• Someone

    Thats wierd, makes my eyes strain sort of.

    • Olirox

      whole i saw both three and 4 shelves wierd it sorta strand my eyes for a second or 2

  • georgina

    i see 2

    • Danielle


  • Hai

    i see 3.5

  • Hai

    did anyone notice that one the left there seems to be 4 shelves but on the right there seems to be 3?

    • Someone

      -.- That’s the illusion!

  • purple momo

    I c 7
    heh heh lol

  • biclops

    lets give a round of applause to hai, finding out how the picture was drawn

  • pSIguoaidf

    Stupid purple momo there is only 2. I have a PhD in optical illusions.

  • theknot 09

    its been done to death

  • sexy lil skally

    this is far to weird

  • Darkholm

    This is easy, it is one big shelf, the top on one becomes the bottom on the next.

  • Pandas


  • anon

    i c 3

  • Anonymous

    this completely confuses me, but it’s just the impossible flowmeter except they have put it horizontally

  • Anonymous

    I see 2365874652873469283725683476 shelves

    • blackfoot

      I see 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798 (rounded to 99 decimal places) shelves.

  • Anonymous

    georgina is right, guys. (and girls) I am a girl anyway. My name is Gianna and i hate my friend Michelle and I love Ashton and all the bouys in my class. I kissed my cousin once. I want to marry a boy named chase, and i am 10 years old. I LOVE kissing!

  • abi xx

    this one isnt so bad coz i got this on a peice of card in a tricks and kicks optical illusions set so it isnt new to me

  • Anonymous

    There are precisely ‘pi’ shelves shown!

  • Anonymous

    doesnt anyone else realise that all of the illusions are basically repeated???

  • Anonymous

    all of you. have you noticed that if you stare at it for 1 second the shelves totally become four possible shelves but before 1 second your eyes make you think the shelves are impossible

  • MintyFresh724

    (anonymous)yeah i think ur right!

  • Stephanie

    It made my mum feel drunk! Very impressive, although I’ve seen this illusion numerous times before.

  • Anonymous

    i see 4 look to the left

  • Anonymous

    Woah! That is SO weird! I can’t tell if there is 3 or 4, but I thin there is 3. On the right, on part isn’t there.

  • Anonymous

    I see 2 the ones in the middle don’t have either a left or a right side (depends on which one you looking at) this makes my eyes hurt too

  • Eugenia

    I see 3 when I’m concentrating and 4 when relax my eyes.

  • lovelygirl!!!

    i see both cause if you look at the middle you see 3 and if you look at the sides you see four it depends on the side of the shelves!!!

  • if you look in the middle of the shelves you see 3 if you look at the far left end of the shelves you see 4

  • sorry messed up i didn’t know i submitted the first one so the first one is right the second one is wrong lol

  • amaya

    wow these arer hard.but i see 3!

  • amaya

    their hard but @ the same time their gr8

  • Katherine

    The illusion is that on the second board you can see the end on one side and its left out on the other side!

  • Lily

    i see 4

  • Lily

    i see 4 when i look at it from the left then i see 3 when i look at it from the right!!!!

  • person with no name as far as u no


  • 1234… NO wait! 7 No 8

  • u bum


  • mrscorcher1


  • mr banford

    hi guys wat u up to theses days

  • Sunshine

    There are four edges
    Definitely four!

  • Ausetin

    there are 3 cause the second one aint comleted

  • owen

    the top and bottom shelf are completely possible

  • Ken

    There are only two complete shelves, one at the top and one at the bottom, the rest are incomplete non shelves.

    • Danielle

      make that a second person.

  • Is da kid

    :3 CANT SEE Nun

  • person

    there is really only 3.

  • giny

    there are 2 full shelve,, the others do not connect

  • johnny_depp_fan

    I see four ( 4 ) shelves.

  • Sandy

    There are only TWO shelves that I’d put anything on. >^;^<

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