George Bush VS. Bill Gates Optical Illusion

Edit: Here’s what was just sent in! Goeken helped with his explanation: “I could not get it to work under Firefox but once I loaded it in IE it worked”. So open Internet Explorer, load this website, click on the image below to open it full size, and then when you highlight it, PERFECT image of Bill Gates will accur! Thanks Goeken!

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  1. That’s because IE has this grid-like selection thingy, while Firefox just places a 50% transparent layer over the picture.

  2. my goodness i think it IS rigged! try highlighting it while its loading. When its all finished, all of the sudden the picture changes!

  3. First off, it only works in fullsize because you are highlighting the picture, when its smaller like on the webpage it is an html code that you highlight. Second, yes it is a gif, but that is because there are two images superimposed on one another… Stop trying to sound smart you idiots.

    BTW nice job on this illusion!

    BTW I go by Steve O, i just didnt feel like making a profile considering all i wanted to do was show how ignorant you HATERS are that do nothing but “dis” everyones work… Like you have done anything as creative like this ever! besides the macaroni pictures you made in kindergarden!

    Oh and if it was rigged as a gif, it would work in any browser.

  4. this stinks, since i have a mac i don’t have IE and i only work on firefox because safari is gibberish, culd someone post wat it looks like highlited??

  5. NOT an illusion. Just a gif…gee almost like doing a mouseover on a webpage. 2 images that swap positions under highlighting.
    Every movie is an illusion. A bunch of still pictures yet you can see people ‘move’ WOW.

    It only works in IE because it was designed by someone that has IE/Microsoft mentality. MS/IE biggest illusion…we are a good operating system.

  6. FYI, won’t work in IE8 either.

    The reason this works is because every other pixel is gates. Bush is more visible in the main picture because there’s a stronger red tone in his face, and gates is more of a blue tone. The common blue in the flag is the same.

    When you scale it down to 50%, the goal of this would be to cut out every other pixel, effectively removing the bush component of the image. Most newer browsers don’t just throw away every other pixel, but they perform a proper downsample which interpolates between nearby pixels, preventing any aliasing effects, this would negate the possibility of this ‘illusion’ to work.

  7. In IE, hit CTRL+A to select all. This will select the image and IE shades every other pixel, thus canceling out the prominent Bush.

  8. IE9, I have… clicked on it to put it on full screen, Highlighted, Pushed Ctrl+A, and every other suggestion that ppl have posted and I get nothing but Bush!!!!!!! I’m over it and moving on…….

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