Impossible Fence Optical Illusion


Woah! Check out these two computer generated models of an impossible fence! How does it work? As you may recall, we only feature such CGI posts when origin of the model has no influence on the quality of the presented illusion.

The artist(s) behind these models isn’t known to me, yet the work he did greatly reminds me of Josh Sommers’ CG illusions posted in 2008. Even when being aware these illusion were artificially generated, the question still remains – how was this achieved? How would the object appear if we rotated the model, and show it from different angle? Would these appear the same if they were done in real life? Please share your opinion!

  • First one: Fence painted, cardboard on top, Fence on a higher spot, ladder leads up to it

    Second one: Very curved planks from an angle that & paint that shows them to be straight

    Simple logic :)

    • @Talis Pähn,
      This is computer generated, as per the blog description.

  • THE FENCE – Sandro Del Prete

  • Care Bear

    I don’t believe in fences.

    • what to write today……


  • Soldiers preparation
    by Oleg Zhevelev

  • Dave Kozak

    Regarding the fence with the two “men” on it:

    if you rotated the model so that you could sight down the top horizontal fence board you would see that one fence post slants one way and the other fence post slants the opposite way. The posts are not plumb.

  • ZL123

    Well, there are holes in the fences!

  • I’m getting a headache looking at them. I think they are made of paint and cardboard that has been manipulated to create an optical illusion. I think anyone with basic art training could create the same thing……..:)

  • Norm

    Nicely done, subtle images. Convincing, and beautiful tones in the photos!

  • Cyphis

    I like these :) My brain can’t do much with them haha

  • awsome

    The fence is a lie just like the cake

  • hmm….

    these are really cool :)

  • Xheia

    I agree with Peter Weller – Sandro Del Prete did at least some model of the top left version of the fence. I saw it in the “Masters of Illusions” book, I think.

  • KLB

    what’s with the chalk?????????????????

  • Gavin

    no illusion.

  • vcg

    haha! im getting dizzy looking at these, but these are great! ^^ i like the first one.. :)

  • Ktee

    Its just the way you look at it….. like a thing on youtube that i saw, it shown that a ball gooing down a straight thing but it wuz juz a bent pipe

  • g1zm02k

    The upper picture ‘s shadow actually shows you how it’s done:-

    The ladder-boards only go through the top slat of the fence, then it extends out without touching anything. The sides of the boards have a picture of the fence behind textured onto them to give the impression they’re touching, but they aren’t.

    The second image is similar but the artist learned to soften the shadows more to avoid giving the game away. There are still clues like how the spike’s nail at the upper slat is close to the near post, yet the spike’s nail at the lower slat is closer to the far post.

  • kelly

    i know how to do complete sound proofing! good luck trying to figure it out. give me a lab and i could produce.

  • Zoya

    Nice. Well guys stop embarassing the one who made this

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