Falling Beans Optical Illusion

Newest addition to our #Seemingly Animated category depicts falling beans that aren’t. Another beautiful illusory pattern provided by great Gianni Sarcone. If you move your eyes around the picture while concentrating on each individual coffee bean, the rest of the beans in your peripheral vision will seem to move like crazy. I don’t know what’s with all of the coffee illusions that are popping like crazy lately, but they all turn-up awesome!

10 Replies to “Falling Beans Optical Illusion”

  1. Interestingly, for me the beans have to be exceedingly PERIPHERAL to start moving….

    If I looked at any bean in the picture, they don’t move at all for me. But when I looked at your text above the picture, thus not directly at the picture at all, then they started moving!

    I wonder why they are shaded different ways (black/white borders) such that some of them appear convex while others appear concave? Part of the illusion I suspect.

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