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By on October 6, 2014, with 0 Comments

Good Morning to all of you, and welcome once again to a whole new week! Fall is here, and by the time fall ends, there will be some college graduations that take place in December when the fall semester ends.  College students work long and hard to get their degree, and it is a time for a lot of celebration.  When the ceremony is over, and everyone has their diploma, it is customary for the new graduates to take their hats off and toss them in the air.  In today’s optical illusion, a group of college graduates are tossing their caps in the air. However, the angle of the picture seems to suggest that some of these happy young people may meet with an unfortunate demise.  Do you all see the skull that these tossed up hats form?  When students graduate from college, their lives are just beginning, but with this skull, some of those lives just may end up being cut tragically short.

Graduation Day or Death Omen Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion that involves finding hidden people?  There are nine hidden people in this image, and people can spend a lot of time finding each one. Once you all find the nine people, please leave us a comment below and tell us all about where they are located.