Having Fun With Forced Perspective

Forced perspective involves playing with the way our eyes perceive distance and, in turn, making things seem smaller or bigger than they actually are. It’s one of my favorite types of optical illusions because there’s just so much you could do with the technique.

This picture by Alexandre Duarte shows how a simple vacation photo can become something a lot more fun with just a little planning and some careful distancing of the subjects. While forced perspective pics of the Leaning Tower of Pisa are the most common examples, I think a lot of people should start trying to incorporate these tricks into the occasional vacation pics -it sure makes the pictures a lot more fun for the family members you show them to when you get back.

I’ll actually be heading to Universal Studios Hollywood in the next few weeks. Anyone know some good places to work with this photo trick at the park?

12 Replies to “Having Fun With Forced Perspective”

  1. Great picture! Not sure about Hollywood, but you could get a good picture near the “dome” in Univeral Studios Orlando…

  2. not sure about hollywood either, but if theres a large globe with universal’s logo, you can pretend like your holding up the world! : )

  3. I like it but the illusion is sorta ruined when u see the mans shadow but not the girls otherwise very good

  4. You really don’t need to see her shadow because his shadow is so bulky it seems large enough for both of them.

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