Find The Hidden Giraffe!

Let’s see if you have what it takes to spot the hidden giraffe in this beautiful painting below! First one to find it earns a privilege to brag around. I bet if you’re an old-time fan, you’ll recognize this type of illusion almost instantly. New comers will need few minutes before they can figure it out, though. For more similar illusions (or hints if you will), be sure to check the almighty Hidden Tiger and the off-the grid Where is The Third? illusion. So, have you found it already?

© Gianni A. Sarcone,

115 Replies to “Find The Hidden Giraffe!”

  1. Found it! I won’t give it away though. I love these kinds of illusions, but I always suspect that it will be harder than it turns out to be.

  2. Good one. But don’t you think that you are over estimating the difficulty?
    It was far too easy to see. Almost as easy as the Animal Giraffe

  3. ok….is the giant colored giraffe front and center really the hidden illusion? there must be something i’m missing cause that’s lame. help!

  4. Too easy, yes I saw the “hidden tiger” and “where’s the third?”, I guess that’s a spoiler but I like that type of illusion anyway. It’s a joke.

  5. At first i looked for a the obvious then instantly knew that this wasn’t what i was looking for. i love these type of illusions

  6. Well i see a cammel that see pixel?¡ also 2 more objects, a smile tiger and a dragon, the dragon is near the tree, am i correect guessing it. or were is the girraffe that i cant see(unless the big one), if im correct this OI is by the yellow contrast between dark and white colors which describes th extra objects

  7. I managed to find the hidden giraffe although it took me some time. I had to leave the picture for a brief second or two and then I was able to find it. This was actually fun to do this morning.

  8. WOW!!! I feel like an idiot… I actually had to go back to the tiger then come back. If it were a snake it would have bitten me.

    1. Sure! I didn’t have a clue about this one’s origin, even though is among the best ones I’ve seen!


  9. ohh Giraffe.Now I think the word sounds strange but i did have to find out where giraffe was and if u can see it on the back building u have extremly good vision.i cant see nothing else.

  10. I had to stop myself from scrolling down and accidentally having it told to me by the responses. Only took about 10 seconds. Was not looking for the word but I thought it would be amusing to find a baby giraffe in the big one. Accidentally stumbled upon the word.

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