Flying Superman with Cat Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone, and today is the midpoint of the week, also known as Wednesday.  For some people, the time change has still messed them up, and the first thing that may be in your mind is the fact it is only Wednesday. We understand that the time change has messed up the way all of our internal body clocks work, but just hang on because your body will adjust in a few more days.  However, in the meantime, just have some more coffee, and you’ll make it we promise! However, we want you to take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is a man who is flying like Superman, but he has a companion on his back! What do you all think because we will say that the cat does not look very impressed, which we find pretty funny!

Flying Superman with Cat Optical Illusion

Ready to see another optical illusion involving a tennis court that is up to high that playing tennis could be dangerous! For those of you that love tennis, we have to ask…would you all want to play on a tennis court that is this high up?  Chasing a ball can be absolutely dangerous playing on this course, and having a fear of heights is not going to help! Have a good Wednesday everyone!

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