Flamingo Body Paint Illusion


It could’ve seemed I was less active for the past few days, as updates came in less regularly and were mostly done by Jill. But rest assured I was deep in the matter, doing some mighty updates in the beck-end of this site.

For example, remember how some of you complained that when we post animated gifs to the “Optical Illusion of The Day” widget, it takes too much CPU, and slows down the widget? I’ve fixed that. On the other hand, when we post optical illusion videos using our custom embedded player, they appear and work flawlessly, it’s just that they haven’t shown on the mobile version of this site, and our RSS feed omitted them. This should be past-tense as well :D

Another thing concerning the widgets… Yahoo decided to kill its dashboard platform, so our focus is now switching onto iGoogle, Mac and Windows gadgets. If you haven tried them, be sure to check them out and see which one suits your needs. They were built with an idea to provide you with endless illusions for the rest of (our) life. So, which one would be your choice?

For the illusion, I’v received this beautiful flamingo that took me a second before I realized what was going on around here. Like it?

[Art by: Gesine Marwedel, photography: Thomas van de Wall]

  • Dave

    Very cool!

    • TheBoss

      Very Flexible!

  • Sandra McCoid

    This is incredible, thank you for sharing..
    annot begin to imagine the painstking work this require.

  • I love this. I would so let the artist paint me. :)

  • why me!?!?

    that’s cool

  • z2d4th

    Wow Acrobatic illusion

  • xD

    uhmmm….whats the head suppose to be? lol…but otherwise i think its pretty cool…like the realistic hand paintings…

    • Natalie

      The head is painted white to blend in with the white background.

  • Ingrid

    A contortionist, I see.
    And yay.:D Videos can work now!

  • errietta

    sooooooo great!!!thank you

  • Amber

    lol, its pretty cool.
    a little creepy though :P

  • phoebe

    too good a work!

  • 2NE1

    if i was her i would be a baby flamingo and out of shape

  • im cool like that

    awesome :D


  • Dani

    Did the person have to hold that pose the whole time she was being painted? Ouch!

  • A bit disturbing, as that look slike blood dripping down the leg.

  • Ash

    Awesome and really pretty :)

  • maron

    Amazing…Id love this as a picture on my main wall.

  • awesomeisme


  • coming from 2leep man they have many post of urs you are lucky

  • Dear vurdlak, bzw writer of this article,
    I am the artist of this piece and you should write my name there. The Photographer is Thomas van de Wall and he also has to be namend!
    Thank you!

    Thanks for the compliments to the others!


    • Vurdlak

      Just updated it! Thanks for the info, and for such beautiful art


  • Rainba :D

    Awesome. Thats all i can say. This is pure awesome. I LUV FLAMIGO’S!!!

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