Frog Or a Horse…?

Vivek Gupta emailed me these two pictures, and wrote: “I want to say this is the best optical illusion site I have ever seen. I am a regular visitor to your site. I too want to contribute something. So am sending you one. See the first picture, it will look like a frog. So, what’s the illusion… Try finding out the horse in the same picture. Could not find it??? To see the horse, either turn your head by 90 degrees or have a look at the second picture… (which can be found inside the post)”. Similar illusions: Fish Girl, Drowning or Safe, 6 Beers, Liar, Hand Print, The City … more can be found inside multiple meanings category.

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  1. man, that’s neat! When I clicked the picture my three-year-old brother was next to me, and although I all could see was a frog, he was horrrified at what he thought was a horse drowning. I couldn’t see the horse at all (untill I scrolled down to the second picture) – but after fifteen seconds all he could see was the frog. He didn’t get it after that. (funny how people’s brains see different things)

  2. I couldn’t find it till I saw the second picture because I was looking for a horse as stated in the description, not a horse head.

  3. all i could se was frog. right way up frog and frog clinging to a wall buy its arse then i scrolled down to read the coments and when i went back up i was hit in the eyes by a HORSE. wow my head nearly exploded

  4. Told Ya: Um… I pretty sure that this is a drawing… Not photoshoped. Perhaps you should do your research first.

    I really like this one. Although I saw the horse first, it took me a second to see the frog. Nice work!

  5. LYNN: It’s pretty obvious it is niether drawn or photoshopped. it is a real life image projected on to the screen using real life tecnology.

  6. well.. on the first look you w0uld say ’tis a frog. but when U try 2 look closely it could also be a horse. OPTICAL ILLUSION indeed! ^__^

  7. It took me forever to find the horse in it! (That goes to show how good of an optical allusion it is). Some one showed it to me and I just thought it was really neat!

  8. This was a great optical allusion! Really clever. I also just want to use this so I can tell people about Jesus. Anyone who is going through these comments should read this: God sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us. Each and everyone of us. It’s true! He died so we could be free of our sins. It doesn’t mean you can go around sinning all the time. But it also means that if you DO, Jesus will save us from dying. We just ask him for his forgiveness and, BAM! We are free! He forgets it! Just invite Jesus into your heart and you will live forever and ever in heaven, free from all pain. REMEMBER: It is never to late to turn to God!

  9. Not only is there a horse and a frog, also has other images, but that I would get you understand! only give a hint: a rabbit is a scene!

  10. I saw three images: a frog, a horse, and a rabbit! Look at the frog. The legs of the frog is the rabbit’s face, the frogs face is the rabbits ear, and the space between the frog’s leg is the rabbit’s eye, and the horse’s mane looks like ripples, so it looks like the rabbit is swimming. There is one paw sticking up, like it’s ready for the next stroke. It took me awhile, but I saw it after 2 minutes or so.

  11. Too bad the illusion is spoiled by the fact both versions of the image make the animals look deformed. The frog looks lumpy, as does the horese, which lends to the illusion of them looking vaguely like each other. Kind of like when a human with huge ears looks like a monkey. Not a real illusion.

  12. all i saw at firt was a horse? am i weird?? it took me a while to see the frog. I love this site, even though im a newbie!!

  13. i can see both but its the frog because if you look at the hoizon in the pic of the frog you can see that its horizontal…. and in the pic of the horse is vetical so the horse is lying flat…..

  14. id say its just a frog bcos even though it looks like a horse in the second pic, horses faces arent really shaped like that, are they?

    1. It’s a frog… I can see both, but a horse’s face does NOT look like that. Their ears are most definitely now connected to their temples like that. And the bridge of the nose and muzzle are not shaped like that either.

  15. Just because they ask if it’s a frog or a horse, it doesn’t mean it’s only one or the other. It IS both, they are just asking which one you can see if you can only see one, and if not, you’re lucky enough to be able to see both. It has nothing to do with horizons….it can be flipped either way.

  16. I have this program on my computer that lets you see pictures from different angles, i was turning the frog one around, and at some point in the twisting my sister came up to me an said “Oh, It’s a Bunny!” I don’t see it. (BTW, my little sister is six years old)

  17. COOOL, but my sister said it looks like a bunny, because i printed it out and she saw it from an angle. (She’s six years old)

  18. Ummm…folks, it’s the same picture, just tilted by 90 degrees. It IS a cool illusion tho. At first I couldn’t see the damn horse, but I wasn’t looking on a different plane of axis either. Once you can see both, you can’t STOP seeing both…

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