Impossible Bottles – Pictures Collection

Am not sure what’s the name of the artist who does these, but he surely made me wonder! I mean, this wouldn’t be so complicated if you sliced the bottles bottom off and simply insereted all these objects inside, but as I understood he makes them in a regullar way placing everything through bottle’s neck. How is it done? Can someone help me solve this? Oh, and if you have any ideas about the author or his website, post it here so I can give him some credits, because he obviously deserves some! Previously I posted “Impossible Objects no.3” which you’ll adore if you liked this new post.

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  1. Many of the objects were dissasembled and then placed inside the bottles piece by piece. Then they would be reassembled like a ship in a bottle.

    the craziest ones are if you look real close, some of the playing decks still have their plastic wrapper on them.

  2. Don’t know about the washer, but I’ve read that the tennis balls are deflated and then re-inflated inside the bottle.

  3. Came across this site and its a wonderful one. CONGRATULATIONS! I have already bookmarked your site!

    Regarding this illusion, is it possible that all the objects used are actually not real, instead are made of some sort of material that retracts to the preset shape once inside the bottle? Just guessing.



  4. More importantly, or impressively, is the “disassembling of the tennis shoes. Hmm. I think I agree with Derk. But they are fantastic.

  5. i like the rubiks cube one, the kernal of that wouldnt fit throught the neck of that, even if it was dissassembled….

  6. My personal belief is that there is no back. Look at the angle in which the pictures were taken in relation to the backgrounds behind the bottles. I didn’t see any reflective light from the back of the bottle. The one with tennis balls makes me think that knot is holding up an artificial back to keep the balls in.

  7. i’m not sure about some of them, but the one with the tennis balls and the knot looks like there’s no back of it. the reflectiveness of the bottle stops right around the tennis balls and it looks like the knot is holding them all in that position. then there’s the one with the shoe in it. if you look, the shoe doesn’t even appear to be all the way in the bottle.. it’s sticking out the side a little. someone please tell me if i’m wrong.

  8. Lol How does one dissasemble sneakers, or dictionaries, or locks? If it wasn’t like everyone else said; bottomless or backless, there’s only one word for it, and that’s photoshopped. =D But it’s backless IMO.

  9. Oh, and as a plus fact… you can’t technically ‘deflate’ a tennis ball. If you guys had actually cut open and seen the inside of a tennis ball(which i stupidly did a long time ago) it’s just a super rubbery shell on the inside about half a cm thick. Not even vaccum. Looks like onna those Super Saiyan cockpits in Dragonball or something. Toriyama must’ve done the same thing I did and gotten the idea…

  10. I managed to get a tennis ball inside a bottle. It is realy easy. Drive a pin through the ball, then put it in a vice, and tighten the grip. You can squeeze it to a pretty small size, then put some wax or gum on the hole, take the ball out of the vice, then squeeze it into the bottle. Once inside, you can remove the gum / wax with a tooth pick or something, and the ball bounces right back into its original shape.

  11. they just cut off half of the bottle and they put in the items from behind. then they take a shot from the front, and there. that’s why you call it illusions.

  12. If u look at the baq u can tel its fake,the bottle has a fake baq. All the bottles have the thread and the baqs look like they are pasted or squashed on something.

  13. while the glass is being blown, the objects are placed inside, and then the rest of the bottle is created to seal the objects inside.

  14. Hey everyone,

    I just found your site. I always enjoy reading people’s comments on how they think Impossible Bottles are made. Most people are wrong.

    Here are a couple of facts. !

    1. ALL the bottles are normal, eeveryday, off the grocery store shelf bottles. The bottles are NOT heated, cooled, or blown around the objects. In fact the bottles are not manipilated in any way, shape or form.

    2. EVERY oject inside of the bottles are put in through the neck of the bottle. That is a fact. If they weren’t, there would be nothing special about Impossible Bottles.

    If you’re wondering how I know so much about these bottles it’s because I’ve been making them for aabout 4 years now. Harry Eng was the MASTER of Impossible Bottle making. I’ve been trying to follow in his footsteps. I’ve even duplicated about 6 of his original bottles. Some of my bottles are already pictured on this site. Mine are the 3 Mistic Juice bottles. If you want to see the full line of them, just go to If you look at the “history” page, you can even learn about Harry Eng himself.

    Take care,

    Jeff Scanlan

  15. i think they cut the bottles from the bottom. but i also think chongo,derk,Corey,Allison,and kenny have good ideas too.

  16. Ok… as for how to “break down” some of the more impossible items…

    The washer was (somehow) folded in half and half again.. you can see the bends if you look close… and the flattened out inside.

    The silver locks are made of a series of plates bonded together… break them apart somehow and place them inside and reassmble…

    I have no clue about the brass lock…

    the rest of the items are small enough or flexibe enough (if creative) to fit through the necks of the bottles.

    must be pretty damn diffcult to tie knots through the neck of a bottle…

  17. I think they are all great.
    Who cares wether it is assembled disassembled and so forth.
    I like to be amazed, not to be tricked.
    >benjamin i would love to see you bend a washer in to a quarter of its size and then, unbend it inside a bottle. Even if that is the trick it is beyond me how he did that.
    Coincedentally i’ve seen a real good magician this weekend, doin card and burning sigaret tricks richt in front of me, at less than a yard distance. It gave me the creeps. But nice creeps. :-)
    LOVELY SITE!!!!!!


  18. If any of you noticed, each bottle has a knotted rope entering through the neck. Does the rope haave something to do with the illusion?

  19. my first impression was that the bottles were cut in half and the objects were put behind the front half of the bottle. However post 22 says the bottles are not manipulated at all. My next thought was that the objects were simply placed behind the whole bottles but i quickly found this to be false because you can see the webster dictionary in the first one bends to the shape of the bottle. So if post 22 is telling the truth when he says the bottles were not manipulated in any way, the objects are most definately put in the bottle through the neck. How i have no idea…..

  20. dont trip guys, this is a common MAGIC trick. easy to do. everything in there is eather fake or reassembled. you can BUY this freaken trick on lance butons sights or shops. I own one of them, its called halfdolor in bottle. the half dolor is REAL… but fake at the same time: basicly rhe coin is cut down the center in a way were when its brought together it looks 100% whole. THEN the outer edges all the way around are milled so that there is a deep crevis that goes around the edge that is barely visable. from there you take regular braces (flash back to middle school) rubber band and stretch it all the way around the coin so that they fit in the groves un-noticed. now the coin can be ‘snapped in half’ then become whole again. its all illusions and tricks. 90% sure there is no photoshop involved. samething goes for washers etc.

  21. Wow. I am amazed at how post #30 (Ender” thinks he has it all figured out. Well, let me be the first to tell “Ender” he is COMPLETELY wrong. He does not have one of these at home.

    As a professional magician, I can tell you that they do make folding half dollars. And, it is a magic trick. But, Harry engs coins and washers are 100% real. Just because most people don’t know how to make Impossible Bottles doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. YES! There is a “trick” to getting the tiems in the bottles, but EVERY item does go through the neck. The bottles are perfectly normal. So are ALL the items.

    Thnk about this. If the botles and the items weren’t “normal” then what would be so impressive about it? What makes them so impressive, amazing, and such conversation pieces is the fact that eVERYTHING is normal. There are less than a dozen eople in the US that even know how to do this art form. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those people.

    I challenge you to go to my website and check out my bottles. See if you can figure out how they are done. I never met Harry Eng, but, he’s been the main influence behind all my Impossible Bottles.

    Take care,

    Jeff Scanlan

  22. If you cannot think anymore how it’s done, you may simply say/think that the bottle was cut, blow or photoshopped. Just like magic tricks you’d just say the performer has a magic. But, actually it is simple how its done and it’s just up to you to find out.

  23. maybe they cut off the back of the bottle, put the things in there, and then put the back of the bottle back on with superglue er sumthin…. (its just a guess…..dont get all crazy like jeff did and basicly call me a know it all…lol….im just kidding jef….)

  24. I have met Harry Eng, and seen most of his bottles. He was featured at a magic convention and had most of his bottles on display. During the convention he did a padlock, rope and deck of cards bottle. Watching him do it was almost more impressive than the end result!!

    Magic Magazine did an article on him about three years ago, (I think it was March or April 2003) and many of his techniques were taught. His deck of cards including the plastic wrap was explained in detail, along with the metal washer. (the washer is genius..)

  25. We have some of these impossible bottles in our museum and I can garuntee you that they are full bottles not backless because I have personally picked them up and handled them…I dunno how its done!

  26. yah i agree with #38. As a gifted teacher, i would als say that the bottom the the bottle was cut out because they could’nt just fit a ensufficient various number of highly unusual of sized tennis balls fit into to the narrow neck of a huge body bottle.

  27. i’ve seen ones like these in real life, the items are really in the bottles. no photoshoping nor fake items.

    i have no clue as to how it’s done (i used to think the bottoms were removed then re-attached but that is not the case)

    very cool. i think why many people posting think they were photoshopped is becasue they are on a sight about illusions.

  28. You Can’t put the objects BEHIND the bottle! Things like tennis ball cannot be put on top of each other!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hey Guys,

    I’m back. Well, I just wanted to let you all know I just upgraded my website. Go and check it out –

    I’ve added 4 new pages, some new graphics, and 2 new bottles. You can see the 2 new bottles under the “For Purchase” page. The two new bottles are called –
    “The Golfers Bottle” whic his a Titleiest golf ball inside of a small Marachino Cherry bottle. The second bottle is called “Cork Srew in Wine Bottle”. This bottle is REALLY cool and took me months to figure out how to make. It’s a regular Beringer Wine bottle, emptied, with the cork put back in, the was re-sealed on top, and the cork screw is inside the bottle going up into the cork.

    Once again for all you “nay Sayers” out there. The bottles are ALL completely normal. They have NOT been cut, heated or cooled. They have NOT been manipulated in ANT way, shape, or form – guaranteed. The items inside are ALL 100% real and normal. Yes, they were manipulated, but the question is how were they manipulated to go through the 1″ to 1-1/2″ neck.

    Until later. Have fun thinking. Look forward to checking bacak later and seeing some of your comments.


    Jeff Scanlan
    America’s Sports Magician

  30. My dog “deflated” a tennis ball once.. that was the easy part… (He chewed a hole in it and squashed it flat) but how on earth would you REINFLATE one?? This is just gonna remain one of those things that make me sit back, scratch my head and go… ooooooh

  31. someone way up there said “they dont show the back of the bottle so its fake”. DUH they can only show one side at once you cant show the whole thing in one photo i think its real but i have no idea how

  32. I guess most people are just taking a easy way out rather than actually thinking about how it’s done, which seems to be the entire point of the artwork.

    Someone said the silver locks can be dissassembled, but had not clue about the brass ones. From the ones I’ve seen, the brass lock will fit through sideways without the silver hook.

    Books seem easy: Take out the pages in sections, roll them up, then glue them back together inside. Even a hardcover wouldn’t be too hard: cut the cardboard into sections, then glue the single thin layer over the sections and fold it up like an accordian.

    As for the shoes, the top part is very flexible, and wouln’t be too hard. The sole is the tricky part. One way could be to almost cut the sole into sections (like the hardcover book).

    The baseball and tennis balls: Remove whatever is inside them (stuffing or air), then they should slip thought pretty easily. Hell, one could even use a cricket ball (solid wood core wrapped in leather) if they wanted to.

    Of course, it’s all easier said than done. Sewing the sole onto a shoe though the neck of a bottle sounds pretty damn tedious.

    As for the knots, you’d have to be pretty good with knots outside of a bottle to start with — I’m definitly not.

  33. if you look at the first picture, you’ll notice the bottle comes down and curves through the shoe. if you ask me, that one looks photoshopped.

    the others, i have no idea.

    also, how would liquid nitrogen help? all you can do with that is shatter stuff. and putting it back together inside(especially the deck of cards) would be pretty hard.

  34. With a combination of cleverness and some special tools it could be done, but its hard. Things like the booklet can be folded at half then put it in, then fold the other half then fold all and put it in. Well i don’t know if that method is used, but if you stop to think im sure you’ll find a way-

  35. love the illusion I don’t know how it’s done and i won’t guess because what’s the point. that’s why they are called “illusions”

  36. I think that he might have just put up the objects, then he might’ve used photoshop, or something like that, and put in the bottle. And the items were just there and it was photo-ed. But that’s just my guess.

  37. If you look at the sides of the one with the playing cards and the scissors, you can see where the bottle stops and there is no back

  38. For the love of Zeus – NO! It’s not a fake photo. All the objects are real and whole. And YES! there is a back to the bottles. Jeff is right, there are ways of getting these objects in the bottles. Just because the lot of you don’t have a creative, scientific bent in your infantile imaginations doesn’t mean you can your overly simplistic childish explanations are correct.

  39. Thank you, anonymous! We can always count on you to be so clear-minded.

    These bottles are not faked. They are not photoshopped. It’s far simpler than you think.

    And as far as I can tell, there was no liquid nitrogen used. But hey, I might be wrong.

  40. Dude Come On! I cant belive nobody said the were PHOTOSHOPPED Darnit!!!!! >)-( This Jeff Scanlan Dude and Valinor is tryin to do all the “Magicians never Revail their tricks” crap. But been a computer geek it is all POTOSHOPPED! U can change th light and disorent the objects to make it look like they were in a bottle. To prove it, somepeople said he took of the back because the light wasn’t reflecting off it. It because he tampered with the light to make it more convincing.. The truth is, the were photographed in frnt of a blue screen, then merged together and disoreinted to make it look like it was inside a bottle. Then to make it more convincing he added light to the front to make it more convincing. More likely he just created the bottle on the computer. they dont look very real to me. to shiny and smooth like you would see in Animation

  41. Thank you anonymous! I’ve visited Jeff’s website. His bottles are amazing! In fact, I purchased two of them. EVERYTHING Jeff said about the bottles is true.

    The bottles are normal, ALL the objects are inside the bottle. The brass padlock is insdie the bottle, locked, and too big to come out. I have no idea how he does it, but they are truly amazing.

    One thing is wanted to mention though, someone earlier said they saw an article on Harry Eng in magic magazine and it was explained how Harry did 3 different bottles, including how he put the cellophane wrapping on the deck. This person is mistake. Harry NEVER put a deck of cards in a bottle with the cellophane wrapping on. Jeff is one of the very few who does. And, Jeff’s decks are so clean and crisp ( no wrinkles or creases in his decks).

    Mr. “X”

  42. OMFG!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! THESE BOTTLES ARE PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY DON’T BELIEVE PEOPLE COULD GET THIS CRAP IN THESE FREAKIN’ BOTTLES!!!! Yes, they can be rubber to get them inside the bottle, but the bottles look like ghosts and completeley photoshopped! They ar almost completely transparent. He took the pictures of the objects in front of them in front of a blue screen with some andheasives and wires to hold them up, edited out the wires and stuff, and made the bottles on PHOTOSHOP!!! The only way to prove it is to see these REALLY frustrating sculpters is to see one in person, and to let me fiddle around with it!!!! \ /
    \ /

    | |
    | |
    \/ \/

  43. Perhaps if you say it was photoshopped enough times it will be true, right? I find it quite amusing that many of the people who are so convinced that the bottle was cut or photoshopped can’t be troubled to use proper English, let alone ponder how it is actually done.

  44. The reason the bottles may appear photoshopped to some of you is that they are made of glass. This means that to photograph them properly, (without a very nasty glare) they need to be photographed with diffusers on the lights. Kinda like the umbrellas they use on the lights for school pictures. If you were to take a simple flash photo of these bottles there would be horrible glare. It is also possible the bottles were sprayed with hairspray, whish would also be done to reduce the glare.

  45. It’s Called IM Slang Mr “Anonymous”. It keeps my hands from aching when im trying to write long paragraphs. Step into the 21st Century!

  46. There are no tricks to getting un altered items through material. If you could, then tunnels wouldn’t have height restrictions… they’d just bring this eng person. Come on people, physics is physics… magic/illusions are all fake. If this was possible, then they’d be famous doctors that remove cancer without cutting people, or special movers that can put huge couches and tv’s through a single/smaller door. Come on, you’d be uber rich (especially if you did this in NY)!!

    Also you cannot blow glass around ordinary objects… do to heat and gravity. Blowing glass, depending on the molecular structure, requires temps 1000C+

    Also the objects would distort the glass because to form it, it must be pliable, and so would sag and move when an object is touching it. Not to include the fact that paper and most of the other objects burn or melt below 1000C that are in the bottles.

    So if this Jeff Scanlan person writes back… ignore him, he’s just trying to promote this foolishness. If you want to prove something… then explain it… if not… then its bogus.

  47. Well, I’m back. Sorry Parchofi ( commentor # 75), but you told everyone to ignore me if I wrote back because I was only trying to promote my foolishness. Why is it foolishness? Is it because your mind can’t comprehend how the art of Impossible Bottles are made? Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean something isn’t possible.

    The only thing I’m trying to promote is for people to think differently and keep Harry Eng’s legacy alive. I challenge anyone to tell me that EVERY item inside of my Bottles Magic bottles are not real.

    In fact, I have another bottle that I’d like to challenge you with. The name of the bottle is called
    “Cork Screw In Wine Bottle”. YOu can see it by going to CLick on the “for purchase” page and scroll down about 2/3 of the page. It will be on the righthand side.

    See if you can figure that one out. To all of you nay sayers out there, lets get somethings straight. First, the bottles are ALL perfectly normal. They have not been heated, cooled, or cut. Secondly, EVERY item inside of an Impossible Bottle went in through the neck. They are NOT photo shopped!! Third, there are backs and bottoms to ALL the bottles. I don’t know what more can be said.

    Remember, Harry Eng always said to THINK. The average human being only uses 10% of their brain.

    visit with you all later.

    Jeff Scanlan

  48. ok first of all i dont think this scanlan guy is fibbing cuz i mean seriously, wuts the point then. my teachers have always taught me to use my brain & there’s more then one way to do that ((dont ask, there is)). all these bottles are, are puzzles and in my years of life of learned more than an average person and i use my brain differently i’ve figured a few aspects of them out but im still working on a complete theory for all of them before i post my ways. thank you mr. scanlan for creating these sensational bottles because maybe now, there will be some more people in this world that accually think things through

    P.S. im 12 years old and i am “smarter” ((well using my brain more)) than about half of the people on here

  49. can somebody please just tell me how they are done!! I know they are not photoshopped, made around the objects, and i know the bottles are whole and unschathed. I am 13, and in ap classess and still cannot figure some of these out…

  50. I have not seen this explanation yet. (unless I missed it!) I think they were very cleverly painted on the bottles. i would like to see them from 30, 60 90, 180 degrees by spinning the bottle….

  51. the easiest is the tennis ball because all u do is put a match in the jar and place the tennis ball on the open hole…..i think

  52. I know exactly how they are done… and I’m still impressed :)
    yes… I know a lot of magic too… and still love to see a good trick done well :)
    these are great!!!

  53. The corkscrew in the bottle is cool! I suspect that most of these objects are meticulously taken apart and reconstructed in side. some are probably bent or squished. Jeff only said the bottles weren’t heated or cooled or manipulated. He never denied that the objects themselves weren’t. He only said they were real objects. With our knowledge of science I’m sure there are many ways to do these things. Also, anything that is made can be taken apart and put back together. How good it looks simply depends on having a steady hand and LOTS of free time! lol!
    That’s my 2 cents, stick that in your bottle!

  54. The skepticism of the “computer age” is very frustrating. Just because you CAN photoshop something doesn’t mean that they did. If it were as simple as that, it would be pointless. This fellow likely spent hours and hours on each of these, and to say that it was photoshopped is more of an insult than anything. They are truly amazing.

  55. Sailors have been making model Ships in a bottles for centuries I think the earliest recorded one in 1600’s. The superstition was that if the bottle broke and the model ship got wet then the real ship would sink.
    I made one myself once (it even had plastacine waves) from a kit, it didn’t look exactly sea worthy! There are two ways I know of:
    1: build it outside folded up small enough to fit through the neck and then carfeuly pull on ropes that pull up the masts and rigging.
    2: using tweezers and clamps and lots of glue, break the ship up into components and stick them back together again. (a bit like an AirFix model)

    I’m sure that these are made using the second method.

    Very, Very impressive and if I had the $300 to spend I’d buy one myself…

    Tell you what if you think they are fake or photoshopped then just buy one and then sue the makers for false advertising!

  56. that is amazing, no matter how it’s done. can’t you just leave it at that? also, Gmanx, “revail” “andheasives” and “disorent” are not IM slang.

  57. no idea really,
    but they could have placed tha objects in a shape of a bottle and
    later took a picture of a real bottle,
    then used tha computer to make it look lyk the objects were inside tha bottle (just guessin)

  58. I don’t really have an idea,
    but maybe they arranged the objects in the shape of the bottle and then took tha pic of a real bottle, after that they used photoshop ta make it look lyk tha objects were inside tha bottle.

  59. I’m not really sure, but I think that they first got the objects in tha shapes of a bottle and then took a pic of a real bottle, later they used photoshop (something lyk that) to make it look lyk that the objects were inside the bottle.

  60. When I saw this picture I was in complete amazement. You see I own one of these exact bottles. I bought one off of Mr. Scanlan. I used to work for a wine company and that’s why I bought it. So, I can tell ALL of you a few things for sure.

    First, the bottom of the wine bottle is still on. The stand is made simply for display purposes. In fact, you can remove the bottle from the stand.

    I heard many of you talking about how he got the cork back into the neck. That to me is the most amazing part and I’ll tell you why. I don’t know if any of you know this or not, but corks are angled. What I mean is that once the cork is removed, the top of the cork is actually larger than the bottom.
    That’s what keeps the wine so fresh the cork sealing. So, he could not have put the cork into the bottle then pulled it up into the neck because the top of the cork is larger than the neck. If he could pull the cork up into the neck, the cork would be upside down. Also, on the other side of the corkscrew handle is the metal braid. Finally, he also has the wax back on top covering the cork. I know he remelted it and put it back in, but, it’s one of those touches that really looks nice.

    I look at this thing ALL the time. It’s truly a work of art. It was expensive ( about $300 -$ 400), but at parties it is a HUGE conversation piece. Jeff told me that an aquaintence of his from New York emailed him a drawing of the bottle and said ” I wonder if you ever thought of this idea?”. Jeff said it took him almost 11 months to figure out how to create the bottle from beginning to end.

    So, it is real. It is amazing! I’m I’m still amazed that I saw it on this website. Too cool. I hope this settles some of the theories about how he made this thing.

    The Wine Guy

    PS – Did you know that at the top of the page where the bottle pictures are, three of those bottles were made by Jeff not Harry Eng. The 3 decks of cards in the Mistic Juice bottles (all black back ground) were made by Jeff.

  61. wow…why is everyone trying to find an explination? it’s art…it doesn’t need to be explained. just realize how much creativity you need to be able to do this. it’s awesome! i hope to see one of these bottles in real life one day…it’s so cool
    13 years young

  62. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!! that is sooooooooooooo cool …. i think artistic may b right .. but it could also b he fotoshoped the stuff in….or he could just b really smart…oh well i guess well never know…
    11 years young

  63. this is what i think not sure………….
    i think the bottles are made with a special material so they are big bottles while thier semi hot… the objects are put in and while the bottle cools the bottle shrinks to a normal size…………

    also im pretty sure if ur comment gets posted its not how its done cause i got a message that says all comments have to be aproved by the blog author and he woulnd want to ruin it………so if u know how it is done tell me at [email protected] i have been staring at theses photos for 3 hours now…and it is bothering the shit out of me im goin to go crazy………….

  64. Maybe an idea 2: next time make a movie of the things inside, proving that the bottle had no holes on the back of bottom ^^ ?

  65. Guys, It’s not that hard, just really, really fiddly. Sailors have been making ships in bottles for centuries. You put small parts in through the neck and glue them together inside, using long tweezers, long pliers, bits of wire etc. Look at all the items in these bottles, they can all be broken down into small bits, or rolled up. The bottles all have reasonably wide necks. Eg, the scissors, taken apart at the pivot pin could be put in as single long, thin pieces and put back together and superglued in place inside. Cards and book pages can be rolled up, inserted and then flattened out and reassembled. Even the big flat washer could be rolled up if it was made of soft aluminium, which it looks like, then flattened out inside using long, thin mechanics pliers. Likewise the knots can be tied inside the same way. Like I said, really, really fiddly. But not impossible.

  66. Hello all, I am currently a Engineering Physics major and I hope to work for NASA in a few years. I have always been interested in science and illusions. When I saw theses bottles I just had to figure out how it was done. I my self have achieved the card deck and pocket dictionary in a bottle. At first he challenge seemed daunting until I realized something. If I took all the cards out of the box and carefully disassembled the box I could reassemble the box in the bottle. After that the cards were very easy to get in (simple bend) and placed inside the reassembled box. The wrapper of the card box could then be placed back over the box and carefully glued on. I also took all the pages out of the pocket dictionary placed the cover back in and painstakingly placed the pages back in. I do not know if this is the method used by the amazing artist but it certainly worked for me. As for the other objects I am positive of one thing, they are disassembled and reassembled but I have destroyed many a shoe trying to put it back together. This is one very interesting art from and I applaud the people who have achieved mastering it. I will post again if I make any headway on other objects.

  67. Hi the names Ryan, Jeff i love your work and would like to become an Impossible Bottle maker. The cork screw in bottle one is amazing. I also loved your Tri-dekta bottle. I found your mistic Gypsy witch botle intresting. But before i can become a Impossible Bottle maker i will have to figure out the secret behing it lol :P . Jeff maybe you can help me. My email is http://[email protected]. Thanks

  68. I just read all of the comments (quite a few)
    i have to ask people something:
    How on earth could people like jeff be selling the bottles if they where fotoshopped or some kind of trick bottles? please think about that one.

    It is strange to read the comments for some of the more complexe illusions on this site (wich i have been following for some time now)
    sometimes it seems like people dont even like illusions, wich really makes me wonder what they are doing here in the first place.

    but i too conclude that all of the items have been taken apart or squeased in some way to fit into the bottle.
    i am not going to be giving out anytheories.. people will have to think for themselves.

  69. Come on Jeff, just tell us how it’s done! LoL. I know you can’t reveal your secrets, but these impossible bottles are so freaking cool… and confusing! I want to know!

  70. Ok so the stuff in bottles thing is pretty amazing. But what is TRULY mind-boggling here are the hordes and hordes of stupid, bull-headed, and ridiculously repetitive people that comment on them…if the first 25 people say the bottle has no back, do you REALLY think that you saying the bottle has no back is going to change any other reader’s opinion? FFS people, if you are going to be difficult and critical AT LEAST BE CREATIVE! And to the maker of these bottles – looks great, send me a free one and if you’re telling the truth, I’ll back you up!

  71. you can reseal the bottle by heating up the glass take a bottle half made then put stuff inside and then heat up the glass and melt the the halves together

  72. Maybe the back of the bottle has been cut off and the items placed inside from the back. then, so they don’t fall out, they are held in by being pushed up against that black wall.

  73. There done by computer graphics, only some are not. Look at the shadows in the one with the tennis shoe. on the book is different. the know is stichking out of the glass and the top part of the heel also. the bottom half of the glass is trnsparent more that the rest. If you take a piture of objects and of a glass and use computer software you can make things apear in side.

  74. Wow….

    Some obsesive compusive people are sitting there staring at thier computer as they realize that the rubix cube’s edge is not aligned with the rest, and that it will neer, ever be fixed.


    *a tear shed for all those OCD people out there*

  75. u cant see the backs of the bottles in any of the pics there could be holes on the backsides that u jus cant see cuz the things in side are all bloking ur view of the back of the bottle

  76. The assumption that most people take for granted is that the bottle is made of glass. Knowing the properties of true glass makes it ‘impossible’ to have objects inside of a bottle that shouldn’t fit. These bottles are not real glass. Repeat. The bottles shown are not composed of glass. You do feel stupid to a point when you see the silicone polymer creations, melted by not much more than a soldering iron, and reshaped after items are inserted, without so much as a flaw to its structural integrity. It may look like glass, but try smashing one to retrieve its contents. You will laugh at its simplicity.

  77. The bottles are not made with real glass. This is the piece of information that most take for granted. Knowing the fragility and physical properties of glass is what makes this illusion ‘impossible’.

  78. Ahh…why are you letting these 13 year olds and 12 year olds show you up? Seriously, if you can buy them, they’re real. If people are able to do it, it’s real. And, how could it be photoshopped?! How can you take a picture of a tennis ball pyramid and expect it to stay up? It’s called gravity, people! By the way, i’m 15. I hope some of you are ashamed with yourseves. You really should be.

    By the way, nice bottles. ^_^

  79. your all rong, the only possible explanation is: Magic, duh…
    that or they used a shrink ray, shrunk them, then unshrunk them after putting the objects into the bottle. lawl

  80. honesty, i don’t think this is a hoax.

    like other ancient puzzle toys. i believe there’s a way in doing it.
    if only i have more grey cells in my brains maybe i can do it. lol.

    truely amzing.

  81. Ok.
    1) Learn to spell.
    2) Proofread.
    3) Don’t repeat what someone else has said as if you were the first to say it.
    4) I have also made these “Impossible Bottles” and I can tell you that it is made with a bottle that used to have product in it that was bought at a regular store (Safeway, Fred Meyer, Kroger…) and emptied of that product. Then the items (yes, the tennis shoe included) are taken apart and painstakingly reassembled. Tennis balls CAN have a hole cut in them and, using simple tools, rolled up and slid into the bottle. When the ball is released, it snaps back to the original shape.

    The bottle is not cut, melted or in any other way altered from the way it was when it left the factory. There was no computer generated images or photoshop used. It is not magic or teleportation. It is pure and simple intelligence and ingenuity used in a way that amazes many and pisses off those with minds too small to wrap around the reality of it.

  82. Hiya!

    I like these! I think the bottle has either been added on the computer, the objects are behind the bottles or the objects are painted very well on!!!

    What do u think of my theories?

  83. To the normal intelligent people reading these comments:

    FYI about 80% of the “it’s a Photoshop” or “there’s no back” are just “trolls” (aka socially inept frustrated people who relish the anonymity of internet life) who are repeating the theories and comments of others just to aggravate people, particularly us regular intelligent people, but definitely to aggravate the ones who have posted the facts stating that these are real.

    Some people simply want to annoy others, and unfortunately it’s because of the environment in which they were raised, most likely having parents who didn’t do much parenting at all.

  84. Come on… These aren’t fake, it think about it, if they was fake no interesting in it and i don’t think i would be amused to go to a museum whit a fake bottle and some stuff in it?

  85. I think some things may have been dissasembled.. but its also a possiblity tht some of the knots and stuff could have had an acid on them?? somthing to shrink them until they were inside? idk just a though

  86. so….they dissassembled a pair of shoes, a deck of cards, a mini dictionary and a bunch of tennis balls and then put them back together??? I don’t think so….explanations aren’t always that simple.

  87. Here’s the likely methods (from easiest to hardest):

    Tennis Balls – deflate outside, inflate inside. easy.

    Deck of cards – put in a kiln outside till malleable, roll into a tube shape (it is possible once it’s warm!), put into bottle, let it cool and unroll.

    Shoes – same method as above.

    Knots – insert nearly fully done, complete using pliers once in the jar.

    Padlock – dissasembe outside and reassemble inside – there’s NO other way

    Rubik’s cube – same as above, just trickier. you’d need a lot of patience, a steady hand and lots of small, intracate tools.

    That’s all of the main paradoxes covered…please note these are all theories of mine that I haven’t actually tried out but am confident would work.

    Harry Eng asked us to THINK about his bottles – there you go, thinking done.

    Fyi the objects could NOT easily be placed in a bottle as it’s being blown because the intense heat would ruin the objects themselves. You could use a really heat-proof material but it’s an unlikely method.

    Bring on the next puzzle! :D

  88. I think the objects are not in the bottles but underneath of them. Its kinda hard to explain…in the last one with the rubiks cube you can see another shape within the bottle. So I think he just place the bottle over the objects. Its just a guess though…

  89. Just like so many things such as ghost videos or aliens, magic, voodoo, bigfoot or for that matter anything that at the moment you see and can’t explain, doesnt mean its real or not, but is very nice to dream about and speculate at. But fake or not It would make it a whole lot more believable if you could buy them or atleast have something that said you could and lead to a webpage that “could never be found”

  90. Objects are simply passed through the bottleneck by disassembling, folding, deflating and put back to its original form once inside. The corkscrew in wine bottle is one of the easiest: only two strait parts to reassemble.

    That said, these bottles are really awesome, real art, I would not have the patience to do that.

  91. re: the wine guy

    I’m not sure what sort of corks you’ve been using, but in all my years of uncorking wine bottles, I’ve always found that the bottom of the cork is thicker than the top. This I attribute mostly to swelling of the material from being in constant contact with the wine.

    Also, Jeff could very well have pulled the cork up the bottle neck. You won’t know for sure until you remove that wax and check whether the top of the cork has a hole in it or not. But obviously the average consumer would not want to “destroy” a piece of “art” they just paid several hundred dollars for.

    As to putting the corkscrew inside the bottle, I believe it was either re-constructed inside the bottle or the handle is on a spring-loaded hinge that allows it to pop out once it has been inserted.

  92. The bottles must have a missing back, the only way of telling is to look for some sort of hint that it is cut from behind or have the artist make a video showing how he does it. If it is cut from the back it could have a shadow or outline showing on the other side….if you know what I mean

  93. have u guys ever thught that maybe its not realy glass in fact maybe kind of plastic bent and glued aroud the object

  94. Ok, this is what happens. The bottles r not made and then stuffed. an opening is left and while still hot u place whatever inside, then add the “lid”. Reheat to erase the lines formeg when adding more glass.

  95. hot glass is easy to bend, shape , etc. while still hot open or widen , put in whatever u want then close or reform as desired.

  96. To all the people saying that these bottles are fakes, I can assure you they are real!!!!!
    You can make them, buy them, see them and touch them but you still don’t believe they are real, but I bet you believe in god that you can not touch, see, buy or make. But you pray to him and some even say he talks to them. Hmmm imaginary friends talking to you there is a name for this disease its schizophrenia.

  97. i always thought that the person would have bottles without bottoms, put it the stuff and put on a bottom…but that would damage the stuff inside wouldnt it? so im stumped

  98. I suppose there’s a trick and it is concernin the glass. Let’s see the first bottle: the glass around the neck is opaque glass (the rope knot is and the brown ball above are slightly foggy in the vision) but glass in the middle or better at the bottom, near the little yellow book and the big knot is clear.
    The same for the tennis balls bottle: the glass seems to be opaque but you can see through very well: the “Wilson 5” logo can be seen clearly, despite the glass appears opaque.
    I don’t think we’re facing with a photoshop trick but the fact that bottles are not made of glass.

  99. uhhh guys what if the stuff is just behind the bottles its glass you ar looking into an empty bottle whith stuff behind it? what do you think?

  100. I work in glass and I can tell you that the temperatures involved in “simply leaving a hole and heating it to attach the lid” would make it impossible to assemble the bottle around the objects. It would destroy the objects.

    In response to the person who asked how you cut a hole in a bottle, I can tell you that it’s easy. But, putting it back on is the hard part, especially without it showing. You can’t do it.

    As to the impossible bottles, I have done some simple ones, such as a nut, bolt, and washer through a dowel that will barely fit through the neck of a soda bottle. It can be done, but it takes patience.

  101. cut out the bottom with a glass cutter, put the stuff in and put the bottom back while using fire to make it look as it was never cutted.
    its so obvious -.- how could anyone dont get it?

    1. to those smartass airheads out there who think they know it all and can solve this — DUDE! YOU CAN’T, SO STOP ACTING ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY!
      cant you just stop and say that this was a good illusion, if you dont like it then dont comment, if you’re gonna be a know-it-all airhead, then DONT comment.
      get it?

  102. I agree with hertbert.35.

    but i think u just open the bottom and stuff big things in it and cliose the bottom but you dont use the fire because sometimes the stuff inside might get hot and burn!!!!i still like the picture!

  103. People. What about the Rubik’s Cube? If you don’t know how to solve it, then you say that they’re cheating in some way, that it’s obviously fake. But then, if you find out how to do it, then you say, “Oh, that was easy.” It’s the same with these bottles. Use your head, and with the right logic, you can put these things in. It’s these people in the world that say things are faked if they don’t get the solution in 10 seconds flat.

  104. apparantly harry eng designed his own vice that cud be disassembled and reassembled inside a bottle.

    apologies for the slack english

  105. It is a matter if technicality. I believe that the people who make these make the claims that all objects in the bottle were placed… yadda yadda yadda. simply because the only physical object in this bottle is a cleverly designed photograph or detailed 3d drawing of the objects. Yes all objects were put in through the neck! one sheet of photo paper.

  106. I think that there is no bottom, technically it would be the side, but since it is on it’s back and is cleverly put next to a wall, it looks like it’s standing.

    1. there has to be a bottom because in the second last picture there’s a reflection of the cards at the bottom of the bottle

  107. maybe… the bottles were split in half to get the objects inside, then somehow put back together with the seams on the sides so we can’t see them. it makes sense to me, at first I agreed with derk, but that wouldn’t explain the decks of cards hanging from a rope attached to the cover.

  108. Are the bottles extra large so the items fit through the neck easily, but then filled with water to make them appear larger?

  109. Lodge87, I think you just figured it out. I mean, almost everything that’s inside water looks bigger, so, maybe, that’s it. And, b4 everyone asks about the card decks, they’re protected by a plastic (duh!), so the water doesn’t destroy it…

    1. As the other guy said, the glass was blown around the object with the skill only a master craftsman can achieve

  110. Oh, and in the 9th one, probably the bottle WAS cut in half — horizontally-wise — for there is a slightly visible red line above the “bicycle” word in the card deck.
    Cheers (again)!

    1. Franx… Have you every opened a new pack of Bicycle cards? That thin red line you speak of is the ribbon that you pull to remove the plastic from the deck.

  111. No water, no cutting the bottle… no real tricks. We assume when we see the items in the bottle that they were put in the bottle whole. The cards are taken out, the box curved and put back together with essentially long skinny pliers, but not really pliers. The knots are all tied inside the bottles. Rubik’s cubes can be taken apart. The bolts, etc. are all put in after the item is in the bottle. Scissors are put in in two pieces. The shoes have very soft soles and can be bent easily, just like the language books. Also the tennis balls all have small holes poked in them, have basketball needles inserted, then are deflated, put in the bottle, and inflated.

  112. Ahaha, franx,
    Those red lines,
    Are part of the bicycle deck cards,

    You’ve obviously never held an unopened pack of cards before,

    That red line is to tear open the plastic.

    1. The yellow book looks like a hard cover. The decks of cards are sealed making them hard as brick can’t be bent. There’s just no way to put scissors back together. Nice try. I’ll be damned i can’t figure it.

  113. Haha Franx,

    You’ve obviously never bought or held and unopened pack of Bicycle cards,

    That red line is to help you tear open the plastic

  114. maybe the person who did this cut open the back of the bottle and puts in the items. Then takes the picture from the front.

  115. They just filled the bottles with water to make everything look bigger… Duh and you just put plastic covers over the objects that have paper. It took me a while to figure out though well done!

    1. Well, if he is telling the truth about the object actually being put in through the neck of the bottle I have no idea?? There isn’t any water in the bottles. I would have to see it in person. If it looks the same way it does in the pics as it does in person than WTF,is he a dirty old wizard?

  116. Similar to what other people said, we only assume that the items in the jar are like the items they represent. The washer may not be steel, the box of cards may be empty, the book may not have real pages in it, the tennis balls may be cut in the back, the shoes may have softer soles. Also have you seen the egg in a small necked beaker trick. With the right physics and force larger objects can be coerced into a seemingly too small container. I also agree with the “ship in a bottle theory’. things being assembled inside the container.

    And to “Anonymous says:
    August 16, 2007 at 3:12 pm”

    Who said

    1) Learn to spell.
    2) Proofread. ”

    Climb off your high throne and realize your farts stinks just like the rest of us. I am quite sure you are not all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful. And the fact that you refused to identify yourself proves that you are insecure that you don’t want to be challenged. You speak as if you are better than all yet you say things that have been posted before as if you where the first to write them. Also not everyone in the entire world speaks English as a primary language and if I am not mistaken the writer of this blog doesn’t either. So many of them try to post n English for the sake of ignorant people like yourself who can’t speak their language so you too can understand the post. They may not be able to follow all the grammar rules and spelling posed by our language. So either give them a break, be more understanding, or if you can’t, keep your nasty little critical posts to yourself because you aren’t better than all and no one cares about the ignorant criticisms you make.

  117. These are all objects that can be foldedm compressed, or disassembled and re-assembled once inside the bottle. Similar to how a ship in a bottle is done (when someone isn’t cheating and cutting the bottle – and it’s easy to tell when that was done. Even the Rubik’s cube can be taken apart into small enough pieces to fit into a bottle and then re-assembled with the right tools and a LOT of patience. The (pre-drilled) card decks would have to be re-filled a few cards at a time, and the bolt added inside the bottle. Tennis balls, flat soled shoes, and pocket dictionaries can be compressed or rolled small enough to force into a bottle. Soft metal can be bent and re-formed with tools. Tying the knots is probably one of the more frustrating parts of the endeavor. I admire the patience required to construct these.

  118. In soma cases, its possible to put the stuff in pieces, stuff them into the bottle, and reconstruct them inside. But the tennis ball bottle is weird…..

  119. First the stuff is placed into a bottle, than the bottom of the bottle is fastened somehow. There is no other way!

  120. First the stuff is located into the bottle which still does not have a bottom and then the bottom is fastened. There is no another way!

  121. To all the people saying that these bottles are fakes, I can assure you they are real!!!!!
    You can make them, buy them, see them and touch them but you still don’t believe they are real, but I bet you believe in god that you can not touch, see, buy or make. But you pray to him and some even say he talks to them. Hmmm imaginary friends talking to you there is a name for this disease its schizophrenia.

  122. This is not fake or anything….I’ve seen people do similar stuffs. It’s not complicated, but yeh its hard to do it…
    He disassemble the parts of the objects, put it one by one inside the bottle, and starts rebuilding the objects inside of it with tweezers…Like the Rubix Cube, all parts are taken off, then he inserts the center of the cube, then starts inserting and rebuilding it piece by piece…. The same methode used to build those Ships inside bottles

  123. Ryan is the only one with the correct answer. All the items in the bottles could either be stuffed in, or assembled inside the bottles using jewelers pliers or glass blowing tongs (basically really long tweezers). Cutting the bottle open then resealing it is not possible, the temperatures needed to fuse glass would burn or melt just about anything inside.The only one I’m having trouble figuring out is the new sealed decks of cards. Bending the deck to stuff it in would ruin the box or tear the plastic covering and since the little red seal strip is still in tact he didn’t take the cards out, put the box in, and then put the cards back in the box. Reminds me of all those ships in bottles. Good stuff!

  124. Aaron & Ryan, you got it….The “Sealed” deck…Well, Slice the top of the plastic, Take cards out. Insert box, cards one by one, Glue/tape/Reseal the box….Tada!!! Takes plenty time and patience and STILL VERY impressive works. Two thumbs up…

  125. hmm this one does perplex me. i do agree that most of the object can be re assembled. the only one is the deck of cards and the lock. you might have noticed that in one of the pic it can easily fit (5th) but the one above it is in a diffently. the box top is to small and the lock its self is tilted which means it bigger then what you would expect. i have a buddy in lock smithing that (after i showed him) said that key locks like that are nearly impossible to take apart when assembled. he would have had to buy the the parts completely seperate and then some how reassembled it, that being if he can get the 2 halfs of the lock to go in. the locks half are still bigger then the bottle and to top it all of he would have a hard time turning it around if he went in sideways with the half the lock due the the book beneath it. also im going to have to disprove the water theory. have you ever put a rope in water? Its turns black. so the color of the rope would not look like that if there was said water in there.

    possible explanation- if you have ever seen the sidewalk artist and how he can design a painting on the sidewalk so realistic that a hole he drew, in the right way, made people come at it think that it was real and step around the whole. soon to find out when they past it that it was a chalk drawing. i think somthing like that could be used in the situation but still.
    other explanation- possible reassembly.

    still bravo the the artist/craftman/god who created this work of art. Funny that we dont know who he (or for that matter if it is a he) is, so we cant ever find out his secret.

  126. I just came across this thread, and am quite amused by some of the explanations! I am a UK-based impossible bottle maker. You can see some of my work at:

    I can assure you that all of the items inside my bottles have been put through the neck. I do not cut, melt or tamper with the bottles at all.

    All the best,


  127. For all of you who keep commenting on the fact that the objects are NOT in the bottle, I wish you’d all stop. You’re NOT thinking.

    First, the bottles would NOT be anything special is the objects were simply put behind the bottle. Secondly, EVERYTHING inside of the bottles went in through the neck. The bottles have NOT been cut, heated or manipulated in any way, shape or form.

    If you’d like proof, PLEASE visit my website at I’ve been making these bottles for over 10 years now. I’ve been following in the footsteps of the most famous Impossible Bottle maker Harry Eng. I’ve duplicated 6 of his bottles already.

    Thanks for your time. I would LOVE to hear your comments.

  128. I’m wondering if it’s trompe l’oeil, and the objects are painted on the inside of the bottles?? and then for some (like the rope knot outside the neck) there’s also outside props?

  129. Heat the neck of the bottle to where it expands. The boxes of cards are necessarily full, but just assembled inside the bottle. Shows bend and squish A LOT, and paper can be rolled. Tennis balls compress a huge amount after they’ve been allowed to deflate, and the rope is easily compressed to fit inside the bottles neck. If you haven’t noticed most of the objects aren’t much bigger than the entrance to the bottle. the scissors are just assemble inside the bottle again. I’ve seen a local glass blower build a few and it’s impressive to learn how to do it yourself. It’s done on the principal of heat expansion.

    1. also if you look closely, there is evidence of the bottle necks warping a small tiny bit(easiest to be seen in the scissor bottle, the small deformities of the light on the neck)

    2. Just saw the sports magicians website. Very interesting that you did that without heating. I have never been able to with certain objects(most wooden balls noticeably)

  130. dude. there’s only one possible solution other than bending the stuff or using smaller ones….they LOOK like they’re larger than the neck but they’re actually closer to the camera.

  131. Most likely, the deck of cards is an empty box that was flattened, curled a bit, inserted into the bottle, and, using long nosed tweezers, reassembled. Same with the scissors, which were probably disassembled and inserted, one piece at at time into the bottle and reassembled. Something similar has probably been done to all the bottles.

  132. fitting that stuff in isnt half as amazing as how amazing it is to have made that glass container into texactly the sahep and size as they wanted to make it in also whys the newest comment on the bottom xD

  133. Some of you here are so dumb! It’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks all Americans are stupid! I’m ashamed to share my fifty states with you. People, the objects are all inserted through the neck of the bottle. No they won’t fit by trying to just cram them in! Each item is taken apart, put in piece by piece, and then reassembled. Think about it, long skinny tweezers, wires, and glue! Cards and card boxes are rolled up like the joint you just smoked then put in and unrolled with the tools. It’s only patience and logic that gets this done! Not cutting the bottle, heating it, or trick photography!

    1. Nathan you embarrass yourself. How did you get so smart. There’s also a picture of a hard ball in a salsa jar. I guess the ball was manufactured in the jar right. Do you detect some sarcasm? DOES THE WORD ILLUSION MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?

  134. they expanded the glass to fit the objects inside. then shrunk it again by heating it up again sculpting it to how they want then cooling it

    1. Behind bottle? OMG. Try to find some videos on youtube, you will see, that these object are inside for real.

  135. Are the objects even in the bottle. Some of them look like they could be carefully arranged behind the bottles (if the bottles were flat). Obviously the tops would really on the bottles but what seemingly comes down from the caps could already be behind the bottle.

  136. Fill up the a big round bottle with water then put the things at the back of it, refraction from the light causes the images on the back of the bottle being inside the bottle, for those kind of items, the SHIP IN A BOTTLE decorations based on how they’re made does not apply here.. try it for yourself..

  137. I don’t know why people are saying the things are in the back of the bottle or are blown around the bottle. The reality is that the things were put in the bottle. Some things were squeezed in and other things were put in separately, then put together while they were inside the bottle. Just like a ship in a bottle. The Rubik’s cube was taken apart (it’s easy to do), then reassembled very carefully
    inside the bottle. The deck of cards is put in , one card at a time and the box put back together. It can all be done

  138. I hate to say this to everyone who says water or behind the bottle but one of my friends bought one online. The only way he could get the cards out was by smashing the bottle(which he eventually did to see if the cards were genuine) so I think the glass must have been blown around it. Ps: I have no idea where he bought it and neither does he (birthday present)

  139. To everyone out there, The first 6 bottles you see were made by Harry Eng. He was world famous for making Impossible Bottles. The following three (#7, #8 & #9) were made by me. The tenth bottle was made by John Rausch.

    The bottles are NOT cut, heated or cooled and the bottle is NOT blown around the object. I’ve been making and selling Impossible Bottles (Bottle Magic Bottles) all over the world for the past 13 years. If you’d like to see and learn more about them, I’d welcome you to visit my website at

    Always be your best,

    Jeff Scanlan

  140. Oh, his website says the bottles aren’t cut. Do we have to believe him? The bottles have no backs. Everything is just behind the front half.

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