Gulliver’s Travels Optical Illusion

Relative Sizes category consists of hundred interesting optical illusions, but the problem occurs when you start understanding them. When you see one, it is if you have seen all. All of them start to look the same. This is probably why none of them were posted lately. Well, this time Alan Mountain ensured we get ourselves some fresh, and even more complex material! In the photo below you can see Jochen and Marita Wiesner interact with an installation at an exhibition called Tour of Senses in Dresden, Germany. As you see, the exhibition deals with senses and plays with our perceptions. If you don’t have a clue how this optical illusion was produced, you should check this hint. If you are still having trouble, you are allowed to see the solution.

"Relative Sizes" optical illusion can somtimes be as complex as this one!
"Relative Sizes" optical illusion can somtimes be as complex as this one!

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  1. This one isn’t as good because you can see the shadow of the post without the top part on it. Makes it a little obvious where she’s sitting.

  2. you can see the shadows of the “chair legs” ending with no seat at the top and the shadow of the chair back begin on a totally different plane.

  3. The seat she’s sitting on is actually on the floor a little bit away from him, you can see the shadow of the left corner of the chair (near her right knee) on the floor. What a cool exhibit though!

  4. figured it out look at the top of the chair, not the legs, they are further back and the legs are closer to the man. If u r havin trouble look at her feet where they touch the chair.

  5. Look at the shadow of the chair leg on the man’s right leg. It ends right there and there’s no shadow of the seat or the sitter. The lines between the chair legs and the seat look a little hinky too, but this is still a great illusion.

  6. Another good one. I had to stare at this for a while even after seeing the hint. Another hint: the shadows give it away.

  7. I noticed that you can see the shadow of the chair legs (without a seat)in front, and the shadow of the chair back, back by the window.

  8. Beyond a shadow of a doubt~ or the shadows of doubt-though at first this looks like a familiar type of size/distance illusion, the execution is original and clever. A real treat!

  9. While I do agree the shadow gave it away a bit, this was clearly enough a masterful enough optical illusion for Peter Jackson to rely on it for about 50% of The Lord of the Rings, and this is an excellent display of just how easily it can trick the eye.

  10. It looks a bit photoshopped coz if you look carefully where the legs are it just looks a bit off and the shadow of the chair has no legs

  11. This is really cool, i found out the illusion by looking at the shadows right by the seat and found that they looked almost as if on the ground… well it was haha, but otherwise, this is still incredibly done

  12. ooooooh i see it the platform shes sitting on is on the ground a little bit away and the chairlegs are on the silver thing hes standing on it was at the camera angle that made it look like a chiar!!!! omg awesome i love it

  13. the woman is sitting in the seat without legs in the background, while the man is standing on the platform with the legs of the chair on the foreground, at an angle the chair becomes one whole with the illusion that the woman is smaller when she is actually farther.

  14. in the first picture. the seat isn’t attached to the chair. its on the floor like in the second pic. but in the second pic they make it obvious and they move the camera.

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