Find The Goat!

Do you remember all those vintage optical illusion cards, ones containing hidden stuff you had to find? They were quite popular few decades ago. I think we have even featured some of them before. Well, Jean-Philippe Prade found something similar in the last place you’d expect him to find an illusion – in his grandmother’s plate! Supposedly each plate in a set contained a different illusion, unfortunately this is the last plate that survived. As Jean-Philippe explains, the sentence translated from french goes something like this: “Take care of the cabbage and the goat, but where is the goat?” So can you find the hidden goat in the plate below? Good luck!

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    1. This reminds me of when Wendy’s restaurants used to have old newspaper layouts printed on the service counters and tables. There was an optical illusion similar to this that said something like, “Look at me for a minute and see how I change.” I could never see the change, does it ring a bell with anyone else?


    2. Its in the tree in the top right. Turn the picture 90 degrees counter clockwise and… TaDaa! There’s the goat (head).

    1. No its in the right hand corner just turn it on to the left hand side!-its by the tree and the twigs, all you except is the body its just the face

  1. There is NO goat picture anywhere. It’s the word goat they are looking for. It’s written in french as “la Chevre”.

    1. Actually there is a goat’s head in the tree. Well, it’s the shape of a goat’s head. In the picture, top right. Turn your head right (or turn your screen left) and you should be able to see it. It took me a while too see this… good work!

      P.S – Baaaaaa

    2. THANK YOU!! I got a headache searching for it….I’m going back to searching for waldo…

    3. no no there is a goat, a big white goat head, situated an inch left of the farmer’s head, which is to ur right, its looking upwards… to notice it u have rotate ur head so that the right side of the picture is up

    4. It’s on his right”hand”.I am 9 years old and it took me nearly a week to find it.I was so tired of looking for it!But then I realized it was his hand.I”didn’t” look at any comments because I wanted to do it didn’t looked at some of them after I found the goat.

  2. Found it! I like the playful presentation (“Take care of the cabbage…” in French!)It is sad that the rest of the plates were lost.

  3. It’s on the right side of the picture. There is only head looking upward.Just above the fence. Goat has white color.

    1. Nope. Turn the picture 90 degrees counter clockwise. It’s clearly in the fence, but very nicely hidden. An even nicer touch is that the man’s eyes appear to be directing the viewer in that direction!

  4. Well i dont know what are you talking about rotating unless there are 2 goats, i can only give the clue its holding something that goat

  5. Good job! It would be nice to see the whole plate as it appears the outer pictures hold possibilities of their own.

  6. I see a Whole goat. The clouds make the head and the body. Kinda like the goat is sitting or has short legs, lol.

  7. I had to go into Paint to figure this one out
    and then i had to get my whole family to search
    for it…

  8. How the brain is working ??? It took me 2 days to find the face in the forest, but only a few seconds for the goat. Why ????

  9. Goodness! I was going to say it’s a trick, the goat is in the shed, but with the help of other comments I now see the head. What worries me is that part of the farmer’s right arm seems to be missing! Did the goat take a bite? I wonder if the rest of the plates were broken as people played with them trying to find the illusions *g*

  10. found it didnt take too much time!! man at the top right looks like a half monkey man XD
    im 10 =P

  11. Good one. Once you find it, it’s hard not to see it but it took me a while. I sure wish I had a set of plates like these.

  12. i see the goat but the same goat seen upside down i see a white bear climbing the fence and looking over the shoulders

    1. Actually I was wrong because I thought it was the man’s arm, too.It’s actually in the tree.If you just tilt your head to the right(or if you have a laptop tilt your laptop to the left)and look at the top right of the tree.If you still don’t see it then WAKE UP!

  13. Funny, it was the very first thing I noticed because it just looked out of place and thought “No that cant be it.. Too easy and it looks distorted… Then I read a couple of the posts (specifically the post from: mrboma “Take care of the goat? Looks like someone already “took care of it” in the mafia sense of the phrase… It’s just a head.”) and sure enough it was the first thing I noticed on the plate. I did not think to flip the image until I read the other posts… Duh feeling extremely slow this morning!

  14. EASY!! found it in 5 seconds without reading the writing above or comments! turn your head upside down and look at the bushes/twigs on the right! it is just a head

  15. Finally found it :) the corns are part of the fence and the tree branches make the eye and the mouth… (Thank you Nadeem).

    Almost flipped on this one.

  16. I think that I found the goat but the bean man? Not so much. I love these and usually get them. Where are the answers? Sleepless in Centerville.

  17. I also see a goat-head only !Seems that the owner of the cabbage has already beheaded it for the “sin” of “taking care” of his cabbage !!

  18. where is that thing?! i mean, there’s an man with an odd face, but it’s not it, and there’s a shadow of a goat holding the watering can by its mouth, but it’s not it, would someone tell me the right solution then?!

  19. In case anyone is interested, the closest English equivalent to the sentence is probably ” to play both ends against the middle “. The expression can be used in the case of a dispute, for instance. It would mean “to take a position between the two opposing parties and try and defuse the situation by being conciliatory to both”.

  20. I rotated the picture in Preview a quarter of a turn to the left. That places the trunk of the tree to the top of the plate. Making the goats head clear to see.

    If you can’t rotate the photo, think of the plane as a clock. The goat lips are at 2 and the ears end at 3.

  21. WTH u all said about “rotating”, “shadow”, “tree” ?????

  22. Ah, but there are several goats.
    The image has too-litte resolution to show the smaller ones.

    The branches and fence is the largest. But I found a smaller head in the tree above and possibly the other trees. Also the shadow is a flattened goat’s head.

    I didn’t see any at first, I was searching for an entire goat, not just a head. tss. tss.

  23. The cabage is a skull if you look at it upside down.. :) looks like he’s already ‘took care’ of the goat and now he has to take care of the evidence- the cabbage :)

  24. Oh Yeah the trees face its the goat at firs its looks like a man shape rotate your head left or right if not in left try right

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