Green and Purple Pulsating Optical Illusion

It’s Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, so I guarantee a lot of you out there are extremely excited right now and I don’t blame you. You’re one day closer to the weekend, so that’s always a good thing. To help you pass some time I’m going to post up a new optical illusion that I hope all of you will enjoy checking out.

Today, I’m posting up a green and purple pulsating optical illusion. This is one of those optical illusions with some rad colors that catch your attention and make you want to stare at them, but when you do, you get a really cool effect from them. Just stare into the middle of the optical illusion and it will seem like the illusion is either pulsating or it will seem like you’re being sucked into a vortex down the middle of the illusion. Ready to check it out? If so, you can begin scrolling down right now!

Green Pulsating Optical Illusion

Now, you can’t tell me that this is not a really a cool optical illusion. It looks really pretty and it also gives off a nice effect. I’ve noticed that a lot of you really dig these kinds of optical illusions, which is why I’m posting them up. If you liked this post, you should click on one of the stars below to rate this post, so I know what you thought.

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