Hidden Face in Columbia Pictures

Is this face featured in all Columbia movies?
Is this face featured in all of the Columbia movies?

Chris Anderson sent us this interesting screenshot from Columbia Pictures’ “Quantum of Solace” intro. I had some problems spotting the hidden face at first, but when I finally found it I was convinced it couldn’t appear there by accident. I’m certain Columbia pictures integrated this guy on purpose, but what I can’t be sure is whether the face can be seen in all of the Columbia movies, or was it only supposed to be some kind of Easter egg reserved only for newest James Bond flick? Further, does this guy remind you of someone? Is it the famous “Stay Puft” Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters? Would be logical if Columbia owns rights for Ghostbusters, but this shouldn’t be too hard to investigate. Let us suppose this was true, then probably its just a hidden advertisement for newest Ghostbusters sequel (in production). Before I log out, this is what Chris wrote me:

“I discovered your website a few days ago and have enjoyed looking at hundreds of illusions by now. I guess my mind has been in ‘optical illusion’ mode, as when I sat down to watch the “Quantum of Solace” James Bond movie today, I saw an extra face in the “Columbia” film intro. I’ve attached a screenshot. I’m new to this but surely someone else has noticed the illusion.”

Can this bee The "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" from Ghosbusters movie?
Can this bee The "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" from Ghosbusters movie?

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  1. I didn’t notice the face under her arm until after I noticed the one about 75-80% to the right side of the pic. It looks like it has some kind of demon horn(s) too, but that’s just me..

  2. Definitely a deliberately added face (or 2 or 3) there, but the Ghostbusters connection is a BIIIGGGG stretch. I’ve got that big marshmallowy bastard’s face etched in my memory from watching that movie 100 times as a young lad, and that doesn’t even look remotely like him.

  3. In addition to the “Ghostbuster” face under the torch, there are two more faces on the bottom right of the picture that seem to be looking at her

  4. Yeah…out of all the movies that would be worth promoting…I don’t think thats one of them. Cool illusion, I don’t think its that deep though.

  5. the only face i see is the old man, sideon on the left hand side of the cloud (the darker patch). At a stretch i can see the ones mentioned above – but clouds are always like this – you see loads of faces in them, because as humans we’re programmed to see faces. I don’t think this is intentional.

  6. to mighty optical illusions 030909
    about face in clouds picture.
    Faces are ubiquitous , in nature and art. Trolls in rocks, faces in paintings of trees and shadows, the face on Mars, the man in the moon. Artists need to get rid of them if they dont want them. we see patterns, and respond to what looks like us. My friends and I constantly see faces in snow, food. Any irregularity contains resemblance to faces. We live in relationship. We also see faces in faces, we love Marilyn Monroe, we say a woman is as beautiful as the moon. Flounders look like my father. And, of course, patterns of faces are real. Patterns of faces tend to form. That is why we have faces. When I say we, I include insects as well as apes and cats and…
    The entire universe is the expression of abstract relationship taking form.
    Elf Agoy

  7. I don’t think I can buy the marshmallow man. To me it looks like a white haired baby with sun glasses. On the right it could be a relative of Hell Boy who is looking at what could pass for Abraham Lincoln who is looking at the two thin clouds in the open space; but hey, what the cumulus do I know?! Clouds do leave a lot open to interpretation. Thanks for the quality site I enjoy viewing.

  8. The amount of films I have watched and I have never noticed that but it is so cool and I will look out for it in the future x

  9. great image!

    and eww, Marco – YOUR commentary is annoying…

    This is Vurdlak’s page and he has the right to write anything he wants on it.

  10. Now that you mention it, I can see at least 3 other faces in the clouds: the chubby face, on the right side of the image is a profile of and old person, and the other right side clouds have left facing profiles as well.

  11. Vurdlak thank you for your great site, yes sometimes I read the commentary and think “hmmm thats not quite right” but that never takes away the enjoyment of seeing new illusions.
    Marco are you coming to this site to read the commentary or look at the illusions? Personally I have problems looking at the pattern illusions, I can’t make out anything in them and they make me feel car sick looking at them, but I still come back to the site and appreciate that Vurdlak takes the time and effort to add some dialogue to his posts.

  12. Another good illusion. Vurdlak, keep up the good work.

    Marco, you’re an idiot. You dont have to read what anyone has written if you dont want to. Just look at the pictures, like those books your parents gave you as a child and you probably still look at today. If something as simple as a guy writing on his own website annoys you that much then I really pity you. Don’t come back if it bugs you that much. In fact, it’s probably best you stay off the internet all together. Why dont you do something useful like take your angry little self into the corner of the room, sit down and lick the wall.

  13. I have heard that the picture is Orsen Wells, I don’t know if this is true: or if Orsen was connected with Columbia,
    By the way I really enjoy the sight and the comments

  14. that’s really interesting i never noticed it before…it reminded me of csper the ghost for some reason…but that’s unrelated…

  15. I’d love to say, oh, how cool. However, I live in an apartment and the bathroom floor design is that of blocks filled with cloud-like designs. I have living in my floor several men’s faces, women’s faces, wolves, dogs, and even birds. It’s human nature to look for faces in clouds or any design. If we see a triangle of dots within a fuzzy figure, we could swear it’s a face. It’s just our nature. Think about it. There’s nothing very special about this so-called illusion.

  16. I see like four faces. I do see the resemblence of the Marshmallow man, and I have to say I love this site. For for people like Marco who write things like”If you can’t check IMDB before writing a post why don’t you just put the images without all your annoying commentary?
    They make me want to stop checking at this site.” I say keep it to yourself. The rest of us like this site just how it is. I find the commentary very interesting most of the time.

  17. Vurdlak, (responding to Marco’s comment)
    Don’t listen to him, because I like the way u introduce your illusions. PS – I love this illusion, and I’ll be looking for it in future movies as well.

  18. Does nobody see William Shakespeare in a parade of 3 or 4 men facing up and to the right on that farthest right bank of clouds? Old guy with long hair and beard first, then Will, then??

  19. WOW..i also had some trouble spotting that illusion…however i am not sure though that it was embedded on purpose

  20. On the right hand side there is a large face with the head of a man sticking out of the large faces mouth.

  21. Here’s a question… Who is the lady with the torch? Personally, I think she looks like a young Ida Lupino… Any ideas??

  22. Phil, you know its funny, no one is actually certain WHO she is. There are plenty of suggestions and the torch lady herself actually went through five revisions; the first was her draped in an American flag and emitting rays of light from her torch and some sort of headdress.

    Either way, she is workin’ that outfit. I think she’s been sitting there for like, 70-ish years because she doesn’t want to trip over that thing (and she just looks so good, why ruin it?).
    P.S. If you’re REALLY curious, here’s a good site to go to, if that’s okay with the maker of this site:

  23. There is a side view of a black man in the clump of clouds to the right towards the left bottom. Kinda looks like Mr T. Also see a lion, and a few other faces. There’s a puppy on the left clump of clouds, and maybe even a big bone in front of him…

  24. I see more than one human face and I see a row of animal faces from sheep to camel.
    I see a section of the Systine Chapel painting of the hand clinging to gods arm.
    There are loads of illusion within these clouds.

  25. I don’t know if it’s got something to do, but the humand mind FORCES us to create order in chaos. That’s why we can see faces where there might not be faces. Like, when u look and concrete floor and start seeing drawings or faces.

  26. D: yes, i noticed those faces! :O aaaand, if you look near the centre, theres what appears to be a woman, carrying an item…i believe it’s a torch?

  27. so you post this with a bunch of possible connections saying how easy they would be to research… but then you don’t research them?

    1. The “lady holding the torch” Is repleat in America and can be found all over the landscape.

      In our Culture we know her as the “goddess Columbia” and that is the archetypal form we give her. She is known to other cultures as “ISIS” or Ishtar as the wife of osiris, the daughtar of Ra and the embodiment of the serious star. … She is the mer folk goddess of serious…the same goddess Isis we see within the Starbucks logo. Interesting to note but the statues of the goddess columbia can be found near many capital buildings in the form of a mermaid riding war fish usually slaying some unfortunate man.The staues and the buildings near them hold plaques that state what branch or sect of freemasons built the buildings and on what date the “cornerstone” was layed, the dates are 6000 A.l which is clearly not worshipping a “monotheistic” god and clearly not living in the year 2010..hmmm and most of these can be found on the peice of land in america but is seperate for some reason….Wasgington D.C the
      District of ……….”Columbia”

    1. I think you see all those images because your not sure you can see any and you don’t want to feel left out. Or I agree w/the guy that said “if you look hard enough you can see faces anywhere you look!!!

    1. Just found this out while staring at the clouds. If you pause the Columbia pictures intro right before it fades out, you’ll clearly see a face of what looks like Abraham Lincoln right in between the O and the L….kinda creepy. You can even slowly see the face come together if you pay attention. Just one of the ways you can tell they purposefully placed faces in the clouds.

  28. The mind is an expert at picking out familiar shapes, especially when it comes to faces. If you look, you can see faces everywhere – textured walls and ceilings, carpet, tile, clouds, trees…etc. I think if you look at the photo long enough you will find more.

    1. this isnt photoshoped..I actually looked at it again and it seemed strange that this only showed up on beginning of the movie Casino Royale..now after looking at it a few times it looks like Sean Connery. Take a look at the movie intro yourself and its right before the Columbia pictures intro fades out…the cloud forms the face right b4 it changes scenes…pretty wierd. I ask you… 1.) why would it NOT show up in other Columbia Pictures movies (I looked for it on The Quantum of Solace) between those letters? 2.) Why would it only appear on THAT movie?

  29. near the bottom left corner i see what looks like a black cat its at the edge of the grey clouds if it makes it any easyer to see it

  30. I personally do Not think that this image was placed within the clouds by the Artist upon Purpose! My reasoning is due to a similar image that appeared within the clouds of one of my paintings titled “The Last Prayer For Mankind” By: Tammi Vaughan. This image was pointed out to me from a Gallery Owner and I did not paint it intentionally among other images that “Just Appeared such as Christ”. I know that these are messages and do not take for granted that they were placed within the artwork on purpose! Tammi vaughan dot com Christian Art “The Last Prayer For Mankind”.

  31. My husband & I saw the face in the movie Paranormal Activity 2 so it is definitely not just the Casino Royal movie…

  32. I became aware of this huge thing in the summer of 2006 ever since i have been wacthing myself in nature meaning in everyr thing from clouds to spilled water rocks trees and in the fire and smoke you name it

  33. This is fake. Google it. Although I must say, the face looks more like the fat ghost from Casper. Just sayin.

  34. That is not fake, or if it is, there are real ones. I watched 30 Minutes or Less last night and saw a face in the clouds. I then did a search to see if anyone else had seen the face and was lead to this page. I had never heard of the cloud faces before. It def may just appear to be a face and not actually a face, but it sure looks like one to me!

  35. There’s another one, on the right side of the image, in the clouds, in profile….eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth…amazing…has to be some kind of subliminal…….

  36. okay i just threw in the dvd to Hancock and saw it too and couldnt believe i hadnt noticed before. so i came online and am stoked im not just tripping out.

  37. i see another face in the blown up version. the one i see looks similar to voldemort. top left close to the blue sky on equal level with the torch

  38. Hi all. Talking of optical illusions, the mind starts seeing things for sure. How about if someone also complements me if i say there is another face in the clouds with two stubbed horns on the forehead. This is the lower right cloud with the face facing upwards.

  39. Lol it’s in intro for the The Other Guys too! Pretty freaking hilarious. I had to google it to make sure I wasn’t tweaking ;p

  40. It is in the beginning of Are We Done Yet? as well. I thought I was seeing things and googled it, and was led to this page.

  41. I was shocked because I notice the pix and I showed it to my family and friends. Quickly they all agreed it favored me no lie. Have pics to prove it.

  42. I noticed the face myself and did some research. Your blog came up in my search so I thought I’d come back to let you know what I had found, which wasn’t much.
    The face was put in the clouds on purpose in 2006. For what purpose, I could not find. Here is the most reliable source that I could find on the topic:

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