Jens Birch’s Funny Looking Bird(s)


While preparing new stuff for you to see this week, I came across this beautiful and funny-looking photograph made by Jens Birch. At first I intended to incorporate birds species into the caption, but then I realised I don’t have a clue if this photo involves ducks, swans or something else. Bird-spotters among you will have no problem identifying them, while I apologise for my ignorance and lack of research upfront… Few more similar examples can be seen herehere and here.

  • z2d4th

    UN-expected moments of photo-shoot..

  • Rick M

    The bird in front looks like a Greylag Goose, the one behind is another goose, in all likelyhood, another Greylag. Looks like some fantastical 4 winged creature, though. Nice shot!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! That’s hilarious

  • Eric

    Swans? Come on!!!

  • John

    They are geese actually. Nice photo of two birds flying together!! 8<)

  • Tanner Hammond

    It reminds me of that four-winged bird on “The Future is Wild”…

  • Anon

    Thats so weird…. lol I had no idea what to think at first.

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