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  1. I love this picture.. There are many that are beautifully hidden.. Ex, the tree trunks as legs, and the branches of another tree branching off to make the head.. Really good.. There are probably many I’m not seeing..

  2. I only see eight and I won’t believe that there are more until someone describes where they all are. Here are the ones I see

    -ok, there’s the super obvious one in the foreground
    -then there’s a profile of a head facing left in the foreground in the bottom right corner.
    -2 cubs in the foreground tree
    -2 frontal faces in the orange leaves of that tree
    -1 on all fours and the far shore between/below the two in the orange leaves
    -and a 3/4 profile in the distant foliage in the upper right hand corner.

    I would have thought there would be some in the water, and sometimes I can convince myself I see something bearlike but they’re never as distinct as the ones I’ve described above.

  3. I see 7 whole bears. I seem to see that ears of an 8th bear above the 2 obvious ones in the tree and see something on the leaves that I wouldn’t necessarily guess was a bear (left side – I do see the bear on the right side of the leaves).

  4. I could c 10 but one of my 10 looks kinda like a… geraf or… mayb a… lion. So mayb the artist is trying 2 trick us. Oh and 1 more thing, does any1 know how to cure hickups?

  5. I can’t say confidently
    but, the other two are probably:
    9. near the seond bear on the tree (near it’s back)
    10. this one looks like kissing with the one at bottom left corner

  6. I seem to have a problem counting all the bears. I start at the right and keep going around in circles counting over and over until I seem to have lost my bearing. Count that is.

  7. whose the artist? Julie Kramer Cole perhaps? Curious, I have no idea. Give props to the artist for using their artwork is all i am saying.

  8. There are the 8 Brian described above + 2 in the water. There is a face to the left of the “Main” bear in the foreground it is looking slightly to the right. The other that i see in the water is on the right. It is directly above the nose of the bear in the lower right corner. It is in the waterfall. (it looks like a picture of a face that is angled sideways)

  9. hey! i see an elephant: one in the trees behind the river

    umm i only see 7 bears tho :S and err no monkeys! please tell where they are!

  10. If you relax your eyes and look deep, the whole right half of the picture is a bear face! The outline is there!

  11. Brain- I think you’re right, theres one in the water- are you looking at the kind of ‘face’ shape, bottom left-ish of the picture?

  12. does anyone else see the skull? i’m pretty sure i see a skull. its right above the bear in the orange foliage. to the left… anyone!?!

  13. Ummm….? Does anyone else see an elk in the trees? It’s probably just something psycho going on in my brain, but it would be REALLY great if somebody could let me know that I’m not going crazy.

  14. I see 8….ive looked and looked but i cant see anymore :S
    I cant see any on the water.Is there many in that?

  15. 1. a bear in the middle
    2. 2 bears on a branch
    3. the rock to the left of the bear in the middle, the long rock is the body
    4. a cave(A CAVE, NOT A ROCK!)
    5. a bear face in the orange tree
    6. the cherry tree branches and leaves
    7. a monkey? O_o
    8. AN OWL in the bubbles, to the left 8D

    1. I agree with Brian. I count 7 bears. (hint look for bear faces and not full bear bodies). I also found a leopard, and a baboon face. Two thumbs up! How fun!

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