Is it Superman or Clark Kent?

Hey! Glad you liked my previous lava post. I have another similar one in my sleeve, but will postpone it for a day or two. We don’t want to post too much of the same stuff, do we? So today I bring you Superman! The hybrid image below is another MIT product. We have discussed the technique recently, so no need to repeat ourselves. Check some of the hybrid illusions from our archive. Basically you should be able to see both Superman and Clark Kent, depending on the distance between you and your monitor. Clark Kent, is presenting his lovely Louis with flowers. If you step back few meters, Kent’s alter ego will emerge. Also, the beautiful bouquet of roses will begin to recede back, as it is well aligned with the red and yellow “S” icon that spans the front of superman’s leotard. This hybrid illusion was created by Antonio Torralba

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  1. wow umm well not to sound nerdy but for the people who have seen superman returns they know that this is actually clark kent n not superman but it does look kool kinda chopy though oh n one more thing superman isnt kent’s alter ego kent is supermans alter ego because superman was born superman and he decided to make and alter ego “clark kent” so yea cool illusion though :D

  2. Clake kent was born Kal-El on planent Krypton. he was found by the Kents hence getting the name Clake Kent, and then his hero was born Superman once he was older.


    I just don’t see either i see a mix of both. Anyway Great site i read everyday! =D

  3. he looks kinda ghostly, don’t ya think??? i like it, and my friend go to see another one of our illuions. i got her to post it on her myspace! the problem with this illusion is the glasses. Plus it looks a little fuzzy giving it a ghosly look close up.

    its good though!

  4. I think this one is not really fabulous ’cause Like Anonymous 2 said, I just can see a mix of both of ’em. I know you have publish better of those kind os illusion on your site !

    BTW Good Job !!! ;)

  5. well the illusion is supposed to be that the flowers put over him look like the S symbol on superman when placed in that back round…the illusion doesnt really have to do with the character of the story just a cool illusion

  6. guys…you’re missing the point of the illusion!
    if you had read the details of the post, up close you see clark kent, further away you see superman…

  7. haha there is a typo in the description. he wrote Louis instead of Lois “is presenting his lovely Louis with flowers” lmao

  8. yeah superman!
    it looks a little weird from a normal distance, (what with the oddly-colored flowers and all, but i like it.
    i’ll put it this way: i couldn’t make something like that myself!

  9. Not the greatest one of these, but still pretty cool. Up close, it’s obvious that he is Clark Kent, but the colors are a bit awkward and it is obvious that he is meant to be seen in a different way. From far away, you can tell he is obviously Superman because of the easily recognizable colors and costume, but the face is very blurry and hard to make out. I was looking forward to finding the little curl in his bangs, but I had no such luck.

    Also, I feel a little ashamed to join the ranks of those people who are correcting you on your Superman knowledge, but it’s Lois Lane. Louis is a man’s name. (I’ve actually made that mistake a few times before, that’s why I’m an expert at catching it now.)

    As always, great site! Keep up the good work!

  10. if i move away too far i can’t see anything but a mix of colors, hmmm, should put my glasses back on ;)

    nice illusion anyway, allthough superman’s non of my favorite superheros

  11. I agree with whomever said it before. This is the worst type of this illusion that I’ve seen on this site.

    Up close, the ‘flowers’ look nothing like flowers. You can easily tell that it’s supposed to be his “S.” From far away, the ‘flowers’ easily look like an ‘S’, but that’s really all that changes.

    It’s very blurry and not well done.

  12. It’s Clark Kent because he is wearing glasses. If superman went out and forgot to remove the glasses, to the citizens of thick town it would still be Clark Kent dressed up for halloween doing a spectacular illusion of flying.

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