Frontline’s Interactive Optical Illusion

If you are a dog lover, and have your own best friend like I do – reading about Frontline will surely ring a bell. Those of you who aren’t informed well enough, well basically its an anti-flea substance that keeps your dog safe from all kind of parasites. Perhaps cat owners use it to protect their pets as well, dunno. Explaining all of this was necessary before I introduce you with today’s optical illusion. As you see, Frontline painted this mega billboard on the floor of a major mall. This ad wouldn’t make much sense if there were no people to interact with it, but since their painting was placed on the floor of such a mass-trafficked location – the results make lot of sense. Hope you liked this one, I just had to share it with you (maybe just a poor excuse to link a photo of my dog within this text ;) Enjoy!

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Those pesky flees... How can I get rid of them?
Those pesky peop... I mean flees! How can I get rid of them?

48 Replies to “Frontline’s Interactive Optical Illusion”

  1. HA! I actually burst out laughing after I read your post and saw the picture. That has got to be the most creative ad I’ve seen so far!

  2. I don’t get how this is an optical illusion. What am I missing? It’s a painting of a dog on a floor with “fleas” (people) everywhere right? Where’s the illusion?

  3. I’ve seen a lot of large scale advertisements, living in a big city and all. I think they are really neat, especially when you’re in the mall and look down and you see people unknowingly participating in these interactive ads. I do not, however, like where society has gone as far as advertising, where entire mall floors or subway stations are one huge advertisement, it’s a bit too over the top. Just my opinion.

  4. Is your dog’s name Maslina? In my language this means “olive” as in “olive oil”. It’s funny because I sometimes use this word when I see a particularly cute dog’s nozzle. And your dog definitely has a “maslina”!

  5. Took me a minute to realise what they’d done (I didn’t read the intro first, it’s blindingly obvious once you read the intro!). Very clever advertising crew. Although I do wonder whether it would help them meet advertising-sales targets? It wouldn’t necessarily inspire me to purchase their product, just admire their advertising team. For me the practicalities of the product still win out – it all comes down to the applicator on flea treatments and I’m afraid Frontline don’t have the best one, no clever ad will change my mind there.

  6. Aeryckah, the illusion is that the people look like/are representing the fleas in the image. Not all illusions have to be perfect, some just have to make you smile at the clever ways people make things appear like other things, even if they are obvious like this. Just a good image and idea.

  7. lol that is really funny. I love it!!! But who would be able to look at it from above??? Maybe not the best advertisement but it makes a great illusion…

  8. oh man! i had to look a second time before i realised the escalators werent sideways, wow, although, the people who never look over the railing (like me) because theyre afraid of heights wont get the effect you would if you saw it live

  9. when i first looked at the picture without seeing the discription i was like “how the heak did the little people walk on walls O-o” but then when i read it im like oh lol its a floor and im like wow =_= am i dumb or what XD

  10. Oh! I got it , the illusion there is that all the people walking on the floor (dog) are the “fleas”.
    ha ha ha very funny!

  11. @Aeryckah

    The illusion is the people walking on the dog because they look like the fleas. plus, the dog looks 3d

  12. ahhhh i see its just a downshot of the floor and the fleas r people and it looks like everything is sideways (or on the wall)

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