Illusion of Many Horses

Remember our productive artist Rusty Rust? He is the talented author of The Hidden Tiger, and many other illusions posted on this site in the past. Well, this time I bring you one of his earlier creations involving horses. We haven’t posted any real “Spot the Object” illusions recently, so I brought you an interesting one today. In the image below there are many hidden horses, but usually people only spot two of them in the first minute. How many can you count? Try and not reveal where they are hiding, so other people may enjoy this one as well. If you like illusions involving horses, visit the underlined links in this text, since I linked them to relevant photos.

102 Replies to “Illusion of Many Horses”

  1. I can see either 13 or 14 depends on the details.

    But I still can’t spot any hidden tigger in a previous illusion. very frustrating ;-)

  2. I see the one the lady is sitting on, the other one is by the waterfall.

    At that point, because of Picture Quality on my PC, I can spot another 6.

    So my answer is 2 + a bunch in the waterfall.

  3. I see 13 horses, too, (and pretty easy to spot.) The only difficult part is which way a few of the horses’ necks are pointed. Still, neat illusion!

  4. Here is what I see:
    An American Indian is sitting on a horse. there is a horse under the cliff on the ride side of the picture, it’s difficult to make out how many are in the waterfall, but I counted 9, I see one in the rock formation on the hill in the center of the picture, another one on the ladies dress, another is on the bush directly above the white horse on the right side.
    that’s 13 I believe.

  5. hey Anonymous… you didnt find the hidden tiger? that was easy… not to give it away to anyone but its not an actual tiger its the words “the hidden tiger” look again! lol. oh and i counted 13.

  6. I see 12,000. Seriously people, there are only 4 in the upper fall and 5 in the lower, plus two real horses – that makes 11. If you see other horses than those, please say where they are instead of posting false numbers of horses.

  7. Anonymous #1 to anonymous #2:

    I “see” 13. Took longer to count them than to see them ;]
    I have no idea how someone can only spot the obvious two in a whole minute…

  8. 22 smudges that could be horses :P

    How anyone can say they see more I don;t know. The resolution of the pic is too low.

  9. I count 14 hidden horses, about. I saw them really quickly. I had just been doing a bunch of these, so I was “in the zone.”

  10. I think the illusion here is maybe there are only 2 but people are determined to see more due to the element of competition. A darn fine psychological test!

  11. hi, im 9 years old and u can call me dumb, but i can only c the 2 obvious 1’s plus 4 in the waterfall. am i missing any???

  12. I think they made this 1 a bit 2 hard. It isn’t my all time favourite.

    I could see the fountain ones, the two ones in full view and that was it. I do not see how any other horses could be found in this pic

    P.S. if any1 here watches ben 10, agree with me in saying it rocks

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