Gorgeous Clown Optical Illusion

There are some optical illusions that simply become viral over night, and jump at you from all across the web in matter of days. Most of the time they contain “juicy” NSFW content, which I’m not in the position to share via our homepage, as we wouldn’t want to spoil them youngsters visiting this site often. On the other hand, those kind of illusions would probably appear problematic sitting on your desktop, embedded right inside our optical illusion widgets. Luckily, there is a solution – as you know we successfully run dedicated and popular Mighty Optical Illusions fan page on Facebook, where you are free to check those “edgy” illusions that we haven’t found place for on our homepage. Moreover, here on moillusions.com I bring you daily illusions (more or less), but if you are subscribed to our Facebook channel, you have the opportunity to see (or even submit) extra illusions in much shorter time span. Check out the 3 or 4 new illusions me and my fans posted since our last post on this site!

For today’s illusion, just stare at the nose of this gorgeous clown below. Try not to blink nor move your eyes for 30 seconds. Then quickly more your eyes over the white surface (ordinary wall will do fine, or use the provided white space below), and start blinking obsessively! What do you see? Hope you liked this afterimage as much as I did! Thanks goes to Mathieu and Mauro for sending this!

64 Replies to “Gorgeous Clown Optical Illusion”

  1. It’s an after image of the negative. You can use your photo processing software to create the negative of the negative and you’ll get the original.

  2. wow… i cant stay still 30 seconds – maybe ADD – or maybe all the halloween candy

    consequently, it works… but its all blurry

    – whats with the nose? shes not really a clown…

  3. it’s really incredible! a beautiful girl appears! furthermore, if you move the head backward the colored image becomes larger and larger! wow!

  4. If U Want To See her Without Blinking Or Staring the picture


    Download/save The Picture

    Open it with Paint Or Any Photo editing software

    And Then Invert Th Colour

  5. if you look from the bottom you can see that the negative picture gets color and the colored picture gets negative.. its simple physics but so cool

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