• Lukey Dukes

    It is impossible to make this since the middle piece looks like it’s connected to the Trichotometic support. But In fact, it does not exist.

  • Meg

    No duh, Lukey-have you noticed yet why it’s called the Instructions from Hell? Every single one of the objects mentioned is impossible to make without the help of camera perspective!

  • Farted

    The middle piece is non-existable. So is the screw. (hexnut) It’s all twisted. Now I know why it’s called the instructions of Hell.

  • Dutch Master

    i dont get it :(
    am me stupid?

  • Dancer

    When I first saw this in the around 1968 there was an entire instruction manual that came with it. The instructions read “in order to tighten the nut you must loosen it”, it was a big hit as we used new fangled Xerox machines to make copies.

  • caff

    are u all droids. the sight is about illusions. yes dutch master u is stupid

  • Jokken

    And so is your polished grammar, caff.


    if u look @ all th enumbers it has a total of three six. making it 666

  • Paper

    the retangle is also messed up

  • Hai

    why shpuld i listen to hell?

  • some guy

    the 3 things i found wrong.

    1. rectangle- it is curved
    2. the nut- it is curved like the rectangle
    3. the three things that go into the hole- only 2 exsist.
    and 4. my brain

  • niki

    lol Barbara!!!

  • niki

    I don’t see how this is a toy

  • nerd

    i love the fact that you need 3.1416 of the “ambihelical hexnut”… coz thats pi (hehe)

  • M 2 the H O

    lol barbra, lol nerd, but i like the fact that it says 0.0633ft as a width mesurment

  • maz payne lol

    the middle thing in the thingy is not really there so the thing cant go in the rectangle thingy and this site rocks =D

  • mike

    shit that made me laugh

  • Whitley

    the ambihelical hexnut and the rectabular extrusion bracket are possible. They’re essentially one-sided shapes… A version of the one-sided circle we learned in fourth grade. You can take a strip of paper and make it into a loop… but turn one end halfway around before you tape it shut. It makes a one-sided three-dimensional object. You could do the same with the AH and RE. Huzzah, i am smart.

  • Tundraazul

    Also the nut is length of pi, 3.14149265359…., just rounded

  • Red.

    haha, this thing is cool, another thing no one seems to have picked up is that there is one metric measurement and one imperial.

  • Dave

    I made one once, but it broke.

  • Matt

    yo nerd and Tundraazul pi is 3.141592654 3.1416 or 3.14149265359. + +


  • asdfk

    psh I can totally make that.

    and that was a joke for all you idiots who couldn’t tell :)

  • Anonymous

    X= Put it in tho holes =X

  • Tori

    what are we trying to make anyways?

  • Anonymous

    weejoo guys what’s with this fckin’ serious talk?
    it’s just a game…

  • Lea

    Looks like the prompt for my philosophy final.

  • ummm

    Umm, is it just me or is this possible to make? You could have the pieces look like that when u look at them from a certain angle… otherwise, that’s impossible. anyways, im not trying it.

  • The Ultimate

    you are all stupid i can do it. ha ha that sright i just called all of you stupid. he he he

  • Anonymous

    this is soooooooo stupid I came here for optical illusions not some of this crap

  • Anonymous

    Whitley u confusing I’m like 13 and my brain is like a big X it has no comprehension

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Whitley you are smart and have earned a celebratory biscuit. It’s called a Mobius Loop. I like the range of responses it has caused. Makes a pleasant change from, ‘Yo, got it, cool!!!!’

  • g

    has anybody noticed that the font used is Verdana? doesn’t that tell you something?

  • Jacque Chiraque

    Chuck Norris can make that.

  • YouKnow

    M.C. Escher

  • Tori

    Anonymous-whats with your potty mouth? We all know its a game!

  • christian staebler

    Hey ! Nobody noticed that this was clearly influenced (if not copied) from dutch artist Escher ! This guy was amazing in creating illusions and a talented artist too :

  • Pokemon Fan

    I am going CRAZY from this mathematic talk!!!! XD

  • James

    Whitely – It is a mobius strip, a one sided 3d object.

  • Anonymous

    I am in IB-phisics year 2 and IB- Calculus year 2 and i no thats not possible not even plausable

    i cant spell




    Shadow: How dare you call yourself’the ultimate’! I am the ultimate life form!

    Me: cough


    Me: In my reality in which many of my stories take place in, things like this do exist! This is in reality: dimension 13

    (Yes, the reality is called dimension 13)


  • i*is*awesome

    yo this is easy i solved it in like 5 seconds

  • DaniDoll

    AH!!!!! I CAN FEEL MY BRAIN MELTING!!!!(seirously im only 10)
    P.S. im not freaky!

  • Anonymous

    if you put it upsidedown on a table turn it 84degrees, you then can understand that the side of that is the one that is forming the other side of the correct side when placed properly. now i am going to stand on my head and spit wooden nickles. good night


    i think ive built that…

    (my sister, vixen) its so wierd!

  • I know things

    k well if any if you found out this whatever it is doesnt make anything its nothing its not reall thats the whole problem THIS THING IS NOT INSTRUCTIONS TO ANYTHING

  • Vincent

    one thing that is also f’d up is the mesuearments if u look at the bolt measurement it says feet and the square thing is cemtimeters

  • dna: national dyslexics assoctiation

    Lolz, my brain has a party at that sight, it’s astronomically exciting and i have no idea.
    and my name, well, don’t ask.
    soon coming in a different language!!
    oh, and I’m 10 to!

  • Anonymous


  • Rakhtael

    lol @ dna: national dyslexics assoctiation’s name, and what should the verdana font tell me?

  • Skate200

    Awesome. It’s just as possible as lawyers can turn up in heaven, wich is IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Ana-maria

    impossible means im/possible

  • tyler

    its like 3 litel pepol that i can take up to heven all thow i dont get how you … getthme up with out putig the maignet closer

  • I_Ganked_JFK

    looks more like u need to put the trichotometric indicator support on the top part, oh wait, WHICH ONE IS THE TOP PART!?!?! AH!

  • This one is sweet!

  • Stella


    I love how the impossible nut squeezed it’s way in there, too!

  • victoria

    wow its so cool,love it so much,so good guys,your so cool!!!rock n’roll!

  • Grace

    I’ve seen poorer written instructions. But still, these are really instructions from h*ll

  • Grace

    btw, the little nuts are pi! Pi is 3.1415blahblah until your dead and you aren’t halfway done.

  • Suor de Sapo

    LOL __ 5 Star!!!

  • DJ 9mm

    Please… Make it stop… My brain hurts


  • Rick

    Wow! This exact illusion (the names and all) is to least 40 years old. This brings back memories! I believe I was in high school when I first saw the trichotometric indicator support, the rectabular excrusion bracket, and the ambihelical hexnuts – and I graduated in 1969!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  • maria jackson


  • Anonymous

    all the shapes it shows is impossible

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