Hidden Word Room Illusion

Good morning and welcome to a new week! Since it’s Monday after a a holiday weekend, most of us are gearing up to go back to work and get back into the daily grind. To give your brains a little jump start, I thought an illusion that makes you think a little would be in order.

I rounded up this interesting hidden word dining room illusion to help you do just that! Since it’s the beginning of the week and your brain is probably still a little fuzzy, I’ll give you a hint and tell you that there’s a hidden word in this image.


Now, this room illusion looks just like a normal drawing of a fancy dining room when you first glance at it. You can easily make out a table, chairs, a chandelier, windows, and curtains. However, this dining room is made from something special. Take a closer look.

The first thing about this dining room illusion that popped out at me was hidden word on the table top. Or should I say hidden words? Because this entire room is created with words. The word “TABLE” is written over and over gain on the top. Now look at the wall to the left of the table; it has the hidden word “WALL” written on it over and over again. In fact, everything in this dining room illusion drawing has the name of the objects written all over them. More specifically, this drawing is made from nothing but hidden words! Besides the table and the wall, here are the ones I can see:

  • The frame around the artwork is made from the hidden word “BORDER”.
  • The French doors in the back of the room are covered with the hidden word “DOOR”.
  • The curtains are covered with the hidden word “CURTAIN”.
  • The border around the ceiling is covered with the hidden word “STUCCO”.
  • The chair is made from the word “CHAIR”, but the legs of the chair are made with the word “LEG”.
  • The baseboard near the floor at the very bottom of the room is covered with the word “EDGING”.

You may have to zoom in or click on the image to view it in full size to see some of these hidden words. It was even a little difficult for me to see some of the hidden word on the other objects. I originally thought the artwork in the room was a painting, and I expected it to be covered with the same word, but after zooming in, I discovered that it was a tapestry instead. I’d be really interested in knowing if the chandelier is covered with the same word, but one tends to lose a little quality when you zoom in too much.

Are you a fan of hidden word illusions? See if you can find the hidden word in this illusion!

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  1. I can see wall and stucco but not curtain, and it’s too pale to make any other words show up. It’s more trouble than it’s worth (yawn)

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