Insects Have Heart Optical Illusion

Hello there and welcome to Thursday everyone! For a lot of people, Thursday is their favorite day of the week, and the reason why they do is the fact that it means that there is only one more day of the week left. The question we have for all of you today is how do you feel about insects? The reason why we ask is because we feel that perhaps insects get a bad reputation that is not necessarily deserved. We want you all to know that animals do have heart, and today’s optical illusion proves that! Check out these two insects that show their love for one another, and they are so happy and in love they are forming a heart with their bodies!

Insects Have Heart

Ready to see another optical illusion that is found in the natural world? Check out this picture of the woods, and there may even be a baby in the woods looking back at everyone that enters them. Do you all see this babe in the woods?  Do you see the illusion or do you need a hint? It may be hard to see, but there is a baby looking back at everyone or perhaps this spirit is just protecting the natural world. Have a good Thursday everyone!

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