Find The Differences: Atomium!

While ago, one of our fans who was obviously inspired by Atomium’s impossible structure, sent this in as a suggestion for our little’o website. I was distracted and couldn’t see it at first, but the photo below contains both the illusion and “spot the differences” game all wrapped into one single package! Can you see the illusion first? Now, how about finding all of the differences and then sharing them with festivus rest of us? Let the hunt begin!┬áP.S. Make sure to open the picture in full size, in order to see all of the tiny details! – via Deskarati

How many differences can you find? Are there any at all?!
How many differences can you find? Are there any at all?!

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  1. ‘SS’ on sign is backwards, structure’s posts are different, trees on the left and trees on the right are in front of structure.

  2. Left hand picture: Brussel SS reversed. Parking sign car is upside down, and the main legs of the Atomium are clearly visible not hidden by trees.

    Not found any others yet!

  3. I can see the Brussel/Bruzzel sign, the bottom bar is one in the trees, one outside and the illusion (probably everyone can see this)

  4. In first picture:
    “s” backwards in sign.
    Car slightly different on the parking sign (line across the bottom and line across the top is thinner).
    Less trees around the edge.
    Vents on sides of legs removed.
    And of course which poles go in front of each other is changed.

    Anyone get anything else?

  5. Hard to be exact in terms of the number but I see the location of 4 support tubes in the picture on the left provide perceptual conflict. Picture on the right has no perceptual conflict. In the picture on the left, support tubes projecting from the center sphere to the spheres on the sides are in perceptual conflict. for example the support tube projecting from center sphere to most forward left sphere is “behind” the tube projecting to the most distant sphere. This can not occur in real 3 dimensional space

  6. 8 (or 9 if you count each S separately)
    The 2 legs, 4 crossed supports, a little mark on the P sign and the reversed double S in Brussels.

  7. “Find The Differences: Atomium” All of the cross pieces going from the 4 side balls to the center ball are following different paths from one picture to the other (they cross, go under, go over – in different ways). Also, the large supporting legs in the first picture go to the ground behind the cars. In the second picture, they go to ground somewhere behinfd the woods.

  8. 1) Car upside-down on parking sign
    2) Legs of architecture in front of trees
    3) Windows positions in legs missing
    4) ‘S’ in Brussels backwards
    5) Support structures on second orbs switched

  9. 1st two:

    Left: “Brussel”‘s “s’s” are backwards.

    Right: foremost support pylons are partly obscured by trees whereas they are fully visible on the left.

  10. The “S” in Brussel are backwards
    The supports are in front of the trees
    the bars in the middle cross over differently

  11. The one on the left is the illusion, and the only differences I can see is the SS’s in the Brussels sign are back to front.
    Apart from the main legs being either side of the grass and them being in the trees.

    Also I have been here and it is extremely tall, also there is a restaurant at the top, a lift runs from the bottom straight up the center.

  12. Hia fellow illusionists, I can only find 2 differences so far, so here they are.
    1.The four poles sticking out of the middle ball are in the front in pic 2
    2.The s’s are backwards in pic 2


    @ first glance i only saw two, that ss in Brussel and that the structure on the left is in frount of the trees while the one on the right in behind
    plz share any others that yall find

  14. Also, the poles connecting the ball in the middle are the other way round – I’m guessing this is the illusion.

  15. Picture on Right appears to be original.
    Picture on Left:
    -“SS” in Brussel is inverted
    -Car on Parking sign is inverted
    -the exterior mid-spheres on the left and right have their connections to the aft and center sphere moved (4 connector moves in all)
    -the two front legs are moved in front of the trees and the exterior sheathing openings are filled in

  16. hiya
    I agree, it’s not really an illusion, just a “can you spot the difference”
    here’s what I’ve found:
    1. the SSes on Brussels sign
    2. left & right legs changed
    3. parking sign changed
    4. connectors on 2nd ball down to lower outside balls change
    5. connectors on 3rd ball down to lower outside balls change
    6. connectors on 3rd ball down to upper outside balls change

    It’s a nice sculpture, exhibit or whatever it is.

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