Hidden Man Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone and welcome to the most fun day of the week, which is Thursday! Why is Thursday so much fun? Well the answer is simple, you are only one day away from the end of the week!  After work, you all may head to the store to grab something for the family to eat for dinner, and if you are in the soda aisle, you need to be careful because you never know who might be hidden in there! Today’s optical illusion is all about a hidden man in the soda aisle. Do you all see him? For those of you having a hard time, here is a hint, all you have to do is look at the bottom  of the shelf, and you will see a pair of shoes!

hidden man optical illusion

You just never know where hidden objects may be located, which brings us to a hidden cell tower among the trees! These are very popular these days because no one wants to have a giant ugly metal cell tower in their neighborhood, but if that tower is cleverly disguised as a tree, it will blend in with other trees reaching high into the sky.  Good luck finding the hidden cell tower, and have a good day!

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