Funky Fist Illusion

I’ve been pretty into artsy illusions lately, and I’ve been running across quite a few of them lately. The most recent one is an interesting and kind of funky fist illusion.



This fist illusion looks like it was drawn onto the hand with a blue marker or pen. Whoever did the drawing did a fantastic job too! It really looks like a fist when all of the fingers are extended.

I can’t help but wonder how well this guy would be able to flag down a ride if he was hitchhiking too.

If you liked this fist illusion, check out this creepy shadow person drawing!


One Reply to “Funky Fist Illusion”

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else see too many joints on the extended fingers? I’m thinking the real fingers are in the fist and the illusion is the extended fingers.

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