Find Super Mario Galaxy Illusion


Chris submitted this funny gag few days before! It has been circulating the net lately, but I haven’t seen it previously, since I’m not the biggest fan of Super Mario (been playing PC games as a kid, not Nintendo). Basically what Chris wants you to do, is to find all the letters with shiny star beneath them, and read them aloud as you normally would. Be ware only to read starred letters. You will then be astonished by secret you’ll find out about yourself. I think it starts with “Ur Mr. …” Was I right? Enjoy! More awesome and true optical illusions coming shortly… Please don’t spoil the fun, and reveal the hidden message, as either way I won’t publish those comments containing the solve.

P.S. Congrats to those of you who got out of the Crimson Room. You rock!

  • leah

    i dont understand what u have to do!

  • chiquilla española

    hi i’m a spannish girl and i love , but sometimes i have to do my best to understand you.. i understood everything but today i can’t understand you ! if someone mexican or whatever could explain it to me in spannish i would be happy.

    thank you for make me spend a funny time

    osquiero a todos chicos

    un besito español

  • Leguan

    Same to you Vurdlak! Ha ha

  • Robert

    rofll … espcially with that face xD

  • chiquilla española

    yay! now i know the solution. it’s very funny ! hahaha

    i won’t say it because i want that all of you have a great time findig the sentence.

    it’s very original this illusion

    osquiero a todos

    1besito español


  • Brownie Boy

    hahaha good one, strange as im listening to “Goodbye Mr A” atm…

    if you don’t get it they sound alike kinda

  • Video

    look at the letters and the ones that spark say something

  • fjp999

    NOT funny at all.

    Should be taken down immediatly!

    Very offensive.

  • Felix

    We should have a separate category called “coded message”

  • Javier

    I saw this a few days ago, and at first I didnt get it. After a while, I got it, and well, I was kinda speechless. What kind of sick person would do such a thing…XD

  • Anonymous

    hey thats mean! funny though

  • Optiguy

    That’s so funny!

  • Anonymous

    duhovito :)

  • virtualpigmaster

    i feel personally insulted. this is so bad. actually its hilarious but hey!

  • Anonymous

    It is ok! r u one too? ;) jk

  • Anonymous

    look who’s talking mr jail prisoner (ur brother posted it on day 1 or 2 of magic tricks)

  • Andrew

    Not offensive per se, but definitely in bad taste. It is not befitting the quality that MoIllusions otherwise produces. I would seriously consider removing this and offering a brief apology. With this following up a string of so-so illusions I may have to consider removing my google widget.

  • Peter

    lol, I never saw that one coming.

    Who woulda guessed the letters can spell that?

  • Anonymous

    I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont see it
    tell me

  • Anonymous

    that was pathetic and not worthy of this site.

  • Anonymous

    o i got it

  • Anonymous

    hehehehehe thats very funny. all u have 2 do is look for the letters with the shiny star underneath it, and is says something funny! lol

  • BountyHunter


  • Shishio
  • Anonymous

    Wow….. really nice
    Is that what the cover of the actual game looks like?
    Still pretty funny

  • Anonymous

    This is EXTREMELY offensive. What type of day and age do we still live in that we have the nerve to use such a word demeaningly.

  • Paulina

    This is so pointless… it is offensive and not appropriate.

  • Elizabeth

    RFOL! that was awesome. btw, anyone who finds it offensive has prolly never met a gay person. i know a couple who’ve seen it and thought it was funny. you’ve got to learn jokes from serious crap. have fun!

  • Martin

    here is a hint….
    1: 2,5
    2: 1,3
    3: 1,4,6

  • Anonymous

    ok not the best. is it just me or does the mac widget not work???

  • Anonymous

    Was that supposed to be funny? I didn’t even smile! You guys are dorks!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t call it offensive. It’s just stupid and childish. If you can’t do better than this soon, I will remove my widget.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with paulina you other people that think it is funny get a life

  • Anonymous

    How is this “insulting or “degrading”? Its a harmless joke and was meant to make you and I laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Some people are funnier then the actual topic. Haha How do you find that offensive…It took me three trys for the answer. That is funny.

  • Monae

    People on here need to learn to take a JOKE!!! Its a joke, you know if the world would learn to take a damn joke then maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems!!

  • Anonymous

    This was pretty funny, but somtimes people get offended. I’m just saying that you need to be careful and understand what it is first… But I can’t lie. It was funny to me.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not really funny. I’m not insulted at all but I still don’t find it really amusing, just sort of a dumb illusion.

  • jb

    fergy is fat…. hehe

  • Anonymous

    I dont get it at all

  • jb

    i like rusty spoons XD QQ WAH
    hehehehehe h-bomb

  • da_1_who_knows!

    I think this should be taken down right away it is very rude and offensive like fjp999 said! I personally think that things like that should not be said to just anyone it could really make someone feel bad and that is the reason there is so much junk in this world today! It is really wrrong!

  • Anonymous

    not a good one :(

  • Angelo

    I think the hidden message is not referring to the reader at all. I played Mario Bros as a kid very often and I can tell you that Mario always was a little bit too close with his brother Luigi. So I think the plummer is finally coming out of the closet.

  • sean

    ooooooooo!!!!!! it toook me like 10 minutes to find it lol!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like this is the granola site. Full of flakes, fruits, and nuts.

  • courtney

    idk about the most of the rest of you, but i found this offensive as all hell. please, next time you come across something like this, don’t even look twice at it.

  • Mar

    Can’t see the solution any hints in how to look at it?

  • PavelK

    Really stupid. I’ve found it and I’m very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    offensive and Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    I got in 3 seconds but I don’t think this is appropriate content.

  • Anonymous

    ha nice.
    sort of rude, but if u don’t think about it so negatively,and just take it as a joke, its fine…

  • Firearms118

    lol that is funny, by the stars he means little shinny thing on the very bottom part of the letter

  • yossi

    this is real. look on amazon. this is actually what the box looks like! :)

  • Torsten

    How did they know?

  • Torsten

    BTW: I don’t understand why this one should be “offensive”?!
    Would it be offensive if the letters said “U R HETERO”?
    Oh my, grow up, America!

  • Anonymous

    moillusions has clearly displayed immaturity in posting this one. how can anyone find it funny? As soon as as demographics start being targeted by stuff like this, how long before it gets offensive to the point of breaching laws, that is, if someone can demonstrate that it hasn’t already?

  • A1rPun

    This is really the cover of the original Super Mario Galaxy for nintento wii!! Who thought about this :D?

  • Chris

    well thats funny but slightly homophobic (not that i am.. y’know)

    to help all you dumbasses out there:

    letters with stars underneath:
    here is the first line:
    sUpeR. u and r have a star underneath. find all of them going line by line of the title and write them down. then read it out how it is.. u..r…

  • Anonymous

    I don t understand it s so difficult

  • Anonymous

    How childish.
    Surely there’s better than this.

  • Anonymous

    It’s also extremely juvenile and, dare I say it, 100% nerd.

  • Anonymous

    hey if the gays want to be gays then let them but theyre in the wrong so they should put up with the abuse & u’s should quit moaning about it. yeah it offensive, gays offend me!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, to anyone who finds this offensive: Why?

    Are you so unsure about yourself?

    I mean, you can argue about whether this is funny or even a good “optical illusion”…but offensive? Please! Get real!

  • Anonymous

    Geez people lighten up. Its ment to be funny, and it succeeded to be fair. Quiet clever to use letters in the right order to make new words. And why cant Mr Gay be considered funny? ive quiet a few gay mates and tease them about sleeping with men all the time, they tease me about my glasses and then we will tease another mate and another mate for being fat.

    Its all just a laugh at the end of the day

  • Anonymous

    Uhh… lame much?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe people are actually being offended by this

  • habilis

    This is not offensive, just not really that good, because it is not an illusion….

  • Owen

    its a joke,
    you know when people say something that isn’t literally true that has a funny meaning.
    I don’t think people should read so much into this, i’m talking to you Andrew btw. What kind of day and age is this where some1 can’t make a funny thats slightly politically incorrect without people demanding its taken down with an apology. Grow up, if you don’t like it don’t look at it, theres no need to spoil everyone elses fun.

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys realize this is the official cover and not some bad photoshop right?
    So if you feel offended… blame Nintendo lol

  • Anonymous

    offensive, terrible. gee im not comin back to this site

  • Anonymous

    Stop crying about this, take it as it is, very good

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. I see the offence but that’s if you make words with some of the letters, but you said to read the letters as normal, i.e. U,R,M,R… and not Ur Mr… So it reads like “You are Emma Jeeyay why”??? or “You are a Marjie a why”??? Neither make sense. Can anyone make out any more? Not an illusion at all!

  • Anonymous

    why yes i am :o)

  • Chrille

    Why is it offensive?

    It’s the original cover, and FUNNY..

    Giish x|

  • Anonymous

    I think anyone that honestly finds this offensive should grow up. It is usually those who actually make a big deal about this that are the ones who actually consider people differently per their race, sexual preference etc. The rest of us are comfortable with ourselves and others and don’t see it as anything more than a light hearted joke. You don’t get all worked up when someone makes comments about people who are fat, thin, short etc so why are things like race and sexual preference such as big deal?

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably really funny … for people who aren’t. <_<

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think this is funny. u better remove it. we used to better things from u!

  • Anonymous

    How did you guess?
    I am.:)))))

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please help me finding the aswer?

  • Ross

    Ho thats offensive boo hoo. get over yourselves its just a funny little tidbit its not intended to insult anybody, and there have been way lamer things on this site.

    at least with this i got a laugh.


  • theonlyrick

    Where are the letters?

    Do you have to play the game to find them?

    I want in on the joke!

  • Anonymous

    That was quite funny to find that at first, but is this the original, or did someone just modify it?

  • Ross

    Do all you people saying this is inappropriate not realize that this is a Japanese company making this game and they are probably using the “offensive” word in its true meaning HAPPY.

  • Christian

    What’s funny? Are we in 2007? It’s probably really funny for Stiffler…

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me with this? It’s completely childish and offensive and I think your site visitors deserve an apology.

    I especially like how my last comment on the subject was deleted.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it?

  • Anonymous

    whats there to be offended by… all it says is U R MR HAPPY! So stop being tards!

  • Anonymous


  • Donche


  • Anonymous

    sheesh people, get a grip will you. How many people who are gonna buy this game do you think would really take notice at that? Personally i dont find anything real Offensive but maybe cause i can Tolerate things better than others. Took me a while to get it but i think its funny. I mean remember all that stuff about hidden messages in Disney movies? this is no different than that.

  • Anonymous

    boy was that bad…childish and pointless. was it offensive?, no. i am gay myself and a person would really have to be an extremely uptight little fag to be offended over something so puerile…now if mario had been carrying a purse and wearing a feather boa and maybe some stilleto heels that could have been funny.

  • Anonymous

    Took a couple days, but finally found it. I agree, he does seem to be.

  • Anonymous

    Appalling, and in the current climate of Europe trying to deal with e-bullying. All you have done is add more ammunition to the bullies’ arsenal. It is very irresponsible to promote such homophobia by posting a picture so obviously targeted at a young demographic

  • Anonymous

    really nice, i got it toooooo after some tries

  • Anonymous

    WHAT?! It’s not offensive. Don’t take it down; it’s fine. It’s not 100% fitting to the site, but is not totally “MR ____”

    I agree that lately, the illusions are not the ‘cream of the crop’, but you try finding a new one everyday. If you think you can do better-than SUBMIT one!! I’m sure he’d be glad to post it.

    Vurdlak, I hope you take everyone’s comments with a grain of salt. If they don’t like it-let ’em go. There are plenty who can handle a joke. After all, it’s not like you MADE the ‘illusion’, just found it.

    Funny-ah, so-so
    Illusion-sort of, more of a hidden message
    Fit the site-sure, why not!

  • Anonymous

    what type of day and age do we live in where people are still offended by words. Grow up and get over your self

  • Jeff

    Where did anyone use it meaninglessly or offensive, it simply spells it out no one is being mean here. You are making a big deal out of nothing.

  • Joey

    you should have renamed the image before you put it up… bit of a give away!

  • Anonymous

    lmao thats wicked

  • Sean
  • Peter

    I didn’t find it funny at all because there is nothing surprising about that term being used. its a common phrase (or similar) used by todays society that shouldn’t be


    he he… you have answer in the name of the picture…

  • Anonymous

    yeah, you’re gonna offend LOTS of people with that one- Pretty stupid, anyway.

  • Steve

    What happened to the “illusion” part of “Optical Illusion of the Day”? This is just dumb, and so have the last 2 weeks on this page. How about putting up actual illusions?

  • DPO

    C’mon people, let’s not be ridicolous! Offensive in what way??? Let’s not exagerate! If the last word was not that one, but the “opposite” Im sure nobody would have complained…

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the box art that offends me. I think that it’s just a stupid coincidence.

    What offends me is people using the word as an insult. Ridiculing a group of people is about as funny as a bag of drowned kittens.

    What offends me even more are the neanderthals who are defending this sort of juvenile vitriol. Would it be as funny if it was the N-word? How about “jap,” “chink,” or “spic?”

    I will not be returning to

  • Anonymous

    The word has two meanings doesn’t?

    BTW: this is the actual cover!!

  • Anonymous

    probably photoshopped…

  • Anonymous

    meh, lol! same 2 u :D

  • Anonymous

    haha!! classic!!

  • matt

    LoL I didn’t like this one but it wasn’t because of the gay part, But i think alot of the comments people are putting on here are really GAY, lighten up people. :)

  • Anonymous

    One of the worst things I’ve ever seen on this site. Not really offensive to me, but still in very bad taste. Makes me wonder if I will really come back.

  • James

    For those who don’t understand why this type of juvenille humour is offensive, substitute the homophobic slur with a racially based one and decide for yourself if that kind of comment would be appropriate for a site such as this. Frankly I’m not offended, per se, but disappointed. Haven’t we, as a people, grown beyond this kind of infantile joke? It’s NOT an optical illusion, so it doesn’t belong here. Using words in such a way dehumanizes people and makes it easier to discriminate against them by establishing them as the “other” in an us versus them paradigm. You can do better here.

  • Anonymous

    If I understood that one correctly it was extremely pointless. Are most people who use this site like five years old?!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Steve. It’s not offensive, it’s just disappointing and dumb. There is nothing remotely illusionish here. Illusions are cool because they surprise you and make you think. Oh well. It’s got to be hard to find great stuff all the time, but this sure ain’t it.

  • Anonymous

    for gods sake dont get offended its just a bit of fun people christ people threatening to not look again need to get a life.

    anyway not the best but amusing.

  • Shallana

    How is that an illusion? I’m sorry, but not only is this one dissapointing, but it is also very immature.

  • sean

    i’m offended slightly….but yeah mostly just a boring illusion…if you can call it that…

  • Mondayschild

    I think that was very cool. I never saw that before and I remember when it first came out. I agree with the comment. Haha

  • Anonymous

    HA…funny.. amazing what these people do..

  • T-T-T-Tia

    uhh…that was kinda stupid and immature. not saying you should take it down or anything, but how is that funny unless you’re a 9 year old boy?

  • Anonymous

    Kind of offensive, but kind of funny! I say that word all the time! I love that word.

  • Anonymous

    could someone pleace translate this into Dutch? I don’t understand what the post says..=(

  • Snowman25

    Wow, tha’s a cool Illusion, but is it Original?

  • Tereza

    i get it. its not THAT funny though

  • Anonymous

    I think it is mildly offensive, but nothing to get wound up about. It is probbably intended as a slightly sick joke or to mean ‘Happy’. or it could have been unintentional.

    still slightly funny though

  • Anonymous

    oh big woop ! I am a senior citizen and got it in less than minuet

  • Allornone

    it’s not offensive, it’s just dumb. and if an occasional dumb act is not forgiveable, then none of us deserve to be here.

    get over yourselves, people.

  • Anonymous

    How is it offensive if it’s the real cover?

  • Anonymous

    You know how I know your gay?

    You keep complaining about this dumb picture.

    It is a SAD world that everybody has to be so politically correct that no one ever gets their feelings hurt. You can’t make everyone happy.

  • shauzia

    LOL! i had 2 take out a notepad, but its hilarious!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Thank god i that am European and that i don’t have to be politically correct all the time. Don’t take yourself so terribly serious you funny Americans

  • kristopher

    i think this is a brillant connection to the Book my Stephen King, Dreamcatcher.


    Those of you that feel this is offensive, try picking up a dictionary once in a while and looking up the word “gay.” You’d be surprised what the deffinition actually is!

  • JustinX32



    YOU GET IT NOW? If you get offended, your a N00B.

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with being PC, calling people names has never been acceptable. (I’m not American, I’m from one of the most liberal countries in Europe, kids over there learn not to yell hurtful things at each other)

  • Mike

    The fifth star is clearly under the ‘A’ so it says “AAY” at the end. I don’t see how that can be offensive.

  • Anonymous

    You know guys… this truly show how the times have changed our way of thinking… to those of you that are a little less educated, the word “gay” first meant: to be happy or joyful. This illusion was meant to be funny. It was for me. Thank you for all of the time that is put into displaying these illusions. To those of you that think that it is offensive, well, may you guys need to get a real life… maybe one that is a little more gay!

  • Anonymous

    Just think? If everyone was GAY, we would die out as a human race within about a hundred years. Think about it people! It is wrong! Quit trying to be “politically correct” and just be CORRECT!

  • Anonymous

    okkkkkk i wouldn’t say its funny but its interesting but some people might take it affensive

  • Peter

    Hooray for wiki! This picture is real!

  • bloop

    Why is everyone commenting on how not offensive it is? This is an illusion site. You are supposed to just enjoy the illusions ok. So one or two people find it offensive. You don’t have to make such a big deal of it.

  • theramansi

    Yipes! How did they find out about me?

    Great find!

  • Kory

    Hilarious. More hilarious the idiocy of people. It’s a joke, and I doubt these people care if you remove your Google widget or not, honestly. My personal favorite is
    “Not offensive per se, but definitely in bad taste. It is not befitting the quality that MoIllusions otherwise produces. I would seriously consider removing this and offering a brief apology. With this following up a string of so-so illusions I may have to consider removing my google widget.”
    How funny is this?

  • :Danesh

    I made it to comment 46-ish before i got tired of people bitching about how “offensive” and “degrading” this picture is. If you don’t like it, move on with your life and don’t bitch about it, less gets done that way. I’m gay, I thought it was funny. Probably 99% of you who think it’s offensive are straight and think that we are offended by everything. Shut up and quit whining about it. (yes i realize im being a bit hypocritical, it happens)


  • Eazy

    it says “ur Mr Gay

  • Anonymous

    Nintendo might get sued for that…..

  • Amane

    …ahahaha…just look at the letters with the stars on their corners…

  • Gopi

    Wow, that is so dumb
    “UR MR GAY’
    I thought you guys meant the star that’s right behind Mario, the blue thing under the star there are a couple of letters
    It looks like ‘T 2 Y G M T N X S 8’

    Or maybe I’m psycho xD

  • Kdmaster

    It says “UR MR Happy. I do not understand what is so offensive.

  • Anonymous

    No kdmaster, it dosent say that it says something else, ill give you a clue, where it says super mario galaxy, look for the leeters that have a spark underneath it, some might say its offensive some might not, have fun

  • Anonymous

    to anonymous (#153) yes, it does say “UR MR happy” – you need to think about what the last word means.

    To all others – this is not offensive, nor is it meant to be. Go over to England, and tell the first person who asks you for a ‘fag’ (a cigarrete, btw) that he’s being offensive, and he’ll tell you you’re crazy. You can’t decide a word is offensive simply because others choose to use it in slander or poor judgement. Get over the whole politically-incorrect feud and see it for what it is – a clever way to create an entire (albeit meaningless) sentence from within a group of letters. Has anyone ever tried this with license plates on a road trip? Same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Was this pic edited? I think so…

  • chris

    im an ass nd im gonna spoil the fun. it says ur

  • Anonymous

    Legal. Mas não concordo. haha
    Cool. But i dont agree, with this. haha

  • Federico

    I have that game so I can see it every time I want

    IT IS REALY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Found it! Don’t really think it’s funny, XD but it’s a good illusion-code-like-thing XD

    For everybody who’s offendid by this: haven’t you got a life? How sad is it to feel offended by a sentence like “ur mr gay” are you that insecure about yourself and your sexual preference?
    Gay can be explained in other ways then just homosexual by the way, wich makes it even more stupid to be offendid by this.
    Thereby is being a homosexual a quite normal and generaly accepted sexual preference, so what’s the problem? Being offendid by this is really immature almost like “eeeew it’s a girl, I’d never come near a girl!” but then “eeeew it’s a gay person, I’d never be gay, eeew!”
    Recognise how 10-year-olds talk about girls? Then reflect it on your talk about being gay or being called gay.
    It’s just sad and short-minded to be offended by a sentence like “you are mister gay”

  • Neolmas

    Guys, I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to the movie “Dreamcatcher”, based on the book by Stephen King. One of the characters has a disability and talks about “Mr. Gray” but the way he speaks makes it sound like “Mr. Gay”.

  • Matt

    ha ha!!! i get it!!! realy funny!!! nice joke!!!

  • Anonymous

    i find this offensive and it should be taken down immediately , in fact this whole site should be taken down. Vurdlak should be fined and banned from posting to the internet. JK This is really funny

  • Anonymous

    i dont get wat to do!
    this is so retarded!

  • Patrick

    that was really retarded

  • Anonymous

    take it down!!! it’s rude, offensive, and, man why did you put it on the site in the first place?! FREAKS!

  • Megan

    Thats so funny but mean at the same time…:)..:(

  • Anonymous

    this is the real thing, on the cover of the game this is what it say’s

  • jAjAmPoNg

    HAHAHA,,,now i get it… find the letters with a spark below them… then read it ^_^

  • Anonymous

    omg!!!!!!!!lol!!that was funny!!!it took me like fifteen minutes to actually understand it!!but still awesome!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it it funny It says Um Mr hehehe

  • Anonymous

    omg god that is so funny and I even checked it on my copy of the game so funny

  • Lavaster

    Haha! “Ur Mr. Gay”!!! One thing: I am not gay and I am not a man. Great trick!

  • Lava

    This IS FUNNY! So those who think it is offensive, YOU get a SENSE OF HUMOR!!! Gosh, they were KIDDING in this picture!

  • bamgirl360


  • Anonymous


    thats funny
    so many people are leaving comments saying that this is offensive

    it’s funny

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else know that donkey kong got its name because the people at nintendo looked in a dictionary and found the definition for donkey as “a stubborn animal” and asumed all stubborn animals were called donkeys. they probably did the same thing with gay, assuming people would know that they meant happy.

    while thats probably what happened, i’d rather go with the dream catcher alien conspiracy. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    It spells UR MR GAY

  • gina

    its ok i didn’t laugh but i don’t find it offencive!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Omg anonymous 71 read my thoughts…! It’s really annoying when people try act as heroes of justice. It’s not like this is the most offending thing there can be. This is a joke that simply MENTIONS the word gay. No one said that anyone here would use it as an insult.

  • Miller

    how pathetic an insecure have you got to be to think that this is in any way offensive?

    To consider it offensive you’ve got to have the pre-conception that “gay” is a bad thing, a derogatory term.

    “gay” as a term for homosexuals came about during protests for equality and acceptance, standing for “Good As You”. I think it’s incredibly depressing how politically correct people feel they have to be.

    If it had been “u r a c*nt” i’d be offended, but it’s not, it’s Gay, a word, get over it and grow up.

    Also, i personally think that this is just a coincidence and not intended to be “deciphered”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the people that figured out that one are gay

  • Anonymous

    Funny, but not that original. Or maybe I have no sense of humor lol

  • Anonymous

    ikaw mister balaka.

  • Anonymous

    LOL you have to read letters with a star underneath(like when you look at the sky sometimes at dark those stars)

  • Anonymous


  • CJ

    nintendo is obviously screwing with us lmfao

  • Anonymous

    IT says

  • Anonymous

    LOL that is hilarious. And it’s not offensive at all I don’t think. I know like 8 gay people and they all laughed hestarically when I showed them. Plus I think its kinda cool that a bunch of people who devote their lives to Mario are okay with saying he is gay. IDK it just seems kinda accepting to me. I like it

  • Anonymous

    Theese are the letters of the alphabet

    1. 7
    3. 15
    4. 23
    6. 21
    7. 16

    It is very weird. was it on accident or on purpose?

  • Mi Mew

    Oh! so if you only read the letters with stars on the edge, it will be “Ur, Mr Gay” lol!

  • pricelessashllyn

    its really not that serious i doubt someone sat there and put stars next to certain letters to spell something so stupid. grow up

  • Anonymous

    Is this the real game cover?
    Funny. I don’t have the game, so it won’t be ment to me?

  • Anonymous

    Hahahha Its right, I am ;P

  • Anonymous

    To the people who say it should be taken down, this is what the actual game box looks like, it wasn’t doctored in any way. So anybody can look up the game and see the same thing if they’re creative enough.

  • Anonymous

    no you are Mr. Gay

  • Anonymous

    Yes it can be offensive if think that way BUT if you look in different a meaning. And I think it is appropriate. Can’t u see that he is Smiling and happy.

    Ok ba?

  • Kristen

    Ha Ha i see it. But it is offensive.

  • Anonymous

    okay I seriously don’t know what to do. Can someone post an easier explanation? Obviously the person who posted this link did not realize ALL STARS are shiny. Wat a ****in idiot

  • Anonymous

    Whahahah this is so funny.

    Especially when you see his face. It’s like gay Spongebob.

  • Anonymous

    it spells sex

    • cutsie

      r a kiddin me is that all ya have on ur mind!
      tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

    ur mr gay

  • Anonymous

    my friend showed me this one :) it says: U R MR GAY

  • Johnny

    OK! you’ve gotta be kidding me, it’s the original cover, how dare you nintendo!! i love this game! i’m only 10 dont you know!

  • Anonymous

    hint, number of letters are the number of syllables the title has, just too much for me, i love mario, i played that since i was little

  • Anonymous

    nice…nice…*claps slowly and luaghs* i so got to show that to my cousin who has that game today!

  • Alex

    ha that is really funny
    what you do is you look at the title ‘super mario galaxy’ and write down only thae letters in the title that have shiny stars under them and it spells out something funny (with a few words, i mean)

  • n dubz

    ok mr anonymous i will never get a life because i already have one so you go2hell

  • Anonymous

    ur mr gay oh brother im glad my kid doesnt know that

  • Anonymous

    this one is cool

  • Anonymous

    its Ur Mr. [email protected]

    haha nice 0n3

  • Anonymous

    Is It Ur Mr Gay?

  • Anonymous


  • brionny

    haha I showed this to my gran and she was raging

  • Samantha

    Hey vurdlak i thot u said u werent gonna let ppl give away the answer? meh. nvm nice site btw im a reg visitor here. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS 4EVA!

  • Uh….Wot illusion?

  • ???

    what the heck? how to solve?

    • AmyThaShyzz

      look at the letters above the little shiny stars and it spells something.

  • ???

    LOL! FINALLY! The stars!

  • -.-

    it says
    ur mr gay

  • frostclaw21

    ohh i get it lol

  • Aiden

    He hasn’t edited the photo… its the original-i checked cus i have it… creepy and evil! :0

  • I

    UR MR GAY! hahahahahaha! Robert Pattinson isn’t gay, though. Don’t make fun of him

  • Delishia Harding

    Ur mr gay but how is that an illushon all u do is follow the stared letters who ever finds that an illushion is stupid (no effence)

    • Grammar Nazi

      You don’t reserve the right to call people stupid when your sentence is at a kindergarteners spelling level. Let me correct your sentence and rewrite it how it should have been written. “It says ur Mr Gay, but how is that an ILLUSION, all YOU do is follow the STARRED letters, whoever finds that to be an ILLUSION is stupid, no OFFENSE.” The all capped words were misspelled and I added a few words to help.. btw let me get real… HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MISSPELL ILLUSION WHEN ITS WRITTEN IN THE WEBSITES ADDRESS BAR AND THE TOP OF THE FUCKING PAGE.. sorry if I hurt your feelings… but I for one am sick of the deteriorating brain power of people in my country… if you live in America atleast learn english.. if nothing else atleast learn english fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCKKKKKKK… sorry I’m done.

  • Falon

    ….Delishia Harding…. You are calling people stupid when you can’t spell illusion and it’s ALL OVER the site. offense, too. o.o

    I say it’s funny, but soooo mean. I guess Nintendo doesn’t think highly of their mascot and the gamers that support them.

  • iamino617


  • ALex

    Actually they are not calling us Mr Gay that is simply how one man (I forget his name) Said the name Mr Gray. I scoff at you for not realizing this when a twelve year old (me) could figure it out! Please pardon any grammatical errors in this comment, remember I am only 12. I did skip 2 grades though.


    dat is so easy it spells GAY if you look at the shiny stars in galaxy and someone said it spells sex they is an ass


    • Jordan… Wow I’ll well never guess… Lol .. lol .. MR.HOMOSEXUAL Haaa I like that one. Lol. …

  • Truth

    Ya know what the real illusion is?
    Making a piece of crap like Super mario galaxy and all of the other 5 cent mario spin-offs sound like actually worth while games.

  • Sigh

    Many seem to forget that gay doesn’t just mean homosexual but is also means cheerful or happy.

  • somedudewhosawyourstuff

    yo Truth, you do realize that Super Mario Galaxy is one of the real sequels to Super Mario 64 right? Besides, I’d preffer a Mario spin-off game to ANOTHER Call of Duty… Seriously, Nazis and other terrorists get boring after a while.

  • Mandy

    I love this website! But why not post comments that contain the answer? I find it very frustrating to see the Find the Fault/Spot the Differences, etc., pictures and not have the answers.

  • nick

    omg ive got to show my friend that he has it and when i show him hes gona be so angry at nintendo now


  • Brian Peralta


  • DaEgg

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 says U R Miley. I’m not Miley. I promise.

    • jordan

      Hi Miley… Lol …. Just playing,,, HILARIOUS,,, I Like it… You make me laugh.

  • Marcus

    I also found another one, the M goes over the A in Mario, but that should be impossible, since the letters has that depth 3D.


  • Emo Princess

    I think it’s Ur Mr Gay..

  • Brilliant

    if you take out the starred letters it almost spells mayo

  • Calling this an illusion is incorrect, it’s more like ‘sex’ in the clouds of Little Mermaid

  • Sandra Wong-Bates

    I thought you were not supposed to post the solve! and the second post was the answer. Why? why? why??????
    So in response to the solve………what the frig? It’s just ridiculous and dum.

  • @anonymous (below me) no i doesnt you fucking retard it says ur mr gay

    • why so angry ?? are u pagul u need some wata puth???

  • no wait hes way above me actually oops

  • Somebody

    Why Did Nintendo Do This Anyway?

  • Grace

    Exactly. I AM A KID!!!

  • Anon.

    Is this supposed to be a reference to the sci-fi movie “Dream Catcher”, or was Nintendo just trying to be immature

  • AppaloosaGirl

    WOW Nintendo is paranoid.
    They changed the title in some countries I think because it was too inappropriate. GOSH, Nintendo.

  • where the $#%^+_ is my copy of the game?

  • John


  • nikki

    Sorry, but this seemed kinda lame to me. Like something a third grader MIGHT find amusing…maybe.

  • Courtney

    and I like this game…wow

  • carlos

    U R MIYAMATO’S REAL GIRLFRIEND and YES he will marry you

    • mike

      Wow Subtle

  • Mystery Guy338

    It spells Ur Mr GAY lol!!!!!

    • urstupid

      u know what it spells Ur Mr. I Have No Life lol!!!!!! :|

    • BURN!!!!

    • Yes ;D The Mr. “urstupid” guy shall burn in fire…lots ;D

  • HaloDUDE80

    i dont see it……………..

    • Kyoto

      look at the shinies on the names

  • gffvbuiknml


  • donna

    Where am I suppose to be looking because I have the game but am not seeing it I know its not on the cover so where

    • Zachary

      For those who are having trouble finding the hidden message. Start by looking at the “u” in the word “Super.” See the yellowish star in the lower left? Find those on all the other letters in the title.

  • Ally

    They said not to post the answer you @$$es.



  • udontneedtoknowthisbs88

    woooooow i never thought to look at tht. it kinda makes since because i mean, look at where tht sparkly dust is going o.o

  • what is it i dont see it

    • sexy-beast

      UR MR GAY

  • framing a basement

    couldnt figure it out

  • jmo

    WTF??? Isnt this for kids?

    • urmrgay

      kids can’t find stuff like that..

  • Pete

    …I’m gay?

  • That is wrong & funny hints the saying wrongfully funny. Now you have to question your man Hood when you play Super Mario Galaxy LOL!!!!

    • Justin Green

      I always had to question my man hood :\

  • Arely

    hahahahahahahaha i see it lmaoo:D

  • Ok

    I don’t get it or see it, I’ve looked several times.

  • Samantha

    U R MR GAY! hahahaahahah

  • mariana123

    wow thats trueee

  • Eth

    You can also see “gay” in the trail thing behind mario

  • essayn

    Oldie but goodi. Watch closely on Super Mario galaxy 2! there´s a message hidden, too. Google =FTW ;D

  • confuscious

    lol i see it

  • sonic25

    ur mr gay

  • I Duddits

    No play, see ya later, Ista Gay.

    • david

      Thats exactly what i thought!!

  • hajirah

    L.M.A.O UR MR GAY! lol i gotta show my friends this!

  • cordlia


  • your mommy

    lololol i showed my little cousion who is 10 and he freaked out and burst into laughter lol

  • happyperson101

    lol :D hahahaha

  • This is funny?

    This is funny? This is an illusion? That’s just.. so incredibly not humorous. I think stumble upon took me to this page. This is getting a thumbs down. This is just fucking stupid? And you people think this is funny? THIS is comedy? It’s not even a hidden message, it’s just a random coincidence. I am making note to never visit the entirety of this web site ever again because of this one post.

    LOL UR MR. GAY, oh, my spleen.

    • common sense

      use COMMON
      SENSE dude T.T

  • matthew

    this is so old. i saw that way before it got on the net. yall late.

  • Justin Bieber

    U R MR GAY.
    LOL :)
    Silly game, I’m still in the closet. <3

    • Alayla


  • lol

    im gonna assume that stars under the g and not the a to let you know

  • Annie


  • Annie

    oh P.S. lol, i will put the letters with stars in BIG WORD MAKERS ( did i make that simple enough?! ) sUpeRMaRioGalAxY

  • this is funny but you dont even need to try just hover the cursor over the pic

  • Z

    I don’t know about you, but, I found:
    SuPER Mario galaxy
    S PER M

  • Saeed Yaqoob

    according to the stars on lower corners of the letters it is: UR MR GAY… the hint given above made it tooo easy!!

  • Mr. Gay

    Yes I am Mr Gay

  • Rath

    It reads ‘U R MR. GAY!’ or in proper english, ‘YOU ARE MR. GAY!’. HAHA!

    My photo.

  • Bobby Siska

    Ya’ll are stupid, this wasn’t done for innuendo reasons. It’s just some stars on Super Mario Galaxy. Typical Mario name. And it’s in space, so there will be stars.

  • Matt

    Ha! I see they fixed this in Galaxy 2. the shine on the R was changed to the I

  • Sky

    Funny to spell “U R Mr Gay” with sparkles

  • l0rd0ct0drk

    Gay Luigi?

  • Anonymous

    It say ur

  • owen

    they shouldn’t do that.i am only 11!

  • cob

    Can anyone confirm if Nintendo did this intentionally? I’m inclined to think they didn’t.

  • sheena

    first of all that makes no sense because why isn`t the x included in it?

  • blubber


  • A bit strange for Nintendo. Well, I’m off to edit our complete chronological list of every Mario game in history!

  • Aisha


  • Amy Rachel

    Hahaha that is brilliant :) definztely never would have noticed!!!

  • a

    ur mr aay? oh it looks like its under the a i guess it could be the g ur mr gay?

  • James

    if you look, the U M and R also have stars on them…

  • jab

    Anybody else notice “sex” spelt out in the stars just beneath marios foot?

    • froggy

      i saw it too, wow is nintendo ever weird.

  • Lakelynn

    actually the star is underneath the freaking L not A!

  • tiredman

    How is this an “Illusion” ?????????

  • Dang

    Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it says ur mr gay

  • Annie

    This one is rather feeble, really. As are those who revealed it, despite being asked not to, and those whose comments are offensive. This is like some schoolchild’s attempt at wit.

  • Annie

    In 2012 there are still people who snigger like children at the word gay ? I thought that we had progressed beyond that stage, but it would appear not.

  • luke collins

    in 2012 there is i dont no

    im copping you

  • mark

    Can you say coincidence? Notice first line 1 star
    second line 2 stars 3rd line 3 stars. Make of it what you like.

  • Cyril

    your calling me gAY HUH? Welll lets see u get beat UP!!!!!!

  • Tenchu

    See the letter “Super Mario Galaxy”, some letters have a sparkling stars below them. Write the letters with sparkling stars on a paper, you will notice something suprising

  • Grazer34

    Look at the letters with a star on the bottom(Im being niice and saying what it is.)It will say Ur Mr Gay.

  • Justin Bieber

    Yes I am!

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