Fast Food Optical Illusion

Do you like eating fast food? Me too! Well, it just happens we’ve got this delicious photo from one of our visitors, who additionally pointed there is a hidden optical illusion present somewhere inside this picture. Can you see it? How long did it take? If you still struggle, I can suggest visiting this link for a slight hint. This illusion belongs to the “When you see it…” group of photos. Because, once you realize the illusion, you can’t go back and loose lose sight of it.

Burger Face Optical Illusion

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  1. What a waste of time, unless I’m missing something. Where is the illusion in such an obvious sesame face ?
    And you mean “lose sight” not “loose sight”. (Sorry).

  2. hehe not too hard to see :) seems doubtful that it actually came that way, my food from burger king (or any fast food place for that matter) is never that pretty, always sloppy and thrown together looking, but i used to work fast food so i know how it is :]

    Either way, still a cute little man face

  3. That’s not an optical illusion. It’s clever marketing. Excuse me, I need to go get something to eat now. I’m just wondering what Dave from Wendy’s is doing on a Burger froom Burger King.

  4. its not only the fact that u see the hidden image, but, too loose it again, once u saw the image u cant see it the way u did before u find it.

  5. well aside from the person in the picture, there is something impossible with this image… it looks as thick as the ones you see on the posters.

  6. This is a very interesting image. I personally agree with the comment that Som Shekhar noted about it not being an optical illusion, but “a simple casde of finding patterns in things.”
    Although, whoever made this, props to you! Job well done ;)

  7. so cool it looks like obama, I wonder if that was an accedent or if it was intentianal?
    either way that is cool!

  8. This is not an illusion. Its just a trick. And its pretty visible. Its a simple case of finding patterns in things.

    These days I am missing those interesting illusions for which I became fan of this site. Somehow, most of the posts are kind of repetitions of previous methodologies of illusions.

    Can’t we have something new? For which, we will have our jaws dropped?

    No offense. I am still a fan of this site. Just hope to see better posts.

  9. Who in their right mind fails to order a whopper without cheese and at least one extra patty? That’s not a whopper, it’s a wimper.

  10. I don’t get it – calling this an illusion is like drawing a picture in sand and calling it an “illusion.” It’s just a plain straightforward IMAGE made out of sesame seeds, no illusion.

    1. Well, it’s an illusion because they are just sesame seeds on a bun. There are people in who don’t realize it looks like Obama. If there were all connected, then I would not call it an illusion, especially since that may not have purposely been done. Also, that picture and even everything on your computer monitor is an illusion (especially if you are running windows vista, 7, or mac). A monitor is flat.

  11. Obama Burger huh. This one is much easier to swallow then other Obama stuff , like …………………………………. …………………………

    Nahh This is not place to start Political crap ;)

  12. uhm… okay? i didnt get it at first but then like i started to look at the comments so yeah… this is a crappy illusion

  13. This is really easy to re-create. Just use some melted butter, and a thin brush. Draw whatever you want on the bun, and sprinkle it with seeds. they will only stick to the drawing, and shake off the rest. Voilà!

  14. Im french and i first saw Sarkozy’s face on the burger, after that i read the comments i started to see Obama on the bread. Funny… Maybe it’s a subliminal picture that makes you see the president of your own country ^^
    Nevertheless, not realy an illusion, but cool enough to appear on mighty optical.

  15. ah yes my first look at it made me wondering after a few seconds before i saw the obama face eeds stil its not a optical illusion *_*

  16. i was like i dont get whats wrong with this photo!! and then i suddenly looked closer and i went OOOH theres a person. My bad.

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