Gillian Brown’s Constructed Photographs

What’s so special about Gillian Brown’s photographs? Not much – you’d probably say at first. But wait! Don’t conclude things only by looking at the first photo I gave you. Go inside the article and you’ll see few more photos of the same set – only seen from different perspectives. This is amazing! Kinda looks like our recent Marvel optical illusion. The truth is that these aren’t just paintings painted over real life photos. How did the author achieve this? The 3D effect these images accomplish works only from certain angle of view. If you remember our 2006 articles about Felice Varini (they can be found inside 3d chalk drawings category), you’ll immediately recognize the technique and understand how they work. I love illusions of this type. Do you?

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. That could be easily done by projecting the image with a projector onto the wall or through a doorway, and then painting where the light is shining.

  2. first time commenter, long-time reader. i’m in awe of anybody who can mess with reality and somehow put it back together a bit better for wear.

    by the way, viewers, cn sum1 tell me wat a widget is? coz i’m new to the site and i dunno!
    and MR.(OWNER OF MO.ILLUSIONS)THIS IS THE BEST SITE I’VE EVERRRRRRR SEEEN!I LOVE IT!and are YOU the owner of mighty magic tricks also?then u know wat , even dat’s a great site!!thanks MR. MOI!!!!

  4. HOLY….i thought it was another one of them “magazine illusion” type things…thats so good its not funny.

  5. I think it’s amazing! I’m just wondering, how do you paint that? Do you stand on just one point and use a very long brush? Or do you go back and forth, painstakingly adding to the image? What do you think?

  6. really cool….and kathy, a widget is a small little, automatically updating thing that can be added to various places. if you have a google page (which is easy to make) you can add a widget to it that shows you the new illusion everytime one is added. help at all?

  7. These are cool. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to see some person all over my staircase when I’m going down for a midnight snack… Lol

  8. I love these types of 3D pictures since they kind of give you that “ghostly” feeling since you can see what they’re drawn on if you look closly, as if they’re ghosts of people who were: ex. once at that school or in that house during X-Mas.

  9. I think these are absolutely amazing. I’m an artist myself but I wish I was as talented as the artists you show on this site. Their work is simply amazing :)

  10. It is amazing, definitely a golden medal. But at the same time, they are disturbing. All the people is cut. But at the same time, they seem to be there.

  11. Isn’t it a woman who created these everyone, Gillian Brown, and she’s the only artist who created these, and they’re amazing, although I do wish that she didn’t do shading of the background as well, just the people, that would really give them a ghost-like appearance!

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