Hungry Giant Lady Optical Illusion

Saturday is here, and you all are going to wake up late, and head out of the house for a day of endless adventure! You have no idea where the day may take you, and who knows, you may end up in the middle of the desert! Some people love to get into their little four wheel drive vehicles so they can ride up and down the sand dunes, and it truly is a whole lot of fun! Speaking of the desert, we have a great picture for you all to say, and today’s optical illusion is all about being in the desert with a four wheel drive vehicle, and possibly, a hungry giant! This woman sure looks like a giant to us, and worst of all, a hungry one that is about to have a Jeep for lunch!

hungry giant lady optical illusion

Perhaps, you all would rather stay home and play a game, like basketball, and with that in mind we have this great trick basketball optical illusion.  Take a close look because it looks like this statue just scored a basket! Well whether you go four wheeling in the desert, or just stay home for basketball, have fun and a great Saturday with your friends and family.

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