Another Floating Blocks Optical Illusion

Our favourite professor has done it again! Akiyoshi has created showcased illusory pattern titled “Chidori” (which is some kind of a bird if I understood it correctly), which gives an impression that the inner block is moving in upper-diagonal direction. To amplify the effect, simply scroll the page up and down slightly. After a while, you’ll see the inner block floating on top of its background. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience the 3D stereoscopic effect without having to go cross-eyed or wearing those clumsy 3D glasses!

8 Replies to “Another Floating Blocks Optical Illusion”

  1. Actualy, while Chidori IS the name for a type of bird, and a girls name (in japan) its actual meaning is ‘thousand birds chirping’.

    If you look at the picture, you can see how the squares vaugely look like very stylised birds- the little circles as eyes, the wobbly front corner beak-like, and the other side corners the wings.

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