Gardner’s Deer Forrest

I noticed how interest in spot the object illusions is really high at the moment. To show you how I listen to your thoughts, and carefully read your emails, here’s an illusion to satisfy you all! Steven M. Gardner has done many beautiful pictures, and this one is just one from many that were previously posted on this site. Remember our previous eagles, wolves, horses, dolphins, more horses, pandas… enjoy them all! Oh, almost forgot! Be sure to find all of the deer that hid in this image below. How many are there?

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  1. I’m getting tired of these ‘hidden pictures’ illusions.
    if I wanted fun with a purpose I’d go to my doctor’s office and pick up a copy of Highlights

  2. I see 11 of them, albeit one of them is questionable. (in front of the chest of the deer in the front) if that don’t count, then there are 10

  3. i see nine of them two obvious deer, one on the stomach of front deer, one on the fallen log infront, one on the tree by the front deer’s butt, one in the snow, another in the snow, another on the tree by the forn deer’s head

  4. I see 10:

    1 & 2. the 2 obvious ones
    3. in the tree trunk
    4. in the snow-covered log at the bottom
    5. in the snow between the front deer’s legs
    6. in the snow-covered tree just above the front deer’s neck/back
    7. on the front deer
    8. in the snow-covered tree between the back deer and the front tree.
    9. in the snow-covered tree just below the front deer’s nose
    10. the head of a baby deer is made up of the front deer’s front right hoof

    That’s all I could find

  5. Burn Chuck… if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say it
    Btw, I see 11, how did that one person get 25????
    I love these illusions

  6. Welllll. I see about 8, but I know there must be another on in the tree or something. Anyways, I’m kinda tired of these hidden pictures too, they are cool sometimes, but mehh, kinda boring this one is.

    I love your site though! Keep up the good work. (I don’t know how you get all of these new illusions every week.

  7. the gramatical error is actually in the title. There shouldn’t be an apostraphy after Gardners. no comments on spelling, I know it sucks

  8. omd ppl howeva many yooh c is ryt cos u r cyin em so evry1 is ryt LOL n if yooh got 31 or 25 ur ryt cos thats wott ur cyin in ur mind so well dun 4 cyin at least 1

    ohhh n by the way i saw 8 this syt is phat keep it up

  9. I see 27 deer! no lie i swear on my future grave. most of them are in the trees. all of u need 2 check twice!

    ****How can yooooouuuuuu see so little ………… hdfGHF,KVUdgljDS????? HUH???

    N. Shah. Trice
    M.Zakee. Trice

  10. great, i see 13, and can we have less of this ‘ite bruv innit’ language as this is a moderatly civilised site, and that gets very hard to read, unless you are a chav/pikey.

  11. 10 and a emu. do not ask I did find a face of it in the tree if you put the logs together it looks like a emu. I also found a chipmunk in the mountains, a duck and a cat( not telling location find it yourself aswell as the duck!!).

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