Garstripes Optical Illusion


Commentator who goes under the name Koaieus left an intriguing image on one of our last posts. Even though I prefer illusion submissions sent in through ordinary email, I suppose it can be done this way too. Anyway, this one was really hard to see. Can you spot the hidden motive beneath the layering stripes? It sure took some time before I could see it. Be sure to un-focus your vision, and lean to the side while observing the given example. If you’re still having hard time seeing it, check out the title – perhaps it might help!

  • obama’s butt wipe

    garfield =D

  • Samuel Coxson

    Look from above or below works well with my LCD Screen.

  • salvo


  • Natalie

    Here’s a way to see it. Click the window on your browser. Then drag the window across your desktop slightly back-and-forth left-to-right very rapidly.

    • Lee

      Just keep in mind that under Windows 7 and Vista, shaking your window back and forth rapidly is a gesture that minimizes all other windows. :)

  • LGD

    Saw it almost immediately, but don’t get how it works! Cool!

  • muncher23

    garfield.. nice one.. i can’t figure out how this works..

  • louisa

    Wow.It took me a long time,but I see it.Hope someone also sees him!

  • Voigt_Meister

    Nice. Made be a bit dizzy, though.

  • Kaz

    I can see Garfield when I cross my eyes…although I have had a bottle of wine as well!

  • Care Bear

    Big ol’ cat!

  • Lizzie

    Its actually easier to see if you get close to your screen and look from the far left or right. Cool, I love Garfield :D:D:D

  • Dolphin


  • How awesome you posted my home-made picture! :D I never saw that coming! ^^

  • hillbilly nurse

    I saw it immediately and clearly. What does this mean when most have difficulty seeing it?

    • Lara

      I only saw it when I changed the angle of my screen. ;)

  • Chris

    I see nuthing. I even use people’s advice above and still nothing! Q_Q

    • It’s probably your screen.. maybe the color contrast settings are a bit off or the screen is displaying too bright!

    • NeeL

      Take your distance.
      Stand back a few meters so it looks like a gray mass.

    • Sat

      As you’re looking at the image, just move back to about a metre away from the screen. Becomes incredibly clear from a distance away from the screen.

  • Chris

    Wait! I see it. I clicked on the image and moved it around the original image slowly and saw Garfield’s face. : D

  • Shtnly

    i thought it was easiest to see from the side by turning my screen.

  • Craig

    Interesting that while I could see it on my laptop monitor, I was completely unable to see it on my HD monitor, even once I knew what I was looking for.

  • SDER

    Garfield. Pretty cool, though I can only see it in it’s widget form as it is small (although, maybe it was because I was viewing it from the side?).

  • JosueD

    Turn your face left to right and left and until you see the image its great =D

  • mike

    wow thats cool, i think it is supposed 2 be garfeild

  • Mitch

    Here is an interesting exercise: Left click on the image, the slowly drag the “ghost” image left and right over the original image. You get ashimmering strobe effect, the background stripes turn light and dark, and Garfield appears and disappears.

  • t

    If you zoom way in there are slight bulges in the vertical lines. I would have liked an image of something other than a copyrighted cat though.

  • Elis

    I saw it the second i looked at the screen. It looks like Garfield.

  • Em

    There is slight shading to the edges of Gar :o) Almost impossible for the eye to pick up as it wants to try and focus on the whole, I guess the verticals mess it up. I like it…

  • Jan

    It’s easier to see it on the smaller picture on the widget.

  • Aaron

    Strange… Saw it immediately clear as a bell and didn’t understand what the illusion was supposed to be, but as I stared at it, the picture of Garfield completely disappeared. Couldn’t see it again until I looked away for awhile, then back at it.

  • KuhBuhDuh

    Anyone seen Garfield Minus Garfield? Finally, we know where he’s ended up … behind bars.

  • vipul

    I have found the REAL illusion in this. If you are viewing this on the laptop, tilt the screen way back. You will see garfield drawn in black lines. Now tilt the screen forward (towards they keyboard). You will see garfield in white!

  • Yo Girl 123

    took me a while. BTW, nice name, “obama’s butt wipe;) LOL!

  • Fred

    I thought it might be slight anomalies in the lines but zooming in does not show it. In fact the image disappears entirely when zoomed. I suspect subtle subdued tones that become more difficult to detect as the pixels are spread apart, kind of like writing on a rubber band and stretching it out.

  • kiran

    just tilt the screen and one will find a cat standing with folded hands…

  • Yo Girl 123

    If u move ur hed bak and 4th really fast, it worx pretty well.

  • Lol

    if you minimize the screen and scroll across you can see it. However i saw it as soon as i looked at it, i was just seeing how it could be made easier.

  • Daisymay

    If you have a laptop you can tip the screen back and you’ll see it immediately. Great illusion!

  • merrick

    I looked at this about half an hour this morning and never could see anything. But this evening after trying one of the hints, I had no trouble at all. Might be the different lighting or maybe just knowing what to look for. I just made my browser smaller and moved it back and forth once and it was obvious. I could also see it clearly looking at the screen from above. That’s the best illusion I’ve seen for a long time!

  • Dave

    yup, garfield! along with the movement suggestions, I found that greater distance helped a bit. I have a 32″ LED monitor.

  • mycaricature

    Can’t see it. Though perhaps I can blame my decade-old monitor.

  • A Snail

    Nice. The way this works is some of the white lines have a few pixels on them that arn’t quite white.

    Looking vertically down on an LCD screen seems to reverse the image (black = white) making it slightly easier to see. I’m note sure why slowely moving the image across the screen works, possibly something to do with my screen not updating colours fast enough.

    An alternative way to see the image is to put the picture into a picture editing tool and drop the brightness down to the point just before the picture goes compleately black (if you have a slide bar that updates the screen as you change the slider that would make it easier to see). To make your own, reverse the process making your picture very bright then add the black lines. High contrast pictures are probably needed e.g. line drawings.

  • kimbo


  • Siskemus

    I stepped back app 1½, then he was sharp and constant – I don’t get the meening of moving from side to side – I expected him to move but he doesn’t ?????

  • I saw it straight away…but then I have just woken up so my eyes can’t focus anyway yet lol
    My tip: – look at these things BC (Before Coffee)

  • Josh

    Just took a couple of meters of distance from my screen and it popped out quite clearly…

  • GabeMAAAN

    Cool Thing!

    How can i make such an Pic? Would be interesting to know that and make one on my own.

    Anybody knows?

    • Koaieus

      Yeah I know how to make this, I’m the creator of this one. But, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this message, so it’s pointless explaining it to you here xD

    • Flokka

      I would love to know how this works.. :)

  • I moved back a few feet and could see the hidden image clearly

  • Digit

    If you click the image it comes up on a white background. Step back from the screen and gaze in wonder ….. no need to unfocus or lean ….. nice one !!!

  • Digit

    … and one can be forgiven for thinking something else when looking at the smug look on his face …… looks like he has a …..

  • ZL123

    Garfield. Lol, I didn’t need to push my screen back or walk behind. Lol.

  • Garfield indeed!

  • Naomi

    saw it straight away.. very clever!

    • A.D.

      saw it tr8 away… garfield kinda cool

  • Very strange, Garfield’s arm looks something else! a penis?

    • Daemon

      Sir I find that to be a very innapropriate comment and would like to point out that children like to look at these too so I must ask you to remove your post.

    • just wanted to say that there is a subliminal message, sorry!

    • cheychey

      Ok wtf? EW ! I’m a child and i just find that perverted . HA U perv .. [I’m 11.5]

    • deathpickle

      OMG which Version?

    • steev

      What kind of self-righteous, puritanical, alarmist fearmongerer teaches children that there’s something inherently perverted about a penis?

      Did you know that 50% of ALL HUMANS are born with a penis? These perverted half-monster creatures even touch their penises several times a day when they use the restroom? This exceedingly foul ritual is taught to them by their fathers, most of whom have penises of their own.

      But all joking aside, I am 100% serious when I say you should have your head examined. You are projecting your own hang-ups onto those around you.

    • WTF?

      To 11.5yr old – you’re offended by the word “penis” which is just a body part, yet you use the abbreviation “wtf” which has an offensive CURSE word on the end of it?

      And Steev – good on you! ;)

    • no name

      TMI DUDE!TMI!!!

  • sharon

    thats cool where’s the lasagne hahhaha

  • Brandy Espy

    haha cool

  • Aurora

    It was easy to see-just step away from the screen :)

  • Aurora

    It’s a lot easier with the Dashboard widget though!

  • i LOVE this illusion!!

  • Barbarella

    Just turn your head and look at it using your peripheral vision……..the lines almost completely disappear.


  • HR

    Koaieus is absolutely correct. I spent alot of time looking for something, but nada. I adjusted the brightness and lo and behold its garfield. Looks like he already ate the lasagna though!:D

  • Valerie

    This is a really good illusion, but it does kill my eyes! I did eventually see the smiling moggy after tilting my head to the side.

  • Mark P

    Oh god these things give me a headache. Seriously, my head and eyes hurt and I feel slightly nauseous just from looking at it.

    Even before I could make out the Garfield.

  • marcy

    its a famous feline cool (dont want to give it away)

  • geo

    if you have a laptop tilt the screen

  • Ryebread

    cool Garfeild:)

  • craig

    With my glasses on I couldn’t see anything except lines, I took my glasses off and the lines were gone leaving only Garfield. How odd.

    • nonya

      same here. i guess the glasses were made to see stripes not hidden pics?

  • Eric

    I can see it in the widget/thumbnail, but not the larger image on this page. weird

  • Georgia291

    I saw garfield straight away
    Very Cool

  • Aianna

    i didn’t see it in the larger picture until i put the screen to half and moved the side to side bar, then the big picture became really obvious

  • Awesome! I Love It!

  • Dustin Harden

    If u turn ur computer upwards u can see it a lot better!

  • Me

    Highlighting the image completely destroys the effect! Weird!

  • Ali

    If you have a laptop, just push the screen down LOL! I’m a cheater xD

  • No name

    it took me less than 10 seconds to see it

  • I thought I saw garfield for a second or two, then it all resorted with wiggle worms..

  • ahh.. much easier if you back away from the screen

  • daniel


  • I can’t see anything. :'(

  • You can see the image pattern, try in both sides of your monitor. maybe in left side of your monitor.

  • Zachary

    How do these work? I’d like to know so I can trick my friends

  • wow, it came to me very gradually after about a minute, it really plays with your eyes

  • Danny

    very cool, faint grey drawing inbetween the stripes

  • Really Cool!!!

  • Milan

    You’re all crazy. I don’t see a darn thing..

    • You should either reduce the zoom level from 100% to 50% or just step about 3-4 feet from the screen.

    • lilui

      its garfield stupid ass

    • Joseph

      It actually tells you it’s Garfield under the pic

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????

    ELO garfield! Milan if you have a labtop or whatever its called i picked up the bottom and tipped my computer screen AWAY from me youll INSTANTLY see garfield.

  • yomamasofat

    I think u can say penis on the computer, kids are gonna know about it SOME TIME

  • Streanj

    just for those who still can’t see it, some say moving to the side will help, from what I’ve seen vertical works better

  • JUraj

    I have this lines on my pants and every time i look at them i am blinded

  • Christine D

    put ur chin on the deskand look @ it

    • nonya


  • CJ

    My 3yr old saw this before I did and I only saw it as I moved on and started scrolling up. Thought you should know. Seems children may not have the same issues adults do with things like this. ???

    • nonya

      if u look from a lower level u see it. perhaps thats why a 3 year old (hopefully shorter than u) saw it easier

  • nonya

    when i looked slightly above i saw circles. when i look strait in the center i saw an anime cartoon. when i looked from below i saw garfield

  • nonya

    notice in tabs it says garfield

  • >_>

    tilt the screen UP

  • goggarin

    for me it looks like Garfield!

  • no name

    like totally COOL but this can hurt your head.BTW its sssoooo Garfield!!!!!!!!

  • Brony

    its Garfield. If your on a desktop tilt the creen or put your chin on the desk.

  • Sarah

    Adorei o Garfield !!!
    Brasil ♥♥♥



  • humanoid22

    haha..i can see it already from the first time i saw the picture..garfield is hiding..

  • hello

    If you are on a laptop, tilt the screen back

  • cain

    till laptop screen to see it

  • Mah

    dont need to fo far away from pc just stare and shake out your head to left and right quickly.
    you can see dump ass garfield

  • Omg i didnt have a clue but my 5 year old cousin found it . Cuz i had no chair and she was standing at the edge so… Omg !!!!!!!!!!! its Garfield weldone cuz xxx

  • Khan

    picture is of garfield

  • Janet

    Garfield! How the heck does that work?!?!?

  • cat

    my vision went funny after that

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