Happy Day by Elena Moskaleva

We already had a chance to meet Elena Moskaleva through one of her previous works entitled “Kindness“. Well, this time Elena is back with two of her new artworks entitled “Happy Day” and “Metamorphosis”. Which one did you like better? Can you easily see the illusions Elena has so nicely integrated into her works? I like all three of them, except it would be much nicer if the optical illusions they hold were a little different each time. This way, it’s like seeing the same picture, only in blue shade. Two more days till my exam, and I have lost my most important script – the one with the previous exams including answers. How much of a jinx am I?

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  1. Same goes for me, Matt.
    How many do u c in the first 1? I see only 1, maybe a second 1 too… man, this is a hard 1, Vrudlak!
    Well, anyways… CHEERS!

  2. I see two faces in the first one, but both are very subtle.

    The second one was way too obvious. Personally I like the subtle ones best.

  3. I agree with Matt, In the second one to much of the woman not enough snow sceen. There is a man and a womand in the first on. Not much of an illusion noticed them right away. maybe in the original art work it might show diferently.

  4. i see 2 in the first looking at each other maybe.. and 1in the second.. but i dont see a third.. and you said you liked all 3 of em

  5. I think that the first one is much better because I actually had to look for the faces, and I thought it was cool once I had found them, the second one was so incredibly obvious I didn’t even see the scene!

  6. Vrudlak said we had seen the 1st art work previously and the 2nd and 3rd are shown on this page. I like the top picture with the man and woman’s faces, however; like some of the others, I’m not real fond of the last picture of the woman’s head. I have seen a picture similar to this one that was mountains, waterfalls, flowers and trees which made up a woman’s head, can’t remember the artist.

  7. very artistically talented this lady and also I agree that the second was obvious. I didn’t realize what the illusion was until i saw the second one. And what you said about her illusions being the same helped…

  8. I agree Happy Day is very similiar to Kindness, but I think it is a superior piece, so I look at the artist improving and give a little slack.

  9. I love both pictures, but I think the second looks better, not as an optical illusion, but as a picture in and of itself.. great work!
    Now that I actually see the faces in the first one, I can’t help but see them.

  10. Also, notice in the second one that it looks as if she is laying her head onto her hands. I think what makes the face so obvious is there is no “camo” for the eyes. If they had been drawn to look like something else it would be a much better illusion. Very beautiful work, wish I had such a talent. CM

  11. I’ve seen the first picture before
    I don’t know if it was here tho..
    First time I ever saw that one, I couldn’t find the faces, not even with help from comments
    But now I did found them ^^
    Their hair made from the trees is really awesome ^^
    But the second one is kinda too obvious.. o.O
    But also good :)

  12. If you look longer at the first picture, if you follow the hair (trees) down, you will see that the snowy hills in the front form shoulders and arms. The person on the left is actually embracing the person on the right. It took me some time to notice this. I think it’s awesome.
    Vurdlak, good luck with your exam!

  13. I couldn’t see anything in the first one until I read the comments then I looked some more and the faces just popped out at me from nowhere! It was weird…
    And I agree with everyone else about the second one. In optical illusions when there is a hidden image you should be able to jump between a face and no face. And in the second one ALL I see is a face!

  14. I only see the two small faces (one on either side in the trees). Is there supposed to be a large one too? Personally, I find too much repetition – always faces – try some other shape for once!

  15. 1st one…the man is holding her..is just not faces..you have to imagine 2 bodies…the first valie is man’s shoulder..;)

    2nd one..pretty obviuos..old news..

  16. Oh..spot this one too..1st one has also a big heart..the botom of the heart is the conection between their arms..the top and side of it is made by the first trees along with farest ones…the painting is about love..2 lovers in an big heart..very well disguised, this is def a favorite of mine !!!

  17. In the 1st I saw a man & a woman. And there’s a face between them… looks like a bear.

    On the 2nd I saw a woman.

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