Impossible Stacked Cubes Optical Illusion

Today’s stacked cubes optical illusion caught my eye yesterday, and I thought you guys would really appreciate it. This illusion looks completely different if you look from the bottom up as opposed to if you look at it from the top down. It’s enough to boggle your mind!

Take a look…

stacked cubes optical illusion

The top of this stacked cubes optical illusion looks as if it’s stacked on top of the bottom cube and turned slightly and facing to the left. Look at the bottom of the image, and that cube looks like it’s turn slightly and facing to the right.┬áMove your eyes up from the bottom cube, and it looks like there are two walls built in top of it, right where the upper cube is supposed to be.

It’s hard to explain this stacked cubes optical illusion because, well, it’s impossible. There’s no way that this object could exist in real life; it looks like a deranged cinder block. But, it certainly is fun to look at, isn’t it?

Did you have fun trying to figure out this stacked cubes optical illusion? Go boggle your mind even more with another impossible cube illusion!

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