Hidden Queen Illusion

So guys and gals, just a quick update for today. I found this interesting picture while browsing Google for optical illusions. There is a hidden celebrity somewhere inside this piece of art, more exactly we have a Queen among us. Can you spot her? It is Queen Victoria. When I first saw this image, I immediately spotted great resemblance with Napoleon’s Grave Illusion. If you have hard time spotting your assignment, you can check the Napoleon article for help – this one works in a same way.

I also noticed that lately we have many “real life” optical illusions. While they are proper, I somehow feel we are missing the touch we had with our first, regular, old-school posts. I’ll try to force more of them, so you don’t loose the grip following our real life variations. If you find some cool ones, be sure to submit them, and me or my co-editor crew will cover them.

56 Replies to “Hidden Queen Illusion”

  1. i think that guy has problems
    he is tipping his hat to two trees that look like a queen
    can i say CRAZY?!?!

    1. Yes, you can indeed say he’s A CRAZY KOO KOO NUTJOB WAKKO PANTS WHO TALKS TO TREES! Unlike me, of course. XD

  2. Looked at it once, looked away, looked for a second time – Immediately saw it – It was ALL I could see

  3. Very good. I love these illusions.
    I have one of a couple looking out over a lake and the shape of the trees around them form the shape of a baby. I’m sure you have seen it.


  4. I saw it right away. It does look like her….. strange. I would have been better if it was a realy nature illusions instead of a picture, but still neat.

  5. duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh. I is in the tree’s. By the way after you post does it always say awiting moderation or something like that, or did i do something wrong?

  6. took me a very long time but after a while i read the stuff above and i was like oh so i looked again a said to my self…. WOW IM DUMB!!!

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