Hidden Images Illusion

Hello everyone! This time I bring you some highlighting images. They are images that you have to highlight to see other things in the same image. Be sure to open them full size first, or the effect won’t work. They were both sent in by Joel, who said: “I figured out how to do these by looking at that Emily Barcode illusion, they work in the same way. The Star Wars one becomes Obiwan when you highlight it in Internet Explorer, and the Ninja one (also highlight) is a take-off on the ninja room you posted a few days back, only this one actually has ninjas. Nine, to be exact. For it to work, you have to be looking at the full-size version of the picture. Great site, I put the illusion of the day on my Google page :)”

This Star Wars one is a bit awkward, from Emperor Palpatine to Obi wan Kenobi?! I can’t really see anything here, so I’m not sure what you’re supposed to see. Like Joel said, you need to open the full size version of the picture in IE, and highlight it to see the illusion. – Pablo

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  1. can understand the basic principle of how this works but can’t understand why it only works on the full size version ??

  2. damn, thats the sickest illousion iv seen on this site.


    wish i could make something like that.

    keep it up.

  3. It has nothing to do with the original picture, but it’s just about the way the image is created with layers and channels. It’s nice anyway

  4. Hey everybody, I’m glad you like them. When you highlight a picture in IE, it blocks out every other pixel in a checkerboard pattern. This is why it needs to be the large version, because otherwise the pixels are pushed together and it won’t work. There are two images, one that fills only the space that is covered when you highlight, and the other that fills the space you can still see. When you highlight, one image is completely covered while the other is still there. The real trick is getting the underimage not to show through the overall image.

  5. I like the first one better, and I can imagine how hard it would be to get it to all work, like not letting the picture you see when you highlight show through. Still, very awesome.

  6. Can you imagine if this trick were used on a website logo? What a surprise when you highlight the page.

  7. It only works in the full size because when you are viewing pictures the highlighting color changes. The image is made so that the things that you see before highlighting are the same color or shade of the the color that is used to highlicht things. The things that disapear are the same shade as the highlighter, making them dissapear. Sorry for the long comment but i hope that answers any questions.

  8. This is sooooooooooooooo cool. I like the starwars one the best, that explains that whit line thingy going through the picture.
    I really didn’t like the ninjas.

  9. I understand exactly how it works and in case you were wondering the reason it only works on full version is because the image is smashed and squished together so the pixels are not the same

  10. The effect works because when you highlight something, every other pixel becomes a bluish color. When you highligh those particular pictures, the blue pixels block out the images of Darth Vader, Palpatine, and Grevious, leaving only the pixels that make up the picture of Obi-wan. It doesn’t work in a smaller size because there are a different number of pixels.

  11. the first image scare me…i highlight and suddenly a image appear. What if there is a image and u highlight it and saw a exorcist face…freak out!

  12. Can somebody tell me what the second picture’s like when its highlighted? I have a mac OSX and when I went to download the IE tab addin thing, it said that mac OSX can’t download it.

  13. I was forced to comment, because quality of the illusion.
    Thumbs up to the artist. Make more illusion like this or of new kind.

  14. same here, i like the star wars one the best
    i think it is the best on this site so far, though it has some tell tale signs of Obi Wan, such as the flash of light on the picture

  15. Wierd why doesn’t it work on firefox or anything other than explorer?? Alicia, the first ones just starwars. It turns into obi wan – nothing to be scared off. :D

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