Human Brains Made of People

Perhaps not the trickiest of it’s kind, today’s art installation depicts human brains made from people. The illusion is very subtle, yet visually adorable. Shown is the dress rehearsal of the first human brain in a series of three, an “Idea Worth Doing” preformed by Rutger Hauer, The Dutch National Ballet and Amsterdam’s creative community. The end result in front of you was used for TEDxAmsterdam promotional poster and marketing. Beautiful, isn’t it? I still prefer Human Bike and Human Car, though ;)

20 Replies to “Human Brains Made of People”

  1. so what’s the illusion?? it’s obvious its a brain, and very very obvious its made of naked poeple,,,no illusion. I thought an illusion was sumthing we cannot see, yet we can if you look hard enough at the object in a different way, an illusion is something we think we see or can’t see!

    1. AH, sorry for your answer but you be illusioned!!!! you know why, becouse the people are not naked!!!! but looks, sometimes the illusion is apreciate the image if you see a brain…or maybe naked people, in both cases you are fooled!!!!!

    2. @AH:
      If you make the image small enough, it appears just like a brain. You can perceive the humans only because the image is large.
      And it is not made of naked people. If you look closely, you will see they are wearing skin coloured clothes.

      And an illusion is something that the brain perceives in a way different from what it really is. This is an illusion because you perceive it as a brain, though it is but an arbitrary arrangement of people that is supposed to appear like a brain.

    3. The illusion is that they’re aren’t naked :p if you look closely you can see that they are wearing skin-colored tights.

    4. The Illusion’s that they’re aren’t actually naked :p If you look closely, you can see that they are actually wearing flesh colored tights.

    5. People setting up in such a way to create an “illusion” that it’s a brain!
      The “illusion” is only revealed if you see it from far away. If the photo was life size, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a brain from seeing it from a few feet.

  2. @AH

    you see, they’re not naked… that makes it an illusion in my books.

    awesome picture!keep up the good work!

  3. i do hope they used very good deodarant and used dial soap. they are jammed like a pack of sardines i hope they used deodarant and some kind of hyginic product hope they smell like roses

  4. This is really cool and all but I agree with AH like it’s not really an illusion it’s just naked people just posing as a brain. ( ITS STILL AWESOME THOUGH, JUST SAYING! OH AND DID YOU NOTICE THEY’RE ALL WOMAN DOING THE POSING. ) Oh and if you agree with me just say so I can get some likes cause I check this page every day.

  5. There is always illusion when something resembles other one, being the former out of the “normal” or expected nature or context, even if it was only at a glance. There’s some subjectiveness here, of course, and that can be related just, for example, to the size of the picture you are looking at. When it plays with someone’s else mind, it’s an illusion.
    (btw, they are not naked)

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