30 Replies to “Impossible Steps”

  1. I get it
    it like has like, one big bloc and then itz like got stepz @ da other end!!!
    itz like soooooooo kool!!!

  2. this i stupid the angles on the left are different from the angles on the right for no reason, this illusion was slapped together without careful attention to details…mc esher it is not!

  3. Other than the fact that it is not real and therefore can be anything, this could theoretically be possible with a winding stare case sort of step pattern. The second stair could be wider and longer than the first making it appear to be the same length as the first. The angle we perceive it from is the key

  4. I know what it is it looks like an old lady washin her car in front of burger king u just gotta look close…. if u dont see that then go home

  5. A fascinating illusion. For you see, the technical defined fold of the two-dimensional paper used to construct this design can defy the odds of the metric system if severed in a particular form.

  6. its extremely easy 2 figure it out cause on 1 side there is a blackish lookin line which creates the illusion of the stairs but on the other side there is no line so that makes look flat.

  7. if you look at the side of it first and follow the lighter strip you will see that it is only one big block.

  8. I think it would be possible to start with a solid block, & carve away the steps. Maybe the larger the original the more likely you could have them emerge in reality.

  9. Its hard to imagine but the side on the left could be going backwards. When you picture it you will understand

  10. i dont see as it impossible, but a flight of weird stairs!

    from the bottom to the second layer in the front section. starts on the left at a 90deg step and slowly warps/twists to meet the other side on a different angle,
    it still has two vertical and two horizontal steps.

    it would be a good theme park maze

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