famous painting…..oh what’s her name again???!!!!

  3. That Was Really Stupid Your only Darkening the lines where the jesus figure should be Sorry to ruin all your fun, Hahahaha…


  4. yo… dat was crazy!! Im sittin there readin the explaniation and from the corner of my eye i see the picture forming. Dat was cool

    1. if it’s the virgin mary than how come she’s got a beard did the history book leave it out or somet?;-D
      HA HA HA
      if your happy and u know it clap your hands*clap**clap* If you…oh sorry i mean HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  5. The first one is awsome! Its the sacred heart of Jesus! I still don’t get the seacond one. Is is something other than a bottle?

    1. Thank you ZeinaM. Are we the only Catholic ones that recognize the Sacred Heart of Jesus? There is no lion or tiger or Mary. There is a Sacred Heart of Mary also but this is not it.

      And I see wavy lines behind the bottle but not a fist or a face.

  6. yeah! I see a tiger and jesus in the first one….
    And if it’s the virgin mary, how come it has a beard?
    Maybe it’s one of those things you ee only if right brained or something…
    But the 2nd one…Is it supposed to be something other than a vodka bottle?

  7. I wonder if 2000 years ago there people could take photos? hmm…everybody seems to know how Jesus looks like!What if he was bald huh?

  8. I don’t see any beard, i think virgin mary. or just some ordinary dude/dudette. i agree with anonymous, how come everyone knows what he looks like? and thinking about where he lived, if he lived(i’m an aetheist), why is he always white? he was probably black/tanned.
    what do they mean by the vodka bottle will hit you?

  9. click on the mary pic…you can clearly see the darkened lines.
    also the rectangles around the bottle seem to move if you move your head. but that might just be you moving your head. dunno. kl site.

  10. its pretty cool, but what does the second picture have to do with Jesus?
    and by the way, you people have to capitalize Jesus… He’s a religious figure and his name should be capitalized out of respect.

  11. I saw Jesus after moving back from the screen. I then read the comments about the tiger, looked at the picture again and saw it…awesome.

    In Jesus’ time, they didn’t have photographs, but people did know how to draw back then.

  12. THis is not as good as the John Lennon illusion. You can see the darkened lines all the time, not very cool. Also, i dont get the vodka bottle.

  13. I can see a couple darkened lines when I move my head back in the second picture. I think it’s supposed to be another Jesus.

  14. People. people,people. You have to back up to see the second one and on the left side of the bottle is Jesus’s face.

  15. Tilt the screen and look at the second picture. I see a pair of hips and legs sort of merged with the bottle. I can’t see much more of the supposed person..but it’s something some people don’t seem to see I guess.

    1. Who said it was supposed to be a person? No one.I see a bottle and a pattern of faces…I see faces in everything…always have.

  16. in the second is it more then just a bottle of vodka? nd the first one is jesus DUH! but i saw some people saying they saw a tiger and when i looked at it again i kinda saw a lion tiger thingy. in the middle of jesus theres a dark spot it hink its his hart but its also the tiger/lion nose and the shining heart lines are the lions mustache thingy

  17. the second one if u step back slowly and far enough…u can see another face appear..especially towards the right side of the phote

  18. In the second picture bottle is in front of the wall like two objects at a distance, we have such artists in paintings in St.Andrew descent. Come to Kiev and buy one, I can help there.

  19. the second picture i dont understand at all! i dont get wat it is meant to be. all i see is a bottle on a back-drop and i have tried a lot of things to get a different image but it stays the same!

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